11 small parties in Thailand announced their participation in supporting the Ba Yu camp – Lianhe Zaobao

(Early News) 11 small parties in Thailand today jointly held a press conference to announce that they support the People’s National Power Party to form a new government.

The Thai general election held on March 24 this year, due to the adoption of new seats, led to a record number of parties entering the House of Commons. Among them, these 11 parties each have one seat in the 500 seats in the House of Commons.

The elected House of Commons of the Thai Parliament is mainly divided into two camps that support or oppose the incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan. Among them, the support camp for Ba Yu is mainly the People’s National Power Party. The party won 115 seats in the House of Commons in this election.

Seven political parties, including the Thai Party and the New Future Party, have announced an alliance after the election, aiming to prevent the extension of power. The alliance currently has 245 seats in the House of Commons.

Since the two camps currently do not have more than half of the seats in the House of Commons, the Thai Pride Party and the Democratic Party, each occupying more than 50 seats in the House of Commons, have become the targets of both sides. These two parties have not yet indicated their attitude.

According to the schedule, the first congress will be held in the near future after the official results of the election are announced, and then the new Prime Minister of Thailand will be elected by the elected 500 members of the House of Commons and 250 members of the House of Lords appointed by the National Peacekeeping Order Committee.

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