14-game winning streak of Manchester City successfully defended | Manchester City –

14 consecutive victories Manchester City successfully defended

Yangcheng Evening News Xu Yangyang

14-game winning streak of Manchester City successfully defended | Manchester City - -e00b-hwsffzc8306650

Manchester City player Laporte (on) scored in the game Xinhua News Agency

Premier League this morning

Yangcheng Evening News reported this morning that Xu Yangyang reported that the Premier League of the 2018-2019 season ended this morning. In the final round of the 38th round, Manchester City reversaled Brighton by 4-1 and beat Liverpool by one point. He won the Premier League title four times and was also the sixth time to win the top league title. Liverpool beat the Wolves 2-0 at home, and scored 97 points in the history of the third highest score, still ranked second.

Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal are ranked 345. The top four teams qualify for the Champions League next season and the fifth team participates in the Europa League. This season’s Premier League team also took all four places in the European War finals, the Champions League is the battle between Liverpool and Tottenham, the Europa League is the battle between Chelsea and Arsenal. If the Arsenal Europa League wins, they will also qualify for the Champions League.

Manchester City reversal is shocking

In the final round of the contest, Liverpool faced the Wolves, and the first time in the 27th minute was recorded by Mane. Manchester City was scored by Brighton’s head in the 27th minute, behind 0 to 1. If such a game is kept to the end, Liverpool will win over Manchester City, which makes Manchester City coach Guardiola look very nervous. However, Aguero broke the goal in 1 minute and equalized the score. After 10 minutes, Laporte broke the door and took the lead for Manchester City, which also made Guardiola relieve. Easy side battle, Mahrez and Jing Duoan each scored a goal, completely killed the game, helping Manchester City to take 14 consecutive victories, but also the Premier League championship trophy into the arms.

Although Mane made another trip to Liverpool in the second half, it didn’t help. Instead, he raised his Premier League goals to 22 goals and tied the team’s top scorer with teammate Salah and Arsenal’s Obamyan.

Premier League goals to create records

Tottenham’s Eriksson scored the final 1067 goals of the Premier League this season, creating a new record after 38 rounds of the game, the old record is 1066 goals in the 2011-2012 season. This season, the blue-moon Manchester City and the Red Army Liverpool Dragon-like epic title has become a classic, Manchester City finally scored 98 points in the second highest point of history, second only to last season’s 100 points.

In this regard, Manchester City coach Guardiola sincerely thanked its powerful competitor Liverpool. “We have to congratulate Liverpool, and we want to thank them deeply. They are pushing us to improve our standards. 98 points is incredible for two consecutive years. Last season we set this standard and Liverpool helped us maintain a high standard. To win the championship, we must have 14 consecutive victories and 1 point can’t be lost. This is the most difficult champion I have won in my coaching career so far,” Guardiola said.

Liverpool coach Klopp also expressed a lot of feelings for the Premier League this season: “This is an excellent season, we have great competitors, they did a good job, they scored 198 points in two seasons. And we have a long foot Progress, the players have pushed themselves to new heights, our development, our progress is not over. This is our first challenge, although today is not a perfect day for us, but the future will reveal today the value of.”

The Premier League official wrote on Twitter: “Thank you! Manchester City. Thank you! Liverpool. A championship competition we will never forget.”

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