2019 CCTV Spring Festival Evening first row These spots are exposed in advance!


Beijing, China, January 25 (Reporter Zhang Wei) On the 25th, CCTV's "2019 Spring Festival Gala" (hereinafter referred to as 2019 Spring Festival Evening) held its first joint row. What new ideas did this Spring Festival Evening have? What are the highlights?

2019 CCTV Spring Festival Evening first row These spots are exposed in advance! -2019-CCTV-Spring-Festival-Evening-first-row-These-spots-are-exposed-in-advance

CCTV Spring Festival Evening, the first live map picture source: 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Program Group

Language program, whip, formalism, bureaucracy

Since CCTV officially hosted the Spring Festival Gala in 1983, this party has become an indispensable "New Year's Eve" for hundreds of millions of viewers every year.

As the first Spring Festival Evening after the establishment of the Central Radio and Television General Station, this year's CCTV Spring Festival Gala is the theme of "A new era of endeavor and a happy year". On the afternoon of the 25th, in the CCTV No. 1 studio and Shenzhen, Changchun, Jinggangshan and other three venues, the first time with makeup, with the audience for large rehearsal.

Cross talk and essays have always been the most anticipated and concerned on the Spring Festival Evening stage. According to the program group, this year's language program content is closely linked to the people's livelihood hotspots, more grounded, in addition to telling the honest communication between people, mutual understanding between consumers and service providers; will also expose market fraud, flogging formalism bureaucracy Wait, strive to present social hotspots with humorous bridges and innovative ways, hoping to resonate with the audience.

Although the cast has not yet been announced, the program group revealed that the language program has gathered a new generation of actors, talk show popular actors, film and television actors and comedians, including unexpected cross-border combinations.

Square dance, street dance, etc. boarded the Spring Festival Evening stage

This year's song and dance programs will also be bold and innovative. The song programs will be divided into Chinese dream songs, songs celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, classic old songs, songs of the year, healthy and up-to-date sounds, nationalities, popular songs and other categories.

It is reported that these songs include classic songs that have been circulated for a long time, strong mass foundations, and new fashion songs that are favored by younger audiences. At the same time, there are new songs that warm people, warm heart, and express the feelings of Chinese children.

In terms of dance, there are a variety of dance forms such as traditional dance, square dance, ballet, street dance, and children's dance. The program group said that the song and dance program strives to enter the mind, enter the heart and enter the situation while ensuring quality.

The magic show is "small and beautiful". The drama shows many kinds of dramas.

In addition, this year's Spring Festival Evening's opera program is based on Beijing opera, with four local dramas such as Henan Opera, Yue Opera, Huangmei Opera and Cantonese Opera. It is supported by first-class masters and outstanding actors, so that the audience can feel the beauty, wonder and skill of Chinese opera. At the same time, enjoy the long-standing charm and style of China's excellent traditional culture.

The magic aspect of the audience is based on the concept of “integration and interaction”. The magician will fully display the magic and wonderful performances through the “small and beautiful” performances, which will make the audience feel the magic and magic charm. It conveys the happy wishes of reunion and family members on both sides of the strait. (Finish)

Editor in charge: Jiang Yuyu


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