2019 "Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers" series of activities started AI Flower Market"


2019 "Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers" series of activities started AI Flower Market" -2019-quotGuangzhou-New-Year-Flower-City-Watching-Flowersquot-series-of-activities-started-AI-Flower-Marketquot

An interactive robot that will appear in the smart flower market.

2019 "Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers" series of activities started AI Flower Market" -1547450929_473_2019-quotGuangzhou-New-Year-Flower-City-Watching-Flowersquot-series-of-activities-started-AI-Flower-Marketquot

The effect of the Tsuen Wan Flower Market with the theme of Yue Yun You.

2019 "Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers" series of activities started AI Flower Market" -1547450929_735_2019-quotGuangzhou-New-Year-Flower-City-Watching-Flowersquot-series-of-activities-started-AI-Flower-Marketquot

The work of the flower arranger Max Hurtaud.

2019 "Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers" series of activities started AI Flower Market" -1547450929_350_2019-quotGuangzhou-New-Year-Flower-City-Watching-Flowersquot-series-of-activities-started-AI-Flower-Marketquot

The 25th Guangzhou Garden Expo The renderings of the entries.

2019 "Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers" series of activities started AI Flower Market" -1547450930_180_2019-quotGuangzhou-New-Year-Flower-City-Watching-Flowersquot-series-of-activities-started-AI-Flower-Marketquot

China Construction Bank Guangzhou Branch Golden Pig Banknotes.

AI (smart) flower market and traditional flower market match each other, the light music show takes you "night tour flower market", master stars join hands to do "flower protector", the whole network "shake" to sing divine music dance, flower market card can "find "Golden Pig", the miniature flower market will move to New York, and the "old friend" Guangzhou Garden Expo, Yuexiu Lantern, Yuntai Flower Show will accompany you for the New Year… After the end of the year, Laba is the year, recently, sponsored by the Propaganda Department of Guangzhou Municipal Committee, Guangzhou The press conference of the 2019 “Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flower” series hosted by Huashi Office of the Media Center and the “Our Festival” traditional cultural exchange sharing meeting was held at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre.

The reporter was informed that in 2019, the theme of the “Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flower” series was “1 (Invite) You New Year, 9 (Just) in Guangzhou”, and will continue to “go online” from the end of January to February 19. This year's flower market program is mainly "innovation". The online and offline linkages create the "Huacheng" city brand and "our festival" during the Spring Festival, and seamlessly link the folk festivals shared by the whole people with the promotion of Guangzhou city brands. "1" you New Year, "9" big highlights – please note that this edition will have full "spoiler".

Text / Guangzhou Daily full media reporter Ye Bijun, Shen Hui, Zhang Wei

Figure / Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Luo Changwei

Look at one:

"Guangdong Opera Head Crown" changed flower city archway

As a “millennial business capital” with a history of more than 2,200 years, Guangzhou is a “millennial flower city” – it has blossomed all year round and enjoys the reputation of “flower city” for more than 1,700 years. The annual traditional spring flower market is a unique folk custom in China. Cultural landscape.

In order to maximize the cultural heritage of Lingnan and the folk customs of the Year of the Pig, the traditional Yingchunhua City in the 11th district of the city has innovated the design and construction of the main building. For example, the main building of Liwan Flower Market is based on the theme of “Yueyun Yuyou”. It combines traditional architectural elements such as painted beams, red columns, pot walls and Manchuria windows. The giant Cantonese opera head crown decoration above the painted beams is the show of Yongqingfang and Cantonese opera. In the museum landscape, under the painting beam, a stage curtain is hung, which means that the flower market kicks off the new spring.

It is worth mentioning that this year's Yingchunhua City in various districts is also committed to introducing more flower species, so that traditional annual flowers and imported flowers compete on the same stage. At that time, the public tourists can not only buy the traditional flowers such as Phalaenopsis, Orange, Anthurium, and Cymbidium, but also the imported flowers of alpine rhododendron, blue cuckoo and emperor flowers at the door.

It is understood that the opening hours of Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, Baiyun and Huangpu are 3 days, that is, from 8:30 on February 2 to 2:00 am on the 5th. The opening hours of the surrounding urban flower market range from 5-7 days.

Aspect 2:

AI flower market staged cool flower room "Walk the flower market" interactive new experience

There are currently 9 AI flower markets in the city, which are the “flagship store” in Haixinsha, the “highest store” in Guangzhou Tower, the “Xiguandian” in Yongqingfang, and “Garden Shop” and “Jianxing Store”. Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, and Tianhe traditional Yingchunhua City opened “branch stores”. The organizers will invite 19 domestic and international floral masters from the World Flower Association, known as the “Floral World Olympics”, to create 19 exquisite annual flower works with Guangzhou Spring Festival seasonal flowers – this is the weight of the AI ​​flower market. Pound "big wrist".

As the AI ​​flower market with the main "smart fan", Guangzhou's "Net Red" attractions during the Spring Festival this year are none other than them – some AI flower market stores will be designed as a cool "flower house" integrating sound and optoelectronics and floral devices, attracting The influx of people in the city went to “punch card” and participated in the “most beautiful AI flower photo” network collection. The traditional Yingchunhua City takes the flowers home directly, but when visiting the AI ​​flower market, you can see the favorite floral works, just “one-click scan code order”, the annual flower materials provided by Guangzhou Yasheng Horticulture will be delivered through logistics. National.

This year, the AI ​​flower market store will be launched together with the traditional Yingchunhua market, but the organizer will open the online mall in advance for the pre-sale of the annual flower, then the subway, bus station card, airport light box and other outdoor advertising, LED screen, sweeping the annual flower poster The QR code can be ordered directly to the AI ​​Flower Market.

Aspect 3:

Overseas Flower Market Enters Ivy League School Guangzhou New York Connection "New Year Dialogue"

Following Guangzhou’s first overseas flower market in Paris, France, last year, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. From February 3 to February 4, Guangzhou Yingchunhua City will once again “cross the ocean” and move the miniature version to Columbia University, the world's leading university in New York, USA, the American version of "Flower Street" is here!

As an Ivy League school, Columbia University has cultivated a large number of celebrities who have been active in various social scenes for China. From a hundred years ago, the thinker Hu Shi, the politician Gu Weijun, the philosopher Feng Youlan, the poet Xu Zhimo, to today’s well-known host Yang Lan, etc. Study here. Guangzhou Overseas Flower Market, which moved to the campus this year, will realize the “New Year Dialogue” between the two cities through the video connection between Guangzhou and New York. At the same time, the “Miniature AI” version of Guangzhou Yingchunhua City will be presented to elite students from all over the world and New Yorkers, presenting the city culture of Guangzhou. In order to let more young people participate in it, this overseas flower market is still a "youth version" – on the spot to learn to dance, dance, shake, and learn "Guangzhou to see flowers" Chinese, learn "food in Guangzhou" to recognize "dim sum" ", draw a lottery to win "Koi" and other interactive games.

Aspect 4:

The light music show does not end in the new year. Create a fashion version of "Night Tour Flower Market"

Speaking of “walking around the flower market”, most of the experience in Guangzhou’s neighborhoods is to watch the fun and buy the flowers. This year, Guangzhou will create a new version of the fashion version of “Night Tour Flower Market” through the newly created Haixinsha New Year Light Music Show. On February 1st, an audio-visual feast – a light music show and an AI flower market lighting ceremony will debut in Haixinsha. This year's lighting music show is planned to last from February 1st (the seventh year of the seventh year) to the Lantern Festival on February 19th, and will not end across the entire Spring Festival.

It is worth mentioning that, based on the city's new central axis of the Millennium Flower City in Guangzhou, relying on the unique landscape vegetation and lighting music show of the Garden Expo, Huacheng Square will stage a multi-interaction large-scale city with the theme of “Millennium Flower City Blossoming and Prosperous World”. The visual performance feast of the light show will be connected with 8 LED sail screens and LED screens of 24 buildings in Zhujiang to open a grand video show. Huacheng Square has designed a beautiful urban landscape and created a new model of flower market night tour, which will make this year’s “Flower Street” change. More modern and stylish.

Aspect 5:

Garden Expo's first "water garden"

Dress up the subway to open a "mobile flower market"

From February 2nd to 19th, the 25th Guangzhou Garden Expo will be "shining" in Haixinsha. The highlight of this Expo is the “Water Garden” and the Spring Festival Road. The former uses the original pool of the site to create 12 aquatic flower stands to display floral works and green plants. The latter is located on the central axis of the Avenue of Stars, about 200 meters long. The squid disc-shaped shadow wall, orange group scenery and other elements create an auspicious spring road that means "more than a year" and "step by step".

In addition to the new central axis of the city, more than 20 kinds of colorful flower activities such as the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and the New Year Carnival will be held during the Spring Festival to create a warm and peaceful festive atmosphere. For example, Yuexiu Park holds Yuexiu Lantern Festival, Yuntai Garden staged "Tulip Adventure", Liuhua Lake Park held "Micro Forest" Lingnan Bonsai Exhibition, Guangzhou Zoo held New Year Zodiac Cultural Exhibition and Animal New Year Activities. The “Flowering Allure – 2019 Guangzhou Spring Flower Festival” event will also be open until early April.

In order to create an atmosphere full of flowers and flowers everywhere, some Guangzhou subway boxes will be built as “mobile flower market”, let the public feel “the subway to spring”; and the urban public green space will also be arranged with natural flowers and flowers. Belts, hanging flowers and three-dimensional flower beds, planting cosmos, drunken butterflies and other flowers.

Aspect 6:

Well-known foreign families have passed the authentic Guangfu New Year. Experience the “Guangzhou Happiness Journey” with “Flowers” ​​and “Years”

This year, the “Guangzhou New Year Flower City Flower-International Tourism Celebrities Flower City Guangzhou Happiness Tour” will also continue, and will invite celebrities from New York, Sydney, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Almaty, London and other places. Nearly 100 people from the family came to the ear for the New Year.

The list of celebrities who are currently planning to invite to the Chinese New Year in Guangzhou includes the Xu Wen couple who donated the grass paintings to the 13th line museum, the French veteran crew Vicent Clouzeau who has driven the "Guangzhou Ms." around the world and his three Sons wait. At the same time, the organizers will also issue local volunteer family collections in Guangzhou, inviting friendly families to bring foreign friends to taste the authentic Guangzhou New Year's Eve dinner.

It is understood that the entire "Guangzhou Happiness Journey" will be organized around "flowers" and "years", which are divided into flower viewing, food, history, fashion, and theme tours, covering urban landmarks, natural sightseeing, theme parks, Lingnan culture, etc. A kind of tourist attraction, allowing foreign guests to fully experience Guangzhou's rich cultural heritage and international city charm.

Aspect 7:

Millennium Flower City Charm Foot Master Celebrity Warrior Flower

Look at the flowers and look at the doorway, you can't just watch the fun. From December last year to the Spring Festival this year, Guangzhou Daily will continue to launch the "Millennium Flower City 19 Look" series of planning reports, from the history, economy, geography, technology and other 19 flower-related keywords, to explore the culture of flowers and see The doorway of the flower will link together the activities of “Guangzhou New Year Flower City to See Flowers” ​​to deeply understand the advantages and achievements of relevant fields in Guangzhou. At the same time, Guangzhou also invited celebrities from different fields to “flower protection” for Huacheng, and launched many “flower protectors” who competed with flowers for “yan” – not only their appearance but also their appearance for the city. A beautiful heart with a pen.

Up to now, famous painter Huang Yongyu, vice chairman of China Artists Association, dean of Guangdong Academy of Fine Arts, dean of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Li Jinbiao, well-known writer, associate professor of Hong Kong Baptist University Ge Liang, film and television actor Yang Mi, Huang Wei, Zhou Dongyu, national first-class actor six small Young children, piano master Lang Lang, swimmer Liu Xiang, diving athlete Chen Aisen and famous Cantonese opera performance artist Ou Kaiming… A group of masters and celebrities appeared one by one, and gathered together to volunteer for Huacheng Guangzhou as a “flower ambassador” and share them. The story that happened between Huacheng and the city, telling their favorite flower species, endorsing the "Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers", and personally voiced "Inviting you to New Year, just in Guangzhou!"

Aspect 8:

Looking for "Pig Pig Man" to win the real gold pig "Lack of skin" and "Bai Tsai" to worship the New Year

In this Spring Festival, the cartoon image “Pig Pig Man” produced in Guangzhou will be hidden in various traditional Chinese Spring Festival flowers and AI flower market in various forms. As long as people go shopping in Huajie, they will be able to participate in the “Finding Pigs and People's Play Card Game”. Jin pig found it to win the grand prize.

"Looking for the Golden Pig" will link the traditional Spring Festival City and the AI ​​Flower Market in the 11th district of the city, and "hidden" the golden pigs that you are looking for this year. As for the "Golden Pig" will be hidden, please pay close attention to the organizer's next public release. Citizens will be able to win prizes when they visit the flower market and collect the "Golden Pigs" of different colors. The prizes include the auspicious pig sculptures by well-known sculptor Xu Hongfei, the 999 pure gold pig pendant, and the gold pig banknotes sent by the China Construction Bank Guangzhou Branch.

In addition to "finding the golden pig", on the social media, "pig (bead) round meat (ja) run" cute pig "lack of skin" and drink morning tea read "Guangzhou Daily" sigh "Guangzhou morning" Guangzhou brother "eight Aberdeen will also pay you a New Year! Yingchunhua City launched the cartoon gold pig image expression package for the first time this year. Many interesting and fun expressions will be launched on the WeChat platform before the Spring Festival.

Aspect 9:

Singing the Divine Comedy "Song", shaking and dancing

Be the most beautiful "Flower God" win cash prize

In 2019, the “Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flower” series was organized by the Guangzhou Flower Market Office, which was established by the Guangzhou Daily Newspaper Group.

It is reported that during the Spring Festival in Guangzhou, the organizers will customize the "Flower Assistant", "Flower Map" and "I want to spend the flower god" and other H5 interactive punch card games will be online in the whole line, choose your favorite in Guangzhou, the Millennium Flower City. The flower species can make the Guangzhou flower fragrance spread to the Dawan District, spread to the whole country, and then spread to the world. Participate in the game to generate exclusive "flower map" and "lucky flower", and you can participate in the "Flower God" gift package through the help of friends.

The "Flower City Shakes Up" short video contest – the global "shake" activity will also set off online revelry. With the music of the song "Song of Songs" as the background music, the "Star Dance" specially designed for Huacheng Guangzhou by the star network red leader demonstration set off the hot topic of "global flower city interaction". Among the 19 participants who jumped out of the most "Hyun" flower dance, they will receive a cash prize directly.

In addition, the event will also be presented on the Cool Dog platform. 125 anchors from all over the country will share the live show and short video in the form of live broadcast and short video. The songs will be sung in Wanghua City, the non-legacy cultural heritage, and the AI ​​flower market. The content brings a nine-day "Feast" of Guangfu culture to the global audience.

Huacheng famous people said:

Invite all circles to come to Guangzhou for the New Year

The reason why Guangzhou Yingchunhua City can attract a lot of attention not only stems from the long-standing traditional flower culture, but also rooted in Guangzhou's innovative urban spirit. At the press conference, many cultural celebrities related to “Flower” in Guangzhou shared their memories of the Huacheng story, from which they can also see the inheritance and innovation of the Millennium Flower City.

Sun Hongmin, vice chairman of the Guangdong Artists Association: It is more than just an image or a culture to spend in Guangzhou. Four years ago, I began to focus on painting flowers, hoping to reflect the changes of the times through paintings. In the past, people only had to buy flowers when they were Chinese New Year. Now they can buy flowers every day, and scan the code to send flowers home, which is convenient and beneficial to the people.

Pan Jianming, vice president of the Guangdong Folk Culture Research Association: I remember selling flowers in the flower market when I was a child. In Guangzhou, buying flowers in the Spring Festival is a blessing to individuals or families for the coming year. Huacheng people have no reason not to love flowers. The florist smiles and welcomes the guests, and the guests are also full of spring breeze. They are all looking for auspiciousness. Nowadays, the traditional flower market has extended the time, allowing foreigners to come here to experience the atmosphere of the Guangzhou flower market. In my opinion, folklore is a living history and must be recognized by the people.

He Weihui, General Manager of Guangzhou Restaurant Group Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.: Huahe Food is two business cards in Guangzhou. Generally, people will enjoy eating food after visiting the flower market during the Spring Festival. Therefore, the restaurant needs to be open all night during this time.

Cool dog anchor Liangshanshan: As a native of Guangzhou, the biggest party for me is the flower market. I started to broadcast the flower market last year and introduced Huacheng and Cantonese to fans. This year I will invite some fans to Guangzhou to take them to the flower market in various districts.


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