2024 National Tobacco Work Conference: Focus on improving the effectiveness of e-cigarette supervision

Jin Zhuanglong pointed out in his speech that in 2023, the main economic indicators of the tobacco industry will hit the best level in history, important progress will be made in the construction of a modern tobacco industry system, the political ecology and development environment will continue to improve, new results will be achieved in industry development, and various tasks will reach a new level. .

To do a good job this year, we must prioritize stabilizing expectations, stabilizing growth, and stabilizing contribution, and firmly implement the strategy of “big brands, big markets, and big enterprises” to ensure the smooth operation of the industry economy. It is necessary to vigorously promote industrial optimization and upgrading, insist on promoting industrial innovation through scientific and technological innovation, widely use digital intelligence technology and green technology, promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry chain of the tobacco industry, and build smart factories and green factories. It is necessary to continue to deepen reforms in key areas, thoroughly implement the reform and improvement actions of state-owned enterprises, further optimize the layout of cigarette productivity, and build a first-class enterprise. It is necessary to comprehensively improve the effectiveness of monopoly management, further promote the construction of legal tobacco, maintain a high-pressure situation in combating counterfeiting and smuggling, innovate methods and methods such as e-cigarette supervision and new tobacco-related supervision, and make every effort to maintain market order.

After carefully analyzing the situation faced by the industry, the meeting emphasized that the entire industry should enhance its awareness of danger, adhere to a problem orientation, and correctly understand and grasp the “six major relationships”, that is, the relationship between contribution to national finance and all-round contribution to economic and social development , the relationship between recent stable growth and medium- and long-term sustainable development, the relationship between stabilizing the monopoly governance system and further deepening reform and innovation, the relationship between high-quality development and high-level security, the relationship between continuing to enhance economic strength and improving social image, and comprehensive and strict governance. The remarkable results achieved by the party are related to the fact that the situation remains grim. At the same time, the meeting proposed nine specific tasks.

Among them, the meeting proposed that we must persist in deepening industry reform. Adhere to taking reform as a key step, strengthen the planning and overall promotion of reform systems, optimize the operation and management mechanism of industry organizations, deepen the reform of resource allocation methods, deepen the market-oriented reform of cigarette marketing, deepen the reform of diversified investment management, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the industry , Enhance core functions.

At the same time, market supervision must be strengthened in accordance with the law. We will further promote the construction of legal tobacco, always maintain a high-pressure and crackdown posture, focus on improving the effectiveness of e-cigarette supervision, comprehensively strengthen new tobacco-related supervision, strictly regulate production and operation behaviors, continue to optimize monopoly government services, and make every effort to maintain good market order.

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