2600 years ago, the baby "Jin Gong Pan", chased back!


2600 years ago, the baby "Jin Gong Pan", chased back! -2600-years-ago-the-baby-quotJin-Gong-Panquot-chased-back

The Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department announced on the 26th that the Shanxi police had been chasing after many times, and finally successfully recovered from a foreign country a few years ago, the stolen and tomb of the criminal group in the Spring and Autumn Period, the Jin Guo bronze heavyweight, the national first-class cultural relics "Jin Gong Pan".

According to the relevant departments of the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau, in the Shanxi Province's strict crackdown on cultural relics in 2018, the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau's “6·03 Project” group obtained information. According to intelligence, a few years ago, a criminal group of the tombs had stolen a disc-shaped bronze heavyweight, suspected of important national cultural relics. The public security organs have judged that it is very likely that the Spring and Autumn Jin Dynasty, which has long been stolen, has been smashed, and the public security organs immediately followed the line.

According to the police of the task force, after the "Jin Gong Pan" was stolen, Zeng Yi was transferred to several provinces and cities and flowed overseas. The Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department organized a strong recovery team. After careful investigations at home and abroad, it finally found out the route and final destination of cultural relics loss, and identified relevant personnel on the chain of pirates. After several months of unremitting efforts, the police finally successfully recovered the “Jin Gong Pan” from a foreign country.

According to the introduction of archaeology and cultural relics, "Jin Gong Pan" is a bronze ritual specially made by Jin Wengong more than 2,600 years ago, with a caliber of 40 cm and a total weight of 7,000 grams. The "Jin Gong Pan" has a flat belly and a pair of delicate embossed dragons in the center of the insole. In the center of Ssangyong, there is a three-dimensional waterfowl. In addition to Ssangyong, there are four three-dimensional waterfowl and four embossed golden tortoises. Further extension, there are three round eagle jumping frogs and three fish. In the outermost circle, there are four frogs, seven embossed swimming frogs and four rounded crawling tortoises. It is worth mentioning that these round carving animals can rotate 360 ​​degrees in the original position of the device, the bird's beak can also be opened and closed, and the turtle head can also be stretched. The whole artifacts are magnificent and show the highest level of craftsmanship in China during the Spring and Autumn Period.

What is even more precious is that in the inner wall of the "Jin Gong Pan", there are also seven inscriptions, three lines each, for a total of 183 words. These inscriptions clearly show the meteorological atmosphere of the Jin Dynasty during the Jinwengong period of the Spring and Autumn Five Commandments, and conveyed extremely precious historical information.

2600 years ago, the baby "Jin Gong Pan", chased back! -1548561974_75_2600-years-ago-the-baby-quotJin-Gong-Panquot-chased-back

The picture shows the cultural relics recovered by the Shanxi public security organs. Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department

The successful recovery of the "Jin Gong Pan" is only a microcosm of the Shanxi public security organs resolutely cracking down on cultural relics crimes. In 2018, the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department, in conjunction with the characteristics of Shanxi, organized the provincial public security organs to launch a three-year special campaign against archaeological crimes.

According to reports, since 2018, the public security organs of Shanxi Province have cracked 589 cases of cultural relics, arrested 885 criminal suspects, destroyed 98 criminal gangs, and collected 10,397 pieces of cultural relics in 1093. Among them, 54 pieces of first-class cultural relics (group), 127 pieces of 90 pieces of second-level cultural relics, and 530 sets of 280 sets of third-level cultural relics. The number of cases of cultural relics in Shanxi Province, the number of suspected criminals and the number of recovered cultural relics exceeded the sum of the previous seven years. Since May 2018, key cultural relics protection units throughout Shanxi Province have continued to achieve “zero incidents”.

2600 years ago, the baby "Jin Gong Pan", chased back! -1548561974_189_2600-years-ago-the-baby-quotJin-Gong-Panquot-chased-back

The picture shows the cultural relics recovered by the Shanxi public security organs.


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