66 proofs were cancelled… The State Council reminded me this week



The State Council reminds everyone to know that the TIPS is well known!

66 proofs were cancelled... The State Council reminded me this week -66-proofs-were-cancelled...-The-State-Council-reminded-me-this-week

Personal Income Tax APP: What should I do if I am "joined"? Can appeal

Recently, logging infrom

Personal income tax APP from

 When some taxpayers discoveredfrom

"Just employment information" from

 Appear in yourselffrom

Never served from

 Unit information. The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Taxation said that it may be taxpayers'from

Identity information is fraudulently used from

 . On the one hand, you can click on the name of the unit on the APP and pass the upper right corner.from

"Appeal" button initiates "Appeal" from

 . On the other hand, if the situation is true, the tax department will use the unit or individualfrom

Tax-related violation from

 The problem is dealt with according to law.

66 proofs were cancelled... The State Council reminded me this week -1547360818_56_66-proofs-were-cancelled...-The-State-Council-reminded-me-this-week

More convenient! These 66 certificates have been cancelled

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Justice issued separate documents to cancel the totalfrom

66 items of proof from


Ministry of Industry and Information Technology canceled two categoriesfrom

38 proofs from

 . The first category is the certification items set by the departmental regulations, including the application.from

"Telecom equipment access network license (including trial) approval" from


"Radio transmitting equipment type approval certificate" from

 14 items; the second category is the certification of the normative documents, including handlingfrom

“Road motor vehicle manufacturer and product access permit” from


"Fire inspection certificate" from

 Wait 24 items.

The Ministry of Justice cancels two types of certification mattersfrom

28 items from

 , including the regulations of the "Procedures for the Administration of Lawyers" and other departmental regulationsfrom

“Proof of the applicant’s practice experience” “Proof of the establishment of funds for practice, career development, etc.” from

 20 items of proof, set by the normative documents such as the “Community Correction Implementation Measures”from

“Certificate of No Criminal Record” and “Proof of Professional Title” from

 Wait for 8 items to prove.

66 proofs were cancelled... The State Council reminded me this week -1547360818_413_66-proofs-were-cancelled...-The-State-Council-reminded-me-this-week

"Health" market chaos, these nine routines should beware

The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Markets and Administration recently introduced the common routines for health product fraud and false publicity, including: sales personnelfrom

Free gift from

 Use the scorpion of charity to attract the elderly to listenfrom

Free lecture from


Exaggerated propaganda from

 The efficacy of health care products; requires seniors to be detailedfrom

Fill in the basic information from

 Free of chargefrom

"Expert" lecture from


Free travel from

 In fact, the door is closed to induce the effect of health care products;from

Large investment, purchase of company stock from


66 proofs were cancelled... The State Council reminded me this week -1547360819_910_66-proofs-were-cancelled...-The-State-Council-reminded-me-this-week

The line has changed! The new train operation map is coming.


From 0:00 on January 5 from

 The national railway implements a new train operation map.from

"17 car groups" from

 The ultra-long version of the 350km/h "Fuxing" EMU will debutfrom

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail from

 The passenger capacity has increased by 7.5% compared with the "16 car group". Jinan Bureau Group Corporation added EMU trainsfrom

48.5 pairs from

 The new pair of "Revival" standard EMUs 32 groups. China Railway Wuhan Bureau increasedfrom

16 columns from

 The first high-speed train of Wuhan-based high-speed trainfrom

Yantai, Weihai, Shandong Qiandao Lake, Jixi, Anhui from

 Waiting for the city.

66 proofs were cancelled... The State Council reminded me this week -1547360819_41_66-proofs-were-cancelled...-The-State-Council-reminded-me-this-week

Be alert! These cosmetics cannot be used

The State Drug Administration recently issued the "Notice on 79 Disqualifications of Cosmetics", which was marked by the Beijing Institute of Drug Control and other tests.from

Zhejiang Zhanghua Health Salon Industry Co., Ltd. from

 Manufactured by 23 companiesfrom

79 batches of cosmetics failed from

 , including the production of Heshan City Bangli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.from

Dream Pesce Hair Cream from

 , produced by Guangzhou Hanyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd.from

Han Wei Wu Beizi Hydrating Nourishing Hair Dye (Linen) from


66 proofs were cancelled... The State Council reminded me this week -1547360819_721_66-proofs-were-cancelled...-The-State-Council-reminded-me-this-week

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ domestic consular certification information online inspection system has been activated.

The Consular Section of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairsfrom

January 8, 2019 from

 Officially openedfrom

"Online Inspection System for Domestic Consular Certification Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China" from

 . If the applicant or the use of the document has doubts about the authenticity of the consular certification handled by the consular department, you can log in to the website or log on to the home page of the China Consular Service Network. Http://

"Chinese citizens go abroad" "domestic consular certification information online inspection system" from

 , enter the consular certification stickerfrom

Certification number, trumpet and certification paper number from

 , you canfrom

Query the authenticity of the document from



Remind the brigade of new self-driving tourists to pay attention to driving safety


Chinese Embassy in New Zealand from

 Recently reminded that soonfrom

Going on a new trip from

 Chinese tourists valuefrom

Driving safety from

 New Zealand's traffic rules and road conditions are different from China's, New Zealand highways are mostlyfrom

Two-way from


No divider from

 Most intersectionsfrom

No traffic lights from


Roundabout and avoidance rules from

 ;the wayfrom

Bently from


Faster from

 . In addition, most Chinese tourists experience long-distance flights, and the time difference is reversed, especially to preventfrom

Fatigue driving from

 And familiar withfrom

Right rudder left driving rule from



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