A group of “garbled codes” for depositors of village banks: Before being assigned the red code, the online banking SMS verification code cannot be received

The phenomenon of “garbled codes” related to Henan Rural Banks is not limited to the red code assigned to the health code.

On June 15, a number of Henan village bank depositors told CIC that before the depositor’s health code was given a red code, around June 7, they used their mobile phone numbers to log in to the mobile banking (webpage or applet) of each village bank. ), the SMS verification code cannot be received. This kind of situation has occurred intermittently before, but now it is completely impossible to receive the SMS verification code.

CIC called the official customer service number of Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank, and the customer service still played an automatic voice content: “Recently, some criminals have used our bank’s online channels to carry out economic crimes. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers, we have suspended online channels. Business, the case has been reported, and the relevant departments are investigating. All legal savings and deposit activities are protected by law…” and gave a button to select related services. After CIC chose “manual service”, it jumped back to the automatic voice broadcast .A group of "garbled codes" for depositors of village banks: Before being assigned the red code, the online banking SMS verification code cannot be received -A-group-of-garbled-codes-for-depositors-of-village-banksA depositor who has deposits in Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank, Zhecheng Huanghuai Rural Bank, Kaifeng New Oriental Rural Bank and other village banks told CIC that the SMS verification code cannot be logged in several times since April. , One night last month, the applet suddenly failed to log in, and the next morning, you can log in to view the information. On June 7, the login page of Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank failed to receive text messages and displayed “300028”. But other banks can log in directly by binding WeChat without the need for a mobile phone verification code.

Another depositor who has deposits in two village banks told CIC that now, after logging in, he can check whether his account balance has changed and whether the bank’s dividend payment is normal.

Although it has not been possible to withdraw cash for nearly two months, there are still many depositors who try to withdraw cash from time to time on the bank’s online banking. “I can’t do anything now, and the dividend payment stopped last month. It’s a cold number, and I have an idea.” The above depositor said that the dividend payment depends on the type of deposit product, and the five-year term he bought will be paid monthly The interest rate is low, and the 4.9% interest rate is a 13-month cycle.

A number of depositors also said that since the bank stopped paying dividends at the end of May, the interest-bearing days of some deposit products have begun to be negative. For example, the last dividend payment date for a certain deposit product was June 11. After the dividend payment is stopped now, until June 15, the dividend payment date is “-4 days left”.A group of "garbled codes" for depositors of village banks: Before being assigned the red code, the online banking SMS verification code cannot be received -1655314060_860_A-group-of-garbled-codes-for-depositors-of-village-banksA screenshot of Zhecheng Huanghuai Rural Bank’s online banking failure to receive SMS verification codes shown to CIC by depositors shows that the error page shows “Langyu is sending SMS abnormally”. Many depositors said that this happened, and some people pointed out in the group that the relevant operation and maintenance services are now in charge of Beijing Langyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Langyu Information), whether the bank owes the SMS service provider money.A group of "garbled codes" for depositors of village banks: Before being assigned the red code, the online banking SMS verification code cannot be received -1655314060_664_A-group-of-garbled-codes-for-depositors-of-village-banksOn June 15, CIC contacted the customer service of Langyu Information’s official website. The other party said that they did not understand the situation that the relevant village banks could not receive the SMS verification code. If there is a problem with the text message, you can contact the bank directly. At present, Langyu Information does not have any feedback.

A person from the technical department of the bank told CIC that the sending of SMS messages such as APP login and verification code is made through the APP interface to the SMS outsourcing provider. Judging from the picture display, it should be an error when calling the APP interface. There is a high probability that the problem is on the APP on the bank side. It cannot be ruled out that there is a problem with the bank’s technology operation and maintenance; if it is the operator’s problem, the customer will not receive the text message directly. Now, there will be no error message on the APP.

Since April 18, banks such as Henan Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank, Shangcai Huimin Rural Bank, and Zhecheng Huanghuai Rural Bank have successively announced “system upgrades”, and bank deposits cannot be withdrawn. Since then, the central bank, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other departments have responded to the matter one after another. According to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the risk event of Henan village banks is not simply a transaction issue between the public and the village banks, but also involves other entities and other complex transaction structures. The major shareholder of these village banks, Henan New Fortune Group, used third-party platforms or through fund brokers to absorb public funds, suspected of violating the law and crimes, and the public security organs are currently investigating. The person in charge emphasized that all business handled in compliance with laws and regulations is protected by national laws, and the majority of financial consumers should handle financial business through formal channels.

However, so far, no relevant departments have given relevant solutions. A number of depositors told CIC that their deposits were the money from their parents for the purchase of a house and the savings of the whole family. Some people also claimed that they had deposited the insurance company compensation for cancer, and they could not withdraw it now.

Recently, some depositors who went to Zhengzhou to try to communicate about the withdrawal problem, and some did not go to Henan at all, even just for the relatives of the relevant depositors, suddenly found that their health code had become a red code. This incident immediately attracted a lot of attention. On the afternoon of June 15, the customer service staff of Zhengzhou 12345 told CIC that the issue of depositors being given red codes has been reported by the public, and the issue has been transferred to relevant departments for implementation. If the health code is still a red code, you can directly inform the relevant personal information on the phone, and the transcoding will be fed back in time.

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