A high-pressure gas leak from a company in Inner Mongolia caused 10 deaths and 3 injuries, and the State Council Safety Committee supervised the incident

On September 14, the Work Safety Commission of the State Council issued the “Notice of Supervision on the Investigation and Punishment of Major Production Safety Accidents”, which reads as follows:

On September 7, 2023, a major high-pressure gas leak occurred at Yiding Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, resulting in 10 deaths and 3 injuries.

According to the “Measures for the Supervision of the Investigation and Handling of Major Accidents”, the State Council Safety Committee decided to implement the supervision of the investigation and handling of this major accident. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region must, in accordance with the “Regulations on Reporting, Investigation and Handling of Production Safety Accidents” and other relevant laws, regulations and rules, promptly organize and carry out accident investigations, quickly identify the cause of the accident, and strictly study and propose handling opinions in accordance with the requirements of accident investigation regulations. Before the accident is closed, the accident investigation report (unfinalized) must be submitted to the Office of the State Council Safety Committee. After review and approval, your district will be responsible for approving the closure of the case and announcing it to the public. After the case is closed, the accident investigation report and the implementation of the accident handling decision must be reported to the Office of the State Council Safety Committee for record in a timely manner.

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