A primary school student affiliated with Yunnan Normal University was injured by his class teacher during lunch care?School: Investigating and collecting evidence

A primary school student affiliated with Yunnan Normal University was injured by his class teacher during lunch care?School: Investigating and collecting evidence -A-primary-school-student-affiliated-with-Yunnan-Normal-University-was

Picture of Wang Wanchun, the school reporter involved in the incident

Tang Si (pseudonym), a parent of a student in Kunming, Yunnan Province, reported that on June 8 this year, his child was corporally punished and injured by a teacher at the primary school affiliated with Yunnan Normal University (Chenggong Campus) for playing during day care time. The school responded to The Paper ( on September 15 that the incident was still under investigation and evidence collection.

Tang Si said that during the lunch break on June 8, the class teacher was sitting in the back row, and a classmate gave his child a little thumbs up, and the two children started fighting and throwing paper balls at each other.

“The teacher called my son from the first row to the last row and said he was going to punish him. My son said, you can’t hit me, you have to be responsible for your actions and regret. Then the teacher may have been angry, and in his hands Holding a one-meter-long teaching ruler, he chased my son from one corner of the classroom to another.”

Tang Si said that the surveillance video (in the classroom) clearly recorded the teacher using an instrument high above his head to hit the student. “Hit twice, and then my son’s left elbow joint was injured.”

After the incident, parents reported the above situation to relevant departments such as Kunming Education and Sports Bureau, Municipal Letters and Calls Bureau, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, etc., and then continued to report the situation to Yunnan Provincial Letters and Calls Bureau, Education Department, Public Security Department and other departments.

The Paper learned from relevant channels that the Kunming police intervened in the investigation after the incident. It was learned that the injured child was 10 years old and was a student who did not comply with school rules in the eyes of the teacher. The school specially assigned a physical education teacher to serve as the class teacher to facilitate the management of his class. class.

After the incident, the teacher involved and the school rushed to Tang Si’s home to apologize, but did not apologize publicly. The family also said that they conducted a psychological test on the child at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, and the results showed that the child was in a state of acute stress response and anxiety. “It did cause great harm to his psychology. Now he is prescribed a lot of sedation, mental (aspects) I’m taking the medicine.”

In response to the above statement of the parents, on September 15, the teacher involved said, “If you have any questions, you can go to the school or the police station to find out. It is not easy to communicate on the phone.”

On the same day, a person in charge of the school told The Paper that the matter is still under investigation and evidence collection, and specific responses need to be sought from relevant departments.

Information on the school’s official website shows that the Primary School Affiliated to Yunnan Normal University was formerly the Affiliated School of Southwest Associated University during the Anti-Japanese War. The school implements group-based education and now has Wenlin, Jin’an, Jinniu, Yinghuayu, Chenggong and Guomao “one school and six districts”. It is a high-quality basic education school well-known in Yunling.

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