A song and a wealthy road in a township


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 31st (Reporter Gai Boming, Xie Wei, Ren Chao, Qu Sicong) At the end of the twelfth lunar month, the village of Xiayunling Township, Fangshan District, surrounded by mountains, is chilly.

More than 70 years ago, the song "No New China without the Communist Party" written by Cao Mars came out of the mountains from here, spread throughout the north and south, and was hailed as "the melody of truth."

For more than 70 years, under the encouragement of this song, the lives of people here have really changed.

A song and a wealthy road in a township -A-song-and-a-wealthy-road-in-a-township

↑This is the exterior of the memorial hall of the village “No New China without the Communist Party” (photo taken on January 25). The pictures of this group were all issued by Xinhua News Agency (Ren Chao)

"Before you go out, you will know that it is from the mountains when you look at it." Li Zengjun, the branch secretary of the village of Xiayunling, said that there are a lot of new clothes, and the folks are delicious and delicious. Many people have small homes. car.

In 2006, Tangshang Village built a memorial hall with “No New China without the Communist Party”, and visitors were in constant stream.

A song and a wealthy road in a township -1549001617_207_A-song-and-a-wealthy-road-in-a-township

The villagers in the village of Yutang were fried tofu (photo taken on January 25).

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the villagers in their 50s, Lu Luyun, are frying beans with their families in the courtyard. "Fast holiday, do some beans to send relatives." Yan Luyun is very enthusiastic, holding a freshly baked bean bubble to invite reporters to taste.

More than 20 years ago, in the same way as most villagers in the village, Yan Luyun engaged in work related to coal mining and transportation. “The income is very satisfactory, but there are too many cars in the village and the environment is too dirty.” Yan Luyun said with his hands, “At the time, the hands and neck could not be cleaned.”

A song and a wealthy road in a township -1549001618_479_A-song-and-a-wealthy-road-in-a-township

Li Zengjun, a member of the village’s branch in the village, sang the song “No New China without the Communist Party” (photo taken on January 25).

In recent years, in order to protect the ecological environment, the mines in the village have been shut down. Yan Luyun is pondering new developments.

“Then I became a ranger, but the income was very limited.” So, like other villagers, Yan Luyun and his family began to try the tourism industry.

"We are doing hometown dishes and selling souvenirs." She told reporters that she relied on the resources of red tourism to start a farmhouse. “Last summer, my family’s Xiaoxi Farmhouse was able to receive more than 30 tables a day, and all of them were repeat customers.”

"We have determined the development goal of u2018 Green Sea Red Song u2019, which is beautiful and beautiful. The combination of red tourism and ecological leisure industry has promoted the development of village collective economy and promoted the increase of people's income." Sun Jiayu, Minister of Propaganda Department of Xiayunling Township Party Committee It is said that in 2018, the township has received nearly 300,000 tourists, achieving a comprehensive tourism income of nearly 9 million yuan.

A song and a wealthy road in a township -1549001618_86_A-song-and-a-wealthy-road-in-a-township

The villagers of Yutang Shang Village, Lu Luyun, cleaned the farmhouses they started (photo taken on January 25).

Spring flower viewing, summer summer, autumn view red leaves, winter play ice snow u2026u2026 Xiayunling Township completely bid farewell to the resource-based industry model, people's lives are more colorful.

In the township market, the taste of the year is getting stronger and stronger, and the villagers are visiting relatives and friends and preparing for the new year. Li Zengjun is looking forward to moving into a new home. Yan Luyun is looking forward to the renovation of another courtyard as soon as possible, and put more than a dozen tables.

"Without the Communist Party, there is no new China u2026u2026". The melody of the memorial hall is floating from time to time. The sculpture of the assault in the museum is always high. In the song, the villagers are looking forward to the coming of the New Year.

A song and a wealthy road in a township -1549001618_303_A-song-and-a-wealthy-road-in-a-township

↑This is the Cao Mars music sheet manuscript (photo taken on January 25) exhibited in the hall of the church “No New China without the Communist Party”.


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