A thousand days is too long, just fight for the day – written on the occasion of the 1000-day countdown in the Beijing Winter Olympics (below) – Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 11th: The thousand days are too long, only on the eve

——Writing on the 1000th countdown of the Beijing Winter Olympics (below)

Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Wenyu Ji Wei

Spreading the seeds of the Olympics

“We hope to use sports as a tool for education and bring people together. This is a contribution to mankind. Sports is not only about gold, silver and bronze, but for a better world.” IOC Senior Advisor Ferry last year I said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency.

On February 19th, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee issued the “2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games Heritage Strategic Plan”, pointing out that it will strive to create seven aspects of sports, economy, society, culture, environment, urban development and regional development. Rich heritage.

All venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics have clearly planned the development direction after 2022 at the beginning of construction and renovation. In addition, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee plans to hold a variety of activities in the coming years, with a view to letting the Olympics affect the future beyond 2022.

On June 23rd International Olympic Day and August 8th National Fitness Day, the Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee will carry out the theme activities; the collection of Winter Olympics songs will begin in the second half of this year; this winter, it will continue to be carried out in Beijing, Zhangjiakou and key cities across the country. Ice and snow theme series activities; next year will also launch the Winter Olympics theme art creation contest…

On the sports field, there is a fiery passion for the whole nation’s fitness. The marathon boom is not retreating, fitness has become a new trend of holidays, the ice field snow field “down the south”, the national mass ice and snow season launch ceremony for the first time across the Yangtze River, held in Shanghai, “300 million people involved in ice and snow sports” is gradually developing into a flourishing reality .

Sports call for the enthusiasm and commitment of all, and witness the progress and growth of each individual. Chang Yu, Minister of the News and Propaganda Department of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, was touched by this enthusiasm: “We often receive letters from all parties, and we will give us various suggestions on how to run the Winter Olympics. We are very touched by various programs.”

The Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has a website with Weibo, and has also opened a vibrating and fast-handed. At the beginning of the year, it is still doing a group of “Winter Olympics” micro video, for fear of not keeping up with the “new new human”.

How to focus on young people and promote the Olympic Games, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee can make great efforts. Chang Yu introduced that from 2018, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the Ministry of Education will cooperate to build 52 winter sports special schools in Beijing. Students will participate in the Winter Olympic Games, participate in ice sports, and participate in some groups. Activities of the Commission and the International Olympic Committee. From this year onwards, the selection and identification of winter sports special schools and model schools will be promoted nationwide.

“June 1” is approaching, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee is stepping up preparations for primary and secondary school students. Starting from June, the Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games Exhibition Center will be opened to the children. The opening hours are handed over to primary and secondary school students, and the reception school is scheduled to visit.

In addition, 15 million primary and secondary school students participated in the “My Winter Olympics Mascot” design activity. Finally, the education department recommended 100 pieces and selected more than 3,000 works in the country for inclusion in the initial evaluation. Among the top ten works, one is from the hands of primary and secondary school students.

“This generation of young people has planted the seeds of the Olympics by participating in these activities.” Zhao Wei said.

Two and a half seasons of preparation for the road

“A thousand days is only two and a half seasons for athletes.” The interpretation of short track speed skating world champion Fan Kexin makes people feel urgent.

On April 20th, the speed skating national training team started training in Hainan;

On April 25th, the short track speed skating national training team was assembled in Beijing;

On April 25th, the steel snowmobile national training team held a summer training mobilization meeting in Shanghai;

On April 27th, the cross-country skiing national team held a team entrance ceremony in Qinhuangdao…

Hey, stepping on a thousand days of drums, many winter project national training teams have recently assembled and started the new season.

From 2018 to 2021, in accordance with the rhythm of “expanding, fixing, confining, sprinting”, China’s ice snowman is making a step by step, and strives to achieve the goal of “all-project participation”.

The State Sports General Administration and related project centers and associations continued to increase the selection of ice and snow projects. More than 20,000 people from track and field, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, acrobatics and other projects participated in the selection of ice and snow athletes. Gao Zhidan, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, said that through the selection of cross-border cross-projects, the team of all 109 projects of the Winter Olympics has been established. At the time of the successful bid, one-third of our Winter Olympics projects were not carried out, and one-third of them were far behind the world’s advanced level.

This season, from the “expansion” into the “fixed point”, short-track speed skating team leader Yang Zhanyu said: “The training of the national team will be more targeted in the future, personalization will be stronger.” One of the highlights of this training is International coaching team. The Chinese short track speed skating team hired former South Korean men’s team coach Song Jingzhe and equipment coach Bian Yuyu, plus physical coaches and dietitians from the United States, Canada and other countries. Currently in the Chinese team of 18 coaches, foreigners The number of coaches is nearly half.

In the National Winter Sports Training Center of Shougangyuan, on the other side of the ice that is adjacent to the short track speed skating, the Chinese figure skating team is holding hands with the world famous coach Brian Oss. Yu Sheng’s string, Jin Yuer, etc. are the proud students of Arthur. According to the signing of the Chinese figure skating association, this year Canadians and his team will hold 6 training camps in China to participate in the training of Chinese athletes and the training of coaches.

Please come in and go out. Studying experience in the strong country of the Ice and Snow project is an inevitable choice for many national teams.

The cross-border sub-group of the Alpine Skiing National Training Team was formed in September last year. At the end of the year, a four-month overseas special training was held in Italy. The average training time on snow was nearly 4.5 hours per day for a total of 500 hours. On March 27 this year, six athletes made their debut at the FIS Grand Prix Alpine Skiing Grand Slalom Project, and five people finished the race and earned valid points.

At the same time, technology support and security work has been mentioned as an increasingly important position. The Winter Transportation Center is responsible for arranging training monitoring, setting up a national team comprehensive medical rehabilitation support service system, building a sports nutrition comprehensive security system, and equipped with a psychological counseling service support team.

On April 24th, the Lode Ice and Snow Project’s oversized test training platform was settled in Shougang. This is the second oversized treadmill introduced by China’s ice and snow project. From the Netherlands, it can provide different training environments for different ice and snow projects, helping athletes to perform athletic ability tests and simulation training.

“We can say that we are moving towards a world of big snow and ice sports at a relatively low starting point.” Gao Zhidan said, “But now we are developing very well. If we continue to grasp it, China’s ice and snow sports will have a big breakthrough in the 2022 Winter Olympics. In the 2026 and 2030 Winter Olympics, there will be great development.”

The Chinese ice snowman has a clear understanding and accurate positioning of the status quo, and has full confidence and extraordinary courage.

“Do not live up to the times, let the five-star red flag fly high in the Olympics!” Short track speed skating Olympic champion Wu Dajing issued a declaration.

The two-sliding singer Yan Wenjing and Han Cong said: “In the past three years, we still have to do ourselves step by step, break through ourselves and challenge ourselves.”

“One step can not be retired, has been on the road.” Freestyle skiing aerial skills famous Xu Mengtao said.

A thousand days later, the 22 floating ribbons of the National Speed ​​Skating Pavilion will be in the wind; after a thousand days, the smiling faces of the volunteers will bloom in every corner of Beijing and Zhangjiakou; a thousand days later, Wu Dajing will be in the world of ice and snow. The athletes from all over the world competed and competed; after a thousand days, the “Shuang Ao City” Beijing will usher in another grand sports carnival!

When I am not waiting, I will fight for the day.

For a thousand days, let us count down together! (Finish)

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