China is one big ppopulation country,so there are a lot of people who need help.

Charity In China‘s mission is to provide a platform to connect groups or individuals who are willing to help others and groups and individuals who need help.

Our slogan is: Make People Live Better In China-Better Care Better Life is one platform website to connect nonprofit charity organizations and donors.All donations are remitted into the Paypal account(,after confirmed fees then transfer to the recipients.We guarantee that donations will be made to the recipients,we accept social and legal supervision.

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Our Management Team

Any great cause needs a group of people with great passion to carry it out.

  • About Us -b-ceo

    Zhi an Lin

    Graduated from Southern China University,He was one of the first batch of young people who work for charity in China.Full of passion to support the people who really need help…...

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    Wen Han Zhang

    He was impressed by the British charity when studied in the United Kingdom.He felt China philanthropy is so backward,and he realized that he needed to do something to change the situation.So he…...

  • About Us -xuanmin-b

    Xuan Min Jiang

    Graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,one big girl who always with smile and optimistic.She is responsible for the specific use of the donation fund....