[Amazing and shocking] Emperor Xi’s “smashed feet”, lost to “squatting pants” – Radio Free Asia

The Sino-US trade war has not cooled down because Chinese Vice Premier Liu He led a delegation to Washington. Originally, on Thursday (9th), US President Trump said that he received a “beautiful letter” from Chinese President Xi Jinping, which made the market feel that there was a chance to rekindle hope, but entered the US local time on Friday (10th). At midnight, the $200 billion worth of Chinese imports were still levied a 25% tariff as scheduled. Trump said on social networking on Friday morning that negotiations with China need not be anxious and have begun to pay $325 billion worth of Chinese goods. A procedure for imposing a 25% tariff.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce claims that it will take countermeasures, but why is the counter-measure not the same as last year, and has disclosed the details of the tariff counterattack? Does this reflect that China is not prepared to fight back? The so-called Xinhua News Agency threatened to “do not want to fight, not afraid to fight, if necessary, have to fight” is purely “tossing the waves”? The Chinese Communist Party has no idea of ​​making a gun and propaganda, let alone what is scary. The People’s Daily’s overseas version said that the US’s levy of tariffs on China would harm the US economy. Does this require the CCP to worry about it? Does the People’s Daily know Americans better than the US president? The party media “Global Times” Friday commented that China does not like trade wars, but can afford it. Do the Chinese have the freedom to say “can’t bear”? The South China Morning Post reported that China’s repentance has been explained. This refers to the fact that Xi Jinping’s last-minute veto of the Sino-US agreement text has deleted the legislative practice’s commitment in seven chapters. During the period, Xi’s words indicate that he will bear the results. What does he bear? Originally, the Sino-US agreement should be signed in May last year. The United States only asked for a drastic cut in the trade deficit. Why did it not be borne at the time?

In the past two months, since Trump reassured that the Sino-US negotiations broke through the three-month death period, there have been reports and news that the United States is making concessions: Reuters reported on April 15 that the US subsidies to China Concession; the British “Financial Times” reported last week that Trump is willing to give up the request to stop cyber theft in Beijing… The so-called structural reforms in China have already yielded to a very loose point, I wonder if Xi Jinping is “smashed” “Foot” is too successful, even at the last minute, the general revision of the agreement text! According to a person familiar with the matter quoted by Reuters, “China has become greedy and has reneged on many issues. It is surprising that Trump broke out on Sunday.”

Host: Zheng Yushuo, Cao Jiachao

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