Anhui relevant departments responded: will deploy the province to take effective measures to combat "fraud


Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, January 25 (Reporter Jin Jian) ​​On January 23, the Xinhua News Agency released an exclusive report "The Secret! Defrauding the insider of the provident fund!". On the morning of January 25th, in response to the frequent occurrence of fraudulent accumulation of provident fund in Anhui Province, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Provincial Direct Housing Provident Fund Management Sub-center successively responded that further effective measures will be taken to increase the crackdown.

The Anhui Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development responded that it highly values ​​the issues reflected in the report. In response to the problems reflected in the report, the Office will deploy the province to take effective measures to further increase the crackdown on illegal defrauding of housing provident fund. In addition, the Anhui Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said that it will also carry out extensive publicity and guidance, improve internal management, carry out centralized rectification, promote information sharing and other means, block regulatory loopholes, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the provident fund system.

Previous reports: Secret! Deceive the insider of the provident fund!

Anhui relevant departments responded: will deploy the province to take effective measures to combat "fraud -Anhui-relevant-departments-responded-will-deploy-the-province-to-take-effective-measures-to-combat-quotfraud

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, January 23 (Reporter Jin Jian) ​​pays a handling fee ranging from 10% to 30% of the withdrawal amount. The “acquisition” intermediary of the provident fund can “tailor” to make a set of fake materials, which will not meet the extraction conditions. The staff took out the money!

The reporter's investigation found that because the information is not shared, it is difficult for the CPF management department to distinguish the authenticity of the extracted materials, and the weak efforts of the relevant departments have led to the proliferation of the CPF.

Strong demand, illegally extracting business "hot"

"The provident fund is originally my own money. It is also a waste to lie in the account." Xiao Li (a pseudonym) paid the Hefei City Direct Provident Fund. He and his wife have a house under their name, no loans, and are not eligible for the withdrawal of the provident fund.

In September 2018, Xiao Li joined the QQ group named "Hefei City Housing Provident Fund Extraction". The group owner helped him to forge a no-room certificate and a rental contract. “The owner said that the proof of no room is for insiders, the seal is true. It’s just that my personal information is fake.”

“The materials passed the audit smoothly, and the staff did not have any doubts. The company successfully withdraw 15,000 yuan of the provident fund on the same day.” Afterwards, Xiao Li paid a 3,000 yuan handling fee to the group owner.

In addition, Xiao Li revealed that one of his friends also used the group owner to withdraw the provident fund of 8,400 yuan in the same way: "Friends have no loans, no marriage."

In September 2018, the reporter joined the QQ group. At that time, there were more than 100 members. As of January 2019, the group had more than 360 members. In the group, not only the public fund is released for advertising, but also the advertisement for selling fake materials. In addition, there are always new people in the group to join the consultation fund.

The reporter found through group chat that the members of the group “The City’s Ambition” reported that they had successfully extracted 59000 yuan from the provident fund through mediation and forgery of demolition agreements. In November 2018, the reporter witnessed the group member "Xiaohuang" with the help of the intermediary, and extracted 8400 yuan of the provident fund through the forgery of renting information. In this group, there are still many people who have experienced fraudulent acquisitions.

In the course of more than half a year of investigation, the reporter got to know Xiao Han (a pseudonym), an intermediary specializing in the “acquisition” of the provident fund in Hefei. “I averaged more than a dozen orders per month and earned one or two thousand a month,” he said.

"Routine" is full, there is always a suitable for you

"I mainly sell fake materials, can be done all over the country, according to your needs." In the "National Housing Provident Fund Extraction" QQ group, the intermediary named "National Provident Fund Extracted Pure Hand" released information that the sale of real estate companies Tickets and national tax authorities can check more than 10 kinds of fake materials such as invoices, serious illnesses, marriages, and various types of contracts: "The real official website records, can extract the accumulation fund from all over the country."

Intermediaries can be roughly divided into two categories: one type of special-made fake materials, up to a dozen types, and high authenticity.

"This proof of no room is to find insiders to change on the original. Before I helped a lot of people, I have succeeded." In January 2019, the reporter spent 2,200 yuan, through QQ called "Happiness to create their own" The agent produced a self-service version of the no-room certificate. At the scene where the certificate was handed over to the reporter, the intermediary pointed to the paper bag in his hand and said: "There are all proofs of no room that I forged the customer."

The accurate name for the no-room certificate is “the result of the real estate registration information inquiry” (hereinafter referred to as the no-room certificate). After comparison, the reporter found that in terms of style and content, the fake material is almost the same as the real one, except that the number and the seal are different.

The second type of intermediary not only forged materials, but also accompanied the customers to extract them on site. Xiao Han (a pseudonym) falls into this category.

"The large amount of withdrawal is generally through the purchase of housing, marriage, serious illness, leaving the job, etc. Small amount of rented housing." Xiaohan said that the success rate of extraction is about 70%. According to the production cost of the materials and the quality of the customer's qualifications, they charge a fee of 10% to 30% of the withdrawal amount.

“The staff will not carefully check the authenticity of the materials and cannot check them.”

Xiao Han said that the lame review of the provident fund management department is the main reason for their repeated success: "Even some agents and the front desk are familiar with each other. The other party knows that the materials are fake and let him pass. If the background review is not found, it will be over."

It is reported that the "acquisition" intermediary has been professionalized. “There are hundreds of intermediaries in Hefei. There are all provinces in the country.” Xiaohan said that the intermediary has the size and size. “The big intermediaries do it early, there are many downlines. The downline runs through the line. Some big intermediaries earn one year. Two million."

The source of the intermediary is mainly from the network. At the same time, they also obtain customer information through other channels, and then take the initiative to contact. In order to show the performance, many intermediaries frequently put out a large number of CPF withdrawal certificates in the QQ space and circle of friends, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

How to block the loopholes in the provident fund?

"First, the number should be the combination of the date of the day and the serial number. The number of this material contains letters." Wang Hongbao, director of the Land and Resources Archives of Hefei Real Estate Registration Center, found two places on the fake houseless certificate purchased by the reporter. The flaws, "Secondly, the seal of the fake material is electronic. But after October 2018, the seal in the self-service query system was changed to a mimeograph."

Wang Hongbao introduced that at present, there is no room proof that there are two formats, manual and self-service query. He believes that it is unlikely that insiders will participate in fraud. However, he said that he would conduct a self-examination on the issue.

Hong Jianying, an investigator of the Housing Provident Fund Construction Management Office of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Anhui Province, said that in the past two years, it has indeed been found that there are fraudulent acquisitions: “Anhui Province directly investigated 6 households, and Hefei City directly investigated more than 190 households. There are several households."

“There is the possibility that fraudulent acquisitions have not been discovered successfully.” Huang Yimei, the head of the Regulations Section of the Provincial Direct Housing Provident Fund Management Sub-center of Anhui Province, said frankly that the front desk can only check whether the personal information and the CPF account information are consistent. Whether the extracted materials are complete; second, the materials with obvious problems can be found, but the high imitation materials are difficult to distinguish.

Huang Yongmei believes that the low screening rate is because the information between the units that issue the materials is not shared: “Many materials cannot be verified on the spot. For materials that have no obvious problems, we can only pass them first and pass them to the background for further verification.”

“It’s also very troublesome to check in different places.” Hong Jianying said that there are two ways to check the information in different places, such as telephone and letter. “The shortcoming of calling is that there are no traces, and there are many links and time-consuming.”

The information island effect is obvious, coupled with factors such as the “acquisition” intermediary activities, which has led to frequent fraudulent collection of public accumulation funds. If this kind of chaos is not stopped, it will not only destroy the mutual aid fund system, but also play a bad demonstration effect in the hearts of the majority of employees.

"We will report the problems found by the reporters to the various provident fund centers and ask them to conduct verification." Hong Jianying said that they always maintain "zero tolerance" for defrauding the provident fund. “At the same time, we look forward to the establishment of a nationwide information sharing platform and a simple and smooth cross-border consultation mechanism as soon as possible, which will greatly improve work efficiency and screening rate.”

“Penalty costs are too low.” In the view of Ling Bin, deputy director of the Real Estate Research Institute of Hefei University, the punishment for defrauding the provident fund is only imposed on the penalty of canceling the qualification for one to five years, so many people disagree. “It is recommended that localities can adapt to local conditions. To increase the penalties for offenders in the form of local legislation, such as the list of bank defaulters."

"On the Internet and in the life, the advertisements for the provident fund are available everywhere, so that the people can find the way to implement it." Hong Jianying said that he hopes to cooperate with the public security, network, and urban management departments to crack down on the "acquisition" intermediary. , clear their living soil.


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