Another kind of spring festival of "moving crew": escorting "consignment" children to go home


China News Service, Jilin, February 4th: The other kind of "Spring Festival crew" is the Spring Festival: escorting the "consignment" children to go home

China News Service reporter Cang Yan

The 13-year-old Xiao Zhi was sitting alone on the D21 Beijing train to Jilin. The winter scenery outside the window flashed through his eyes. At 12 noon, the flight attendant Chen Qingqin sent a bowl of instant noodles. At this time, she had to pay special attention to the boy who was "consigned."

Another kind of spring festival of "moving crew": escorting "consignment" children to go home -Another-kind-of-spring-festival-of-quotmoving-crewquot-escorting-quotconsignmentquot-children-to-go-home

Data map. China News Agency reporter Jia Tianyong photo

Chen Qingqin, 28, is an ordinary flight attendant of the 12th group of the Beijing Railway Passenger Transport Section of the Shenyang Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Her crew is the “moving crew” with the highest value in the passenger section. She is responsible for the high-speed trains from Jilin to Beijing. The 10 flight attendants are all “80s”, with an average age of 35, all married women. composition.

Xiaozhi was "checked" by his father to Chen Qingqin 15 minutes before the D21 train station in Beijing. "Xiaozhi's father and mother work in Beijing, because the work is busy, there is no way to go home for the New Year, let Xiaozhi go back home." In less than 8 hours, Chen Qingqin pays special attention to Xiaozhi's seat.

Since the establishment of the "moving crew" on January 29, 2018, Hu Huimin has served as the train conductor. "Before the Spring Festival, there will be many children like Xiaozhi, because their parents work in Beijing, and the children rush to reunite with their parents during the holidays." Hu Huimin and the gangs took up the responsibility of escorting children.

The characteristics of the Beijing-Beijing line of passengers are to face student flow, family visits, work flow, and commuting groups. Especially during the Spring Festival, children who travel alone on the Beijing line will increase significantly. During the Spring Festival, nearly 30 children who were “consigned” will travel between Jilin and Beijing.

The 12-year-old Xiaoyu also boarded the train from Beijing Station and ended up in Sipingdong. "She is rushing back to her grandmother's house for the New Year. My parents can't come back to work in Beijing, and they can't send her back. I will send her to the car and entrust us to take care of it." After Xiaoyu got on the bus, Hu Huimin smashed 3 cars. The flight attendant took special care of her. "The safety details will be given to the child, which will refer to the location of her bathroom and hot water room." During the journey, the flight attendant will "pass" Xiaoyu no less than 20 times.

After the train left the platform, Hu Huimin began to inspect eight cars. "Need to check the service spares, emergency equipment, and answer the passenger's questions." A group of inspections, Hu Huimin takes 20 minutes.

When the train is about to stop at Jilin Station, Hu Huimin will get in touch with the station duty stationmaster to help Xiaozhi's pick-up to pick up the platform. "High-speed rail and motor trains are not allowed to pick up people at the platform, but children like Xiaozhi are in special circumstances. In order to ensure his safety, they will be 'green light' and let relatives come to the platform to pick up." Hu Huimin said.

The platform under the night is still awkward. Traveling in a hurry, Chen Qingqin took Xiaozhi’s hand and walked off the train, handing him over to the cockroaches who had already waited there. For Chen Qingqin and her mobile crew, such "special escorts" continue in the Spring Festival.


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