Are you ready to flee? He was 30 years old and he was the leader of the 1990s.


Are you ready to flee? He was 30 years old and he was the leader of the 1990s. -Are-you-ready-to-flee-He-was-30-years-old-and-he-was-the-leader-of-the-1990s

Recently, the anti-corruption international pursuit of the “Red Wanted” documentary will be broadcast on CCTV. In the one-minute trailer of the hit, the image of Xu Chaofan who has fled the United States for 17 years in prison is particularly eye-catching. It has triggered the public, public opinion and other parties to track the story behind the overseas pursuit.


The 30-year-old president has been prominent in the local area.

In the 1990s, Xu Chaofan served as the president of the Kaiping Branch of the Bank of China in Guangdong Province. He was also the culprits of the Kaiping branch of the corruption case.

According to media reports, Xu Chaofan, who was the president of Kaiping Branch at the age of 30, was also prominent in the local area.

Are you ready to flee? He was 30 years old and he was the leader of the 1990s. -1546707232_805_Are-you-ready-to-flee-He-was-30-years-old-and-he-was-the-leader-of-the-1990s

Xu Chaofan took advantage of his position and slandered the misappropriation of the Bank of China’s huge public funds, suspected of embezzling funds of about 485 million US dollars (4 billion yuan), which is the largest bank corruption case since the founding of New China.

After the incident, local officials said: “We rarely see him, just feel that this person is very capable.”


Escape to the United States for a week and night gamble

Are you ready to flee? He was 30 years old and he was the leader of the 1990s. -1546707232_346_Are-you-ready-to-flee-He-was-30-years-old-and-he-was-the-leader-of-the-1990s

In October 2001, Xu Chaofan fled to the United States through Hong Kong and Canada.

At that time, he fled with him, and the two governors who took over him: Yu Zhendong and Xu Guojun, and their wives.

Fleeing is already prepared.

Before fleeing, in order to successfully get the green card of the United States, Xu Chaofan even handled a fake marriage with the locals. Since he thought that he could successfully escape the immigration, he could escape the sanctions of Chinese law and he would sit back and relax.

After fleeing to the United States, in order to whitewash the black money as soon as possible, Xu Chaofan and others went to Las Vegas to start gambling day and night, so that the days of happiness were only maintained for more than a week.

In November 2001, China issued a red wanted order through Interpol and successfully carried out the pursuit of the three people through international law enforcement cooperation. Xu Chaofan and others found that all the money in the account was frozen, and the money in the casino was also frozen.


150,000 pages of evidence materials can not escape the law network

Xu Chaofan’s life in the United States is not satisfactory. After three years of hiding and hiding, “We brought a lot of money to go out, but we are hiding and tired. One person is always hiding in a place, or hiding everywhere, the quality of life is Everything is inhuman.”

In April 2004, the co-accused Yu Zhendong voluntarily returned to China for trial.

Are you ready to flee? He was 30 years old and he was the leader of the 1990s. -1546707232_514_Are-you-ready-to-flee-He-was-30-years-old-and-he-was-the-leader-of-the-1990s

At this time, Xu Chaofan attempted to resist and attempted to use the loopholes in American law to escape punishment and escape from the law.

China and the United States carried out joint investigations. According to the consensus reached on reciprocal prosecution, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection organized and coordinated the highest inspection, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Justice and other units. It provided the United States with 150,000 pages of evidence and organized the witnesses to use the remote video to the United States. The court testified that this way, for the first time in our country’s anti-corruption pursuit work, was hailed as a new model of criminal justice assistance between China and the United States.

After eight years of unremitting efforts, in May 2009, Xu Chaofan was sentenced to 25 years in prison in the United States.

In the detention stage of the US federal agencies, Xu Chaofan described it as a hard-working, life-like life, like a deaf-mute person, in an unfamiliar place, living habits, eating, drinking, all aspects are different.

Since then, the focus of Xu Chaofan's pursuit of retreat has turned to persuasion and repatriation.


Recovery of more than 2 billion yuan to create N “first”

In June 2014, the Central Pursuit Office was established, and the Xu Chaofan case was listed as a key case for supervision.

Xu Chaofan initially had an illusion, thinking that the time was long, the case handlers might have changed, and some of the pursuit work may have stopped, and the attempt to stay in the United States for a long time.

Are you ready to flee? He was 30 years old and he was the leader of the 1990s. -1546707232_473_Are-you-ready-to-flee-He-was-30-years-old-and-he-was-the-leader-of-the-1990s

It was shocking to see that in September 2015, Xu Chaofan’s wife, Fang Fang, was forced to return to the country by the United States.

Through the high pressure of cooperation between China and the United States, and constantly squeezing its living space in the United States, Xu Chaofan finally recognized the reality, took the initiative to confess his guilty pleas, and offered to return to China to surrender and accept repatriation.

At this point, it ended the long and difficult pursuit of the 17 years of chasing and ridding the work, recovering more than 2 billion yuan of money from Xu Chaofan involved in the case, and recovering the economic losses to the utmost extent.

Are you ready to flee? He was 30 years old and he was the leader of the 1990s. -1546707233_978_Are-you-ready-to-flee-He-was-30-years-old-and-he-was-the-leader-of-the-1990s

Xu Chaofan’s return to the case created a number of “firsts”, the first suspects of duty repatriation from overseas after the establishment of the State’s supervisory committee, and also the forced repatriation of important duty offenders after the country’s successful pursuit of prostitution in developed countries and prison sentences in different places. The first successful case is the first time to cooperate in accordance with the China-US Criminal Judicial Assistance Agreement.


There are escapes to chase, one to chase the end!

Since the launch of the “Skynet” operation, the French Open has become more and more secure, and the more weaving, the more dense it is. As of December 9, 2018, 4,833 people were recovered from more than 120 countries and regions, including 995 national staff members. More than 100 million yuan.

This bright answer highlights the firm determination of the party Central Committee to strictly manage the party, and once again fled to the corrupt elements. It is not outside the law, no corrupt elements should be illusory; chasing and chasing work will certainly not be Interest, justice will never be absent, only the early conviction of the law is the only way out. (Text / Tian Hong)

Author: Tian Hong

Editor: Zi Rui Editor: Meng Xia

Source: CCTV


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