Are you still painting new year pictures? It used to be the Spring Festival "Primrose"


Are you still painting new year pictures? It used to be the Spring Festival "Primrose" -Are-you-still-painting-new-year-pictures-It-used-to-be-the-Spring-Festival-quotPrimrosequot client Beijing February 6th (Reporter Shangguanyun) During the Spring Festival, especially for some 80s living in the countryside, buying a few new pictures posted at home is almost a memory of the New Year. The fat doll holding the squid, the peony flower of the national color, and so on.

Nowadays, some people say that in the passing of time, the new year paintings are not as popular as they used to be, and they are hard to find in some big city families. Can it be revived in the New Year?

Are you still painting new year pictures? It used to be the Spring Festival "Primrose" -1549428578_720_Are-you-still-painting-new-year-pictures-It-used-to-be-the-Spring-Festival-quotPrimrosequot

Data map. China News Service reporter Fu Tian photo

The New Year's picture was originally the Spring Festival "Primrose"

As the name suggests, New Year pictures are generally posted during the New Year. Going back, its origin is also related to the concept of natural worship and the concept of spiritual belief in ancient times.

Its name has an evolving process: the Song Dynasty is called "paper painting", the Ming Dynasty is called "painting paste", and in the Qing Dynasty, there are also "pictures", "painting Zhang", "wei painting" and so on. During the Qing Daoguang years, the word "new year painting" was used in the book "Xiang Yan Jie Jie".

It is said that the New Year paintings have appeared in the Han Dynasty, but they were formally formed during the Northern Song Dynasty. At that time, the commercial and handicraft industries were relatively developed, and the folks also had a very rich celebration of the New Year. The stickers painted on behalf of the people expressed their wish to welcome Naxiang.

Therefore, at the end of the year, there are merchants selling woodcut New Year pictures in the markets of Yujing (now Kaifeng, Henan) and Lin'an (present-day Hangzhou, Zhejiang). The theme of the New Year paintings such as customs and dolls began to appear. Therefore, some people also call the "Primrose" of the Spring Festival.

Are you still painting new year pictures? It used to be the Spring Festival "Primrose" -1549428578_870_Are-you-still-painting-new-year-pictures-It-used-to-be-the-Spring-Festival-quotPrimrosequot

Wu Qiang New Year's picture, photo of Zhong Xin

From the time of the Ming Dynasty, the "Autumn Painting" gradually became a festival and customary activity of joy, celebration, and landscaping. The "A group of qi" and "everything good luck" and other new year paintings roughly corresponded to the "basic models" and tend to be stereotyped. Tianjin Yangliuqing, Suzhou Taohuawu, etc. are famous birthplaces of New Year pictures.

Although it originated from the door painting, the theme of the new year painting is much more extensive. Not only the opera characters and the novels can be drawn into the painting, but also the folk production and customs.

It is close to life, and can be enjoyed by people. It is also full of festive energy. It can be said that in ancient times, the new year painting is definitely a very fashionable old custom.

Unique woodcut New Year pictures

In many categories of New Year pictures, woodblock New Year pictures are undoubtedly a bright presence. According to Ren Helin, the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project, according to historical records, the woodcut New Year pictures originated in Kaifeng, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty. They were popularized in the Ming and Qing dynasties and quickly entered the heyday.

“In the case of Kaifeng Zhuxian Town’s woodcut New Year paintings, a new year’s paintings must start with the drafts. Then, according to the old craftsmanship, the paintings are repeatedly attached to the processed pear boards.” Ren Helin said that there are many types of woodcut New Year pictures, but they all have Very strict processes and processes.

Ren Helin explained that the engraving will start from sharpening the knife. A sharp knife, through the hair, pick and other very careful knife method, to create a template, "that is, the pear board said before. Toning, printing new year is not difficult, is a process of practice."

"In addition to the opera new year paintings, the door god painting is the bulk of the Kaifeng woodcut New Year pictures. The image is serious and atmospheric, the style is exaggerated and rich, and the contrast of large color blocks is very strong. In ancient times, it symbolizes auspiciousness, wealth, and wishful Ai Ye, Fang Sheng, Yuan Bao, Hu Tau, Decorative patterns such as 苇索 are also scattered among them." Ren Helin said that this is also the difference between the Kaifeng woodcut New Year pictures.

Are you still painting new year pictures? It used to be the Spring Festival "Primrose" -1549428578_740_Are-you-still-painting-new-year-pictures-It-used-to-be-the-Spring-Festival-quotPrimrosequot

Data map. Shangguan Yun Photo

Ren Helin feels that whether it is a woodblock New Year's picture or an ordinary new year's painting, in the long years, their subject matter always reflects the good wishes of the people looking forward to peace and good fortune and years to come. This is the year-old painting that can become the traditional element of the Spring Festival. important reason.

How does the New Year's picture return to the Spring Festival?

Indeed, after thousands of years of circulation, the new year paintings undoubtedly accumulated rich Chinese traditional culture.

But as time goes by, now the New Year, the doors and walls of every household have rarely seen the shadow of the New Year painting. In the view of the famous art history scholar, Mao Songnian, this is related to the decline of the festival concept and the transformation of social mechanism.

“The Lunar New Year is an important festival and has a rich cultural connotation.” Bo Songnian said, “Why is our festival culture so weakened? This is worthy of our consideration, and it is necessary to take some measures to return the New Year’s painting to the Spring Festival and return. new Year".

Already some of the new year paintings that faded out of people’s horizons, can they return?

Ren Helin’s answer is affirmative. “For example, in Henan, the folk customs of the New Year’s paintings are unbroken. What we have to do is how to innovate to solve some problems of low-grade and old-fashioned Chinese paintings.”

In addition, previously, under the guidance of the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the China Culture and Media Group hosted a series of “New Year's Eve to Return to the Spring Festival”: the New Year Painting Project around the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List and the First National Traditional Crafts Revitalize the catalogue of the annual painting techniques, hold forum dialogues, theme exhibitions, etc., and promote the traditional crafts represented by the New Year paintings to better enter thousands of households.

Are you still painting new year pictures? It used to be the Spring Festival "Primrose" -1549428578_592_Are-you-still-painting-new-year-pictures-It-used-to-be-the-Spring-Festival-quotPrimrosequot

Data map. China News Agency reporter Hou Yu photo

At the end of January, “Good Things and Auspiciousness – National Intangible Cultural Heritage Traditional New Year Paintings Exhibition” was unveiled in Beijing. 150 traditional Chinese New Year paintings were exhibited, covering 18 traditional nationalities such as Tianjin Yangliuqing, Sichuan Mianzhu and Shandong Gaomi. New Year's production.

According to the relevant person in charge of the event organizer, the "Year of the New Year's Eve" is also on the line. Through the fun new year jigsaw puzzle game, players can enjoy the new year's paintings in different regions and understand the cultural connotation behind them. The way to attract everyone includes young people paying attention to New Year pictures, understanding New Year pictures, and willing to pay for the New Year pictures."

"The New Year pictures are originally the consumer goods of the New Year." Folklore expert Xiao Fang said that to return to people's lives, they must combine with the Chinese New Year, first, to create a cultural atmosphere, so that "New Year's New Year's painting" becomes a fashion; It is necessary to give the new theme and new expressiveness of the New Year in the creation. As a result, the "Year of the New Year" will be effective. (Finish)


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