Beijing celebrates the winter Olympic countdown 1000 days walking walk – China News

China news agency, Beijing, May 11 (Reporter Yan Wenjuan) “Winter Olympics is coming to us” Beijing citizens celebrated the winter Olympic countdown 1000-day walking walk on the 11th morning at the Shougang Park, where the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee is located. Nearly 500 walking enthusiasts, representatives of overseas Chinese, and representatives of Shougang cadres and workers from all walks of life in the capital participated in this walking walk.

The event was jointly organized by the Cultural Activities Department of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, Beijing Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, Beijing Youth Federation, Beijing Walking Sports Association, Shougang Group and other units to create a 1000-day celebration for Beijing citizens. The festive atmosphere fully demonstrates the spirit of Beijing citizens’ enthusiasm for participating in the ice and snow sports and actively promoting the winter Olympic culture.

At the launching ceremony, the representatives of the public issued a proposal for “Going to 2022, Our Peer” to encourage the community to actively participate in the preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and actively participate in the knowledge of the Winter Olympics Ice and Snow Project. Study and popularize, actively participate in ice and snow activities, strive to improve the image of urban civilization and the quality of urban citizens, give full play to the Olympic cultural advantages of Beijing Double Olympic City, work together, and unite as one to offer a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding winter Olympics event. And work hard.

In this walking walk, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee also authorized the Beijing Walking Sports Association to use the Winter Olympics logo, which is the first time the Winter Olympic logo has been used in hiking activities. (Finish)

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