Beijing Iron Police guards peace and "does not fight"


Beijing Iron Police guards peace and "does not fight"

Beijing Iron Police guards peace and "does not fight" -Beijing-Iron-Police-guards-peace-and-quotdoes-not-fightquot

The picture shows "Best Partner" Zhou Jie (right) and Li Kun patrolling the station. Newspaper correspondent Pang Helei

□ Our reporter Zhang Xueyu

Passengers arriving at Beijing West Railway Station will see a police station on the second floor of the entrance hall. This is the “resident” of a group of police officers on duty at the Beijing West Railway Station police station. The railway station is like a weaving railway station. The railway police are marking, patrolling, arresting suspects and serving passengers for 24 hours.

On January 21st, it was the first day of the National Railway Spring Festival, and the Beijing Railway Police had prepared for the Spring Festival for more than a week. The "Legal Daily" reporter recently visited the Beijing West Railway Station and experienced the working status of the police station.

Ma Ning, known as the police station "Ma. The "Ma's General Manager" manages everything. The passenger asks for the road, the station is handed over, the police are picked up, the monitor is watched, and the suspects are arrested. As long as the work related to the station is concerned, the "main manager" must take care of one. When the reporter saw the "Ma's general manager", she was kneeling in front of the computer at the workstation, checking the monitoring little by little, and talking to the reporter innocently.

Both Zhou Jie and Li Kun have been on the police station for 26 years and are the "best partner" of the workstation. "Our old brothers add up to 108 years old, but when they catch thieves, they are unambiguous. Young people don't run fast." The two old policemen laughed loudly and the reporter was infected.

In a short while, the reporter experienced the “running fast” in the “best partner”.

"Ma Daha, Ma Daha, you said how many times we have reminded you, you must look after your luggage, you can pour it, the thief has not started, you have to throw the bag yourself." At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, "Ma's manager" was on fire. The mantle is monitored, and one person loses a bag to help the passengers. The passenger was carelessly forgotten his backpack in the waiting room seat. When he tried to look back, the bag was gone, and there was a small amount of money.

Near the Spring Festival, Beijing West Railway Station's passenger flow continues to increase, nearly 300,000 people a day, and the station monitoring probes as many as 600. With the amazing memory that he usually practiced, Ma Ning began to monitor the playback of one frame and one frame according to the location information provided by the passengers.

A quarter of an hour later, the surveillance positioned favorable information: a middle-aged woman wearing a red-colored down jacket appeared in the surveillance position when the passenger left and dropped the backpack. When she left, she held the passenger in her hand. backpack.

Manin continued to track the surveillance. "Found to find, this red woman has checked in to the station." Ma Ning just said this sentence, waiting for Zhou Jie and Li Kun to rush out, the reporter immediately followed.

"I will find her. We can usually find 100% success rate. But you don't want to write this. I am afraid that the passengers will know that they are even less worried." Zhou Jie said to the reporter, he trotting into the station.

The reporter followed the "old partner" trotting all the way, and soon he was panting.

On the road, Ma Ning constantly sent the location information and monitoring screenshots of the red woman in the work group. The latest information shows that the woman got on the G521 train and the train departed after 8 minutes. When I got on the bus, the two old policemen walked through the train. When they were 3 minutes away from the train, they finally found the red woman in the 7th carriage. The woman in red refused to admit it at first, but in the face of the majestic police, she finally handed over her backpack. "You can't be cheap, even if you pick up the items, you should hand them over to the station in time. Think about it, and you have to worry about losing things." After educating the women in red, the two checked the contents of the bag. And in the WeChat group reported the situation in time.

With the "trophy" back, the two old policemen were sweaty on their foreheads, and a smile was on their faces. Waiting for the lost passengers at the workstation to thank you again and again. "Young man, don't be careless in the future, you can make our old bones tired." Zhou Jie is joking.

Did not stop for two minutes, Li Kun's mobile phone was warned again. "The face recognition system is positioned to the drug addicts to stop, go and see." Without a sip of water, the two police officers dressed in "eight big pieces" rushed to the security checkpoint on the first floor.

Finding this key person, Zhou Jie and another policeman took him to the urine test, and Li Kun entered and registered his personal information at the workstation. Subsequently, the urine test showed a negative, Zhou Jie breathed a sigh of relief.

At work, they also need to take off their police uniforms from time to time, remove the "eight big pieces", and use plain clothes to clean up illegal travellers. During the patrol, they circled around the station, entering the station, waiting room, ticket gate, platform, exit, and square. They walked at least 40 minutes on average, and the two turned around in a circle. It has been 26 years.

The police station is located in a place where passengers can see it as soon as they go upstairs. As a window unit for serving passengers, the passengers are inquired every minute. "Where do I go to which waiting room?" "Where to open the water?" "Where is the toilet?" These "jurisdictions" that are not part of the railway police, Ma Ning, Zhou Jie, and Li Kun have answered them over and over again. .

Entering the police station, the reporter saw that in addition to the window set a marble table for the passengers, and going backwards, the two-square-meter forced corridor is the workstation. The workstations are "no fight" for 24 hours, and the police eat. And a short break is here.

Both Li Kun and Zhou Jie’s WeChat pedometer were shown as 15,000 steps. "Tired is tired, the train station has the most people, and the brains are all awkward in a day, but when we see a fugitive off the net, a thief is caught, and we see a satisfied smile, we feel that everything is worth it." The partner "haha laughed and continued to work."

Beijing, January 20th

□ Reporter's notes

Old policemen like Zhou Jie and Li Kun who silently contributed to railway safety, their work area is at the railway station, and their line of sight has never left the train. The police are serious and persistent, and their eyes are sharp and firm. They used a simple belief to woven a solid legal network, making fugitive suspects and illegal elements nowhere to be seen.

Through interviews, the reporter deeply felt the respectable respect of the railway public security personnel. Every year during the Spring Festival, the Chinese people staged a "great migration". When Wanjia reunion, it was the busiest moment of railway public security. It is safe to have them with a train station that is like a weaving station; it is safe to have them on a train full of returnees.


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