Beijing weekends are warm and easy to travel. The train station wholesale market is prone to congestion.


This weekend is the last weekend before the Spring Festival holiday. It is expected that the weather will be warm and sunny in Beijing on the weekend of two days, with a maximum temperature of 7 °C, suitable for travel. Today, the city's railway station will also usher in the peak of passenger flow. The traffic pressure around supermarkets, large wholesale markets and other places is relatively high. Before travelling, it is necessary to check the road conditions in time and choose a reasonable time and itinerary.

Beijing weekends are warm and easy to travel. The train station wholesale market is prone to congestion. -Beijing-weekends-are-warm-and-easy-to-travel.-The-train-station-wholesale-market-is-prone-to-congestion

Today, Beijing is sunny.

Yesterday (25th) began in the early hours of the morning, with the arrival of cold air, Beijing's wind power increased, air quality improved, the highest temperature during the day reached 5.2 °C. Although the temperature during the day is not low, the wind is 3 or 4, and it feels cold outside. At the same time, the air quality situation in Beijing has maintained an excellent level since 5 pm yesterday.

Beijing weekends are warm and easy to travel. The train station wholesale market is prone to congestion. -1548492664_494_Beijing-weekends-are-warm-and-easy-to-travel.-The-train-station-wholesale-market-is-prone-to-congestion

On the weekends, the weather in Beijing is warm and suitable for travel. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory is expected to be cloudy during the day and turn to the second and third grades of the southerly winds. The highest temperature is 5°C; the night is sunny and cloudy, the south turns to the north wind, and the lowest temperature is -5°C. Tomorrow, Beijing is cloudy and sunny, and the temperature rises slightly during the day, reaching 7 °C. At the same time, today's air pollution meteorological conditions in Beijing are secondary, suitable for the spread of pollutants in the atmosphere.

This weekend is also the last weekend before the Spring Festival holiday. The weather is good for travel, and the train stations and supermarkets are crowded.

The Beijing traffic police combined with the traffic data of recent years and the big data analysis of Gaode map and Baidu map, is expected to be the peak of passenger flow in the railway station today. Judging from the situation in previous years, since the Spring Festival, the traffic volume around the train stations has gradually increased with the increase of passenger flow, and there is a peak passenger flow on Saturday. It is expected that the peak of the passenger station will be ushered in on Saturday, January 26 and February 2.

Before the Spring Festival, the public has a high enthusiasm for buying new year's goods. The major supermarkets and wholesale markets will attract a large number of people and traffic, and the surrounding traffic pressure will reach its peak this week. It is expected that traffic pressures such as Xinfadi, Yuegezhuang, major supermarkets and cold storage will be the most prominent.

Next week's working day lasts for 7 days. The Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau expects that the morning peak traffic will improve on the working day, but the traffic pressure at the evening peak is still outstanding. During the morning rush hour, the traffic conditions will improve, but the east, west, and northern urban loops, tie lines, and Beijing-Tibet Expressway and Beijing-Chengde Expressway will continue to move toward Beijing.

During the evening peak, traffic pressure is still outstanding. The traffic flow of the loops and tie lines in the eastern, western and northern urban areas is relatively large, and the traffic pressures such as the junctions of the bridges are relatively large.

It is better to travel today and tomorrow, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the travel should be kept warm. The dry weather is safe, use fire and electricity safely, beware of fires; the ice activity should go to the regular ice rink, please do not slide the wild ice to avoid danger. At the same time, the traffic flow around the railway station and supermarket is concentrated. Check the road conditions in time before the trip, especially if you want to catch the train home, you need to start early to avoid accidental driving. When driving on narrow roads such as shopping districts, supermarkets and wholesale markets, you should not arbitrarily grab or park on the sidelines; when the parking space is tight, you can choose to park at the far-end regular parking space to avoid affecting the normal passage of others.


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