Beijing's major temple fairs open to welcome visitors to the Temple of Heaven, more than 180,000 visitors


The major temple fairs opened yesterday to welcome guests. Among them, the temples of the Temple of Heaven have exceeded 180,000 visitors.

Drumming Qiming welcomes "Emperor"

Beijing's major temple fairs open to welcome visitors to the Temple of Heaven, more than 180,000 visitors -Beijing39s-major-temple-fairs-open-to-welcome-visitors-to-the-Temple-of-Heaven-more-than-180000-visitors

"Emperor" goes out of the palace, tourists scramble to take pictures

Beijing's major temple fairs open to welcome visitors to the Temple of Heaven, more than 180,000 visitors -1549415245_841_Beijing39s-major-temple-fairs-open-to-welcome-visitors-to-the-Temple-of-Heaven-more-than-180000-visitors

On the first day of the Year of the Pig, the weather is fine, and the temples of the Temple of Heaven, the Longtan Temple Fair, the Temple Temple Fair, the Grand View Garden Fair, and the Chaoyang International Festival will open. As the two most popular temple fairs in Beijing, yesterday, the number of visitors to the Temple of the Temple was 183,000, and the number of visitors to the Longtan Temple Fair reached 168,000. The factory temple meeting is also crowded.

"New Emperor" succeeds "Old Emperor"

Yesterday, the Ditan Temple Fair opened in the lively lion dance performance. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the traditional remnant of the emperor's sacrifice ceremony was staged at Fang Zetan. Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that Qi Xueen, who played the 28th emperor, finally retired. This year, the new emperor who took over the top of Zetan was his son Qi Lin, a handsome guy after the "80s."

At 8:30 in the morning, the actors who performed the emperor's sacrifices have already gathered in the courtyard of the palace. In a lounge, 31-year-old Qi Lin is making up, and makeup artist Zhang Wei puts a foundation and blush on his face and puts a little lipstick. The 62-year-old Qi Xueen sat on the side and looked at his son intently.

After finishing the makeup, the next step is to wear a robes. At this time, Qi Xueen personally tied the collar of the robes to Qi Lin's neck and helped him to wear the heavy robes, not forgetting to fold the clothes. Qilin, who is 1.91 meters tall, is taller than Qi Xueen, so the robes are newly customized. Qi Xueen wore a robe for more than 20 years and hung quietly on the hanger on the corner. "My son has been coughing for a few days. I also brought the robes. If he can't get it, I can substitute."

Tourists scramble to take a photo

Less than 10 minutes from the 9 o'clock ceremony, Qi Lin, who is dressed in Qianlong, is ready to take a step. "Today, we will follow the process of the last rehearsal, and don't make mistakes in every step." Qi Lin whispered with the "Like".

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the gate of the palace was opened, and the drums rang. "Be sure to pay attention to sitting posture, the waist should be straight, and the eyes look forward." Qi Xueen did not forget to finally squat, and watched his son's back. From the palace of Zhai Palace to Fangzetan, the citizens and tourists visiting the temple fair competed for the elegance of the “emperor”. Arriving at Fangzetan, "Wenwu Baiguan" was divided into two sides, surrounded by "guardian ceremonies", "Qianlong Emperor" came down from the step, and slowly climbed the altar along the stone road.

Sacrifice to the ground more than 100 times

There are dances, songs, ancient music and other ceremonies in the festival. Among them, the dance part is divided into two parts: the dance and the martial arts. The literary dance officer holds the ancient flute, and the martial arts officer holds the weapon. The dance is strong and stretched. As the "Emperor" walked above the center of Zetan, the melodious Zhonghe music was heard around the altar. Under the guidance of "Like the Emperor", the "Emperor" walked to the place where the gods worshipped and worshipped the gods.跪 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Repeating this several times requires more than 100 heads. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that this is a "physical activity." The actor is quite hard. During the half-hour performance of the festival, more than a thousand tourists watched quietly outside the cordon.

After the performance, Qi Lin took a long sigh of relief. Until the fifth day of the first lunar month, Qi Lin had a performance of a ceremonial ceremony every day. He hoped that the next four performances would make the image of the "emperor" more in place.

You can’t laugh when you walk out of the gate of the palace. Avoid wearing it.

As the son of Qi Xueen, the "old emperor" of the Ditan Temple Fair, Qi Lin saw his father's performances almost every year. Different from previous years, Qi Xueen could not be staged again due to physical reasons, etc. Qi Lin unexpectedly became a candidate for “New Emperor”.

Like Qi Xueen, Qi Lin is also an "amateur" actor. He studied graphic design at school. Now an advertising company is a technical staff. He usually works very busy. He took the time to rehearse during the weekend of the two weeks. "Start with the familiar venue first, then Combine with music to practice."

With his father's words and deeds, Qi Lin rehearsed very smoothly. Qi Xueen handed over the small "slams" he had summed up for many years to Qi Lin. For example, when he kneels, he must step on the mat, and when he stands up, he must pick up the corner of the robe. This way you don't have to worry about tripping when you perform.

"My dad told me the most is not to be disturbed by the environment. For example, if a tourist greets or takes pictures, he can't smile, and he can't laugh when he walks out of the gate of the palace." Qi Lin told the reporter.

Yesterday’s performance ended, and Qi Lin went home and went to work for her job. He did not tell anyone about the act of "the emperor."

Text / reporter Li Tianxue Photo / reporter Cui Jun

Other highlights

Forbidden City red text creation hot sale

Beiqing Daily reporter found in the Ditan Temple Fair yesterday that mutton skewers and grilled squid, which are polluted by the environment, have disappeared. The 80 Wenchuang New Year's Booths set up this year have become the biggest highlights of the Ditan Temple Fair. The products are sought after by the public and tourists. Wang Shasha, the person in charge of the Wenceng Temple Cultural Exhibition Zone, said that 80 booths are almost all original products, such as the plush Xiaowu and the “Baifu Bajie” derived from the Journey to the West, as well as the combination of disassembly and assembly. "Emperor" doll, "Pig Fu 365" zodiac calendar and so on.

In the Wenchuang Exhibition Area of ​​the Forbidden City, people have purchased red ornaments such as the Forbidden City dolls and the Forbidden City cats, especially the Forbidden City cats with various shapes and sinister appearances are particularly popular. The best seller is a Ruyi cat, a fat rhubarb cat is lazily tickling, a wishful ball at the foot, and has sold hundreds of them in less than a morning. There is also a cat that turned into a Qing Dynasty and is also loved by many girls.

In front of a Wenchuang booth that focuses on the Spring Festival "Fuwa", the year-round "Yingwa", "Chunni" plush doll toys and red lanterns are also very popular. The stall owner who participated in the temple fair for the first time has already been shouted. She told the reporters of Beiqing Daily that 500 pairs of "Yangwa" and "Chunni" and 2000 red lanterns were prepared. I did not expect the temple to be just opened. More than 500 lanterns were sold, and "Yangwa" and "Chunni" sold more than 100 pairs. According to this speed, they will be out of stock in two days.

In addition to Wenchuang products, the 24th Festival theme art exhibition located near the palace is also very interesting. Twenty-four solar columns are arranged in a circle, and the center is a zodiac with a pig as the core. Each solar column has poems that introduce various solar terms. It also uses artistic means to show the relationship between different solar terms and people's production and life. For example, the Mid-Autumn Festival scene is a round of moon and harvest of grain, and the Ching Ming Festival reflects the time of farming. Scene.

Text / reporter Li Tianxue Photo / reporter Cui Jun


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