Big year! More than 10 old factories in Kunming will be developed into real estate projects.


A few days ago, the news of the demolition and transformation of the Kunming Coal Machinery Plant caused a lot of people's attention – "Kunming, a literary youth "net red punch card land" to be demolished! Merchant: Annual sale is not for sale"

Later, the reporter learned that in addition to the Kunming coal mining plant, there are more than 10 old factories that have been started and will be developed into real estate projects, with a total scale of about 3,000 acres.

In 2019, it will also be a year of major demolition and construction in the main city of Kunming.


There are more than 10 old factories in the renovation

According to the incomplete statistics of Yunnan Fangfang, as of the end of 2018, there are more than 10 old factories to start or near to complete the land supply, including: Kunming Coal Machinery Factory, Chuanjin Road Bicycle Factory, Chuanjin Road Sanye Tire Factory, Kunming Machine Tool Factory , Liangting Rolling Mill, Tuanshan Iron and Steel Plant, Kunming Flat Glass Factory, Mingtai Glass Factory, Kunming Power Plant, Sino Pharmaceutical Factory, Kunming Motor Factory, Yunnan Transformer Factory, Kunming Battery Factory, Kunming Cable Factory, etc.

Kunming Machine Tool Plant's transformation speed

Among them, the Kunming Machine Tool Plant at the northern end of Longquan Road is the most concerned. This well-known old-fashioned heavy industrial enterprise in Kunming covers an area of ​​about 400 mu. It has been planned to relocate and relocate in different places many years ago, but it has not made much progress. Until last year, Sunac's company acquired a 70% stake in Kunming Real Estate, which was involved in the old reform of the district. The Kunming Machine Tool Plant's plant area will be upgraded.

Big year! More than 10 old factories in Kunming will be developed into real estate projects. -Big-year-More-than-10-old-factories-in-Kunming-will-be-developed-into-real-estate-projects

▲Kunming Sino Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., picture from its website

Two old factories have completed land level development

Among the old factories, it is expected that the fastest development will be through the Jinlu Sanye Tire Factory and the Sino Pharmaceutical Factory. These two old factories have completed the first-level development of the land, and the land is already on the net.

The Sanye Tire Factory covers an area of ​​about 101 mu and the land is expected to be sold this year. The planning conditions of the project have been publicized, and the nature of the land is mixed commercial and residential land. The residential building area is about 45,000 square meters, and the commercial building area is about 84,000 square meters. There is also a kindergarten.

Although the transformation area of ​​Sino Pharmaceutical is only 53.36 mu, it is not far from Kunming Botanical Garden East Park and Black Dragon Pool Park. It is a treasure land. The project was developed by Yunnan Dahua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., the parent company of Kunbai Group. The land level development work began in 2011 and has started the EIA bidding. It is expected to start development this year.

Kunming Power Plant invested 60 billion yuan to transform

The pavilion rolling mill, Tuanshan Iron and Steel Plant and Kunming Power Plant are located in the Dongcheng District, the Northwest New City and the Majie Area respectively. They are all the joint ventures of the Merchants Shekou in Kunming to develop the old city, and the scale is not small.

At present, the planning conditions for the renovation project of Liangting Rolling Mill and Tuanshan Iron and Steel Plant have been announced. The planned area of ​​Liangting Rolling Mill is about 142 mu, and the planned area of ​​Tuanshan Iron and Steel Plant is about 200 mu. The land plan agreement will be transferred and will become a residential area after the renovation.

For Kunming Power Plant, it plans to invest 60 billion yuan to build a multi-functional cultural and sports industry base with creativity, leisure health, cultural and sports entertainment and compound commercial and residential buildings in 3-5 years.

Big year! More than 10 old factories in Kunming will be developed into real estate projects. -1548049058_335_Big-year-More-than-10-old-factories-in-Kunming-will-be-developed-into-real-estate-projects

▲ Kunming Power Plant jointly developed by China Merchants Shekou and Huadian Group, picture from Yunnan Housing Network

The old factory in the Majie area is basically demolished.

Last year, Dahua Group won the bid to become a land-level development social investor in the No. 1 plot of urban renewal along the Chunyu Road. It is responsible for the development of 2219 mu of land in the area. The scope of the transformation includes Kunming Electric Machinery Factory, Yunnan Transformer Factory, Kunming Battery Factory and Kunming. There are 4 old factories in the cable factory with an area of ​​about 706 mu. After the demolition is completed, the area will be developed as a whole.

2 old glass factories in Helinpu will be transformed together

Recently, the Kunming Municipal Planning Bureau publicized the planning conditions of Kunming Flat Glass Factory (Mingtai Glass Factory) and flat glass factory. According to the plan, these two old factories were responsible for the first-level development by Yunnan Jiahu Power. In October last year, Yunnan Jiahu Power Real Estate also published a bidding for the conceptual planning and design unit of the Mingtai Glass Factory. It seems that it will start development soon.


The main city of Kunming focuses on developing these areas this year.

In addition, various districts in the main city of Kunming have recently disclosed their work plans for 2019, and announced the areas where the districts will focus on development and construction this year. Many of them have been vigorously developed since last year, but many of them have been included for the first time. The scope of key construction, in short, urban construction is still the focus of this year's work in the main city.

Wuhua District

On January 11th, in the implementation of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eleventh Plenary Session of the Kunming Municipal Committee, Wuhua District will construct the core area of ​​the main city as the “nuclear” in 2019, and the two sub-centers of the Hongyun area and the northwest area will be “Deputy”, the spatial pattern of “one nuclear, two deputy, three-layer integration” in the integration of urban and rural areas in Xiqiao area, continued to promote the improvement of the Cuihu area, continuously consolidate the status of the core business area of ​​the main city, explore the transformation of old buildings, and enhance the main The quality of the city promotes the expansion of the functional industry to the second and third circle.

At the same time, this year Wuhua District will create a livable and suitable environment, coordinate the construction of sponge cities and smart cities, create a group of civilized creation of demonstration streets, model communities and characteristic neighborhoods, and promote the Xuefu Road with the Kunming National Advertising Industry Park as the core. The old factory area along the 21st Street was upgraded.

This year, along Longquan Road and the Northwest New City, it is still the focus of development. At present, these two areas are also hotspots for real estate development, and will be the main area for the supply of new houses in Wuhua District in the next few years.

Big year! More than 10 old factories in Kunming will be developed into real estate projects. -1548049058_641_Big-year-More-than-10-old-factories-in-Kunming-will-be-developed-into-real-estate-projects

▲ Northwest New City, picture source Yunnan Housing Network

Guandu District

This year, Guandu District will vigorously cultivate “9+1” key industries such as trade, exhibition, real estate, health service and advanced equipment manufacturing, and do a good job in the development of the three major areas of Wujiba, Dianchi Exhibition and Jinma-Liangting.

This year, Guandu District plans to develop contiguous land of about 3,000 mu of land in the Jinma-Liangting area, with Feihu Avenue as the connecting axis, connecting the Dianchi-Wujiaba-Humashan city corridor to create economic and trade exchanges and tourism creation. Kunming Lili Dongdaemun and the living room, which are integrated with wisdom, medical and sports, and international customs.

At the same time, Guandu District will also implement the planning and adjustment of the Luojing Bay area, improve the regional road network, hospitals and education facilities, and promote the development of the Luojing Bay area.

Big year! More than 10 old factories in Kunming will be developed into real estate projects. -1548049058_698_Big-year-More-than-10-old-factories-in-Kunming-will-be-developed-into-real-estate-projects

▲Wujiaba District, data map

Panlong District

On January 10th, the Eighth Plenary Session of the 11th Panlong District Committee was held. The 2019 task was deployed at the meeting: this year, Panlong District needs to enhance the development of the new area and release the development space along the city center area and Beijing Road. The development and construction boom of the Dongbaishahe area will be set off as soon as possible, and the development of the “three olds” transformation of the area will be accelerated, and the basic facilities such as road network, pipe network and public service will be further improved, and the introduction of high-quality industrial projects will be launched.

It is also necessary to continuously optimize the development pattern of the Dongfeng Plaza Central Business District and the Northern Shanshui New District, actively promote the transformation of the urban village along the Beijing Road, speed up the construction of supporting facilities such as the Beijing-North Expressway and the expressway, and promote the population, traffic and central areas of the central city. Undertake to achieve North-South interaction and coordinated development.

Big year! More than 10 old factories in Kunming will be developed into real estate projects. -1548049058_199_Big-year-More-than-10-old-factories-in-Kunming-will-be-developed-into-real-estate-projects

▲The Jindaoying City Reform Project along the Beijing Road has started demolition, the picture comes from Yunnan Housing Network

Xishan District

According to the work plan of Xishan District in 2019, this year's four key factors of industry, land, investment, and project are to promote the five major economic growth of building headquarters, trade logistics, big health, modern finance, and cultural tourism. There are 4 enterprises and 3 commercial buildings, and they are actively integrated into the layout of Kunming “China Health City”.

At the same time, Xishan District plans to do a good job in 15 urban renewal projects this year, and promote the development and transformation of the “three old” contiguous pieces of Chunyu Road, Renxi West Road, Xifu Road and Huancheng South Road, and keep an eye on the remaining land of Caohai, Dianchi Lake. Investing in the industry in the West Bank Area, Changpo Area, and Jinsheng Area, focus on introducing high-quality enterprises and projects, ensuring that the province's self-funded funds are in place of 10 billion yuan; speeding up the construction of Caohai No. 5 plot, Rongchuang Kunming Wenlv City, Laoluwan Bay And other project construction.

Big year! More than 10 old factories in Kunming will be developed into real estate projects. -1548049059_915_Big-year-More-than-10-old-factories-in-Kunming-will-be-developed-into-real-estate-projects

▲The effect of the Kunming Wenlv City on the coast of Caohai, the picture comes from Yunnan Housing Network

Judging from the work plan of Xishan District, this year Xishan District will focus on urban renewal projects in the region. Among them, several urban reform projects along Chunyu Road have identified social investors, and the progress of this year's transformation will accelerate. In addition, Caohai is also a key area for the development of Xishan District this year.

It is worth expecting that last month, the Xishan District Government and Yunshida Education Group and Yunshi Dafuzhong signed and cooperated with the school-running framework agreement. The two sides agreed to establish the Xishan Campus of the Normal University in Xishan District.

Some media revealed that the Xishan Campus of Yunshida Affiliated Middle School, which was co-founded, is located in the Majie area, and the school site will be built on the demolition site.

Big year! More than 10 old factories in Kunming will be developed into real estate projects. -1548049059_970_Big-year-More-than-10-old-factories-in-Kunming-will-be-developed-into-real-estate-projects

▲ Xishan District Government signed a cooperation agreement with Yunshida Education Group and Yunshida Affiliated High School (from Kunming Xishan Education)

If the school does fall into the chess street area, it means that the Ma Street area will be the key development area of ​​Xishan District in the future.


Which area do you most expect to develop?


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