National Wildlife Science Popularization Campus Activities in Qingdao – Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao, May 15 (Reporter Su Wanming) “Looking at green mountains and green mountains and building beautiful China” National Wildlife Science and Technology entered the campus on the 15th in the 10th Middle School of Chengyang District, Qingdao, aiming to further guide primary and middle school students from childhood Establish the concept of caring for nature and protecting the environment.

Xu Chuande, deputy director of the Department of Ecology of the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau, said that the National Wildlife Science and Technology Science Park will carry out a tour of rare and endangered wildlife photography exhibitions in Qingdao Primary and Secondary Schools, hold a scientific lecture hall, and visit Qingdao City. Yang District Wildlife Conservation Station. During the period, the second “Eco-environment Protection Speech Treating Like Life” youth and the Qingdao Eco-Education Alliance School Symposium will be held.

Some primary and secondary school students, representatives of veteran cadres and members of the China Wild Plant Protection Association and members of the Volunteer Committee of the China Wildlife Conservation Association jointly issued an initiative to protect nature and protect the environment. The China Wild Plant Protection Association and other institutions have awarded the flag for the Wildlife Conservation Volunteers.

According to reports, Qingdao Chengyang District Wildlife Conservation Association, as an outstanding group of the National Grassroots Protection Association, launched the “Retaining Seagulls” action in 1994. In recent years, it has launched a “family” for birds and wintering for birds. Qingwang escort and other actions, and insisted on science popularization into the campus, into the community, into the enterprise, into the organization, into the mall, organize students to the wetlands, protection stations to carry out wildlife identification, note nature and other science popularization activities, first-line protection The outstanding publicity, popular science education, industrial promotion and other aspects have made outstanding contributions, and the environmental awareness of Qingdao citizens has been continuously improved. At present, more than 390 species of wild birds have been observed in Qingdao.

Xu Chuande said that in the future, the National Afforestation Committee Office and other units will continue to support the development of youth ecological civilization education activities, help minors to raise awareness of ecological civilization, and drive the public to jointly build beautiful China.

According to reports, the event was hosted by the National Greening Committee Office, China Wild Plant Protection Association and other units, and co-organized by Chengyang District, Qingdao City, and Chengyang District Wildlife Conservation Association.

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US professional basketball team in the Western Conference finals wins the Blazers to open the door – Xinhuanet

It is worth mentioning that the younger brother of the Warriors star Curry, Seth Curry, currently plays for the Blazers, who are the masters on the court.

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, May 14 (Reporter Wang Jiyu) The US professional basketball finals kicked off on the 14th. The defending champion Golden State Warriors won the first place at their home stadium in the 116-94 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. The victory of the contest.

Durant, the most valuable player in the two-time US Open Finals and the Warriors’ top scorer, continued to suffer from injuries, but the Warriors still achieved a hearty victory with gorgeous offense and effective defense. “Shuihua” brothers Curry and Thompson shined, scoring 36 points and 26 points respectively. Under their guidance, the Warriors players were almost all of them, and each had a good contribution. Among them, Green scored 12 points, 10 rebounds and 5 points. Assist. The Warriors made 17 three-pointers and Curry contributed 9 of them.

Compared with the “Shuihua” brothers, the Trail Blazers’ backcourt combination Lillard and McCollum are somewhat dwarfed. Although they scored 19 points and 17 points respectively, the contribution is not small, but it is not enough to “shuihua” The brothers are higher. In addition, the pioneer’s super substitute Hu De returned from injury and contributed 17 points.

It is worth mentioning that the younger brother of the Warriors star Curry, Seth Curry, is currently working for the Blazers. The brothers are on the court and their younger brothers come on the bench and get a lot of time, but the performance is slightly worse. Only one 3-pointer was thrown in the field.

In the sixth game of the semi-final match with the Houston Rockets, the Warriors core Curry did not score in the first half, but the second half was full of firepower, but in the game against the Blazers, Curry chose to start early. Under the cover of his teammates, Curry hit a very high percentage and scored 19 points at halftime. In addition, under the instigation of Curry, the Warriors attacked inside and outside, and the clouds flowed. The Blazers’ double-shot Lillard and McCollum were heavily guarded by the Warriors, especially in the same time as the Denver Nuggets semi-final “grab seven” battle, the amazing McCollum almost did nothing. The first half of the Warriors’ defense also made the Blazers very uncomfortable, taking up to 13 mistakes and giving the Warriors a lot of points. By the end of the first half, the Warriors led by 54:45.

After entering the second half, the Warriors’ offensive continued unabated, and the points difference was quickly widened to 10 points. Although the Blazers were stubbornly chasing points, the Warriors’ Mercury-like offense in the fourth quarter once again smashed the Blazers’ defenses, leaving the latter to fight back. Power.

As it turns out, without Durant, the Warriors are still a championship-level team. Prior to this, Durant was injured in the fifth leg of the Rockets, and the sixth game was absent. However, the Warriors still won the victory at the Rockets’ home game and advanced to the Western Conference Finals. According to local media reports, Durant’s injury is still recovering, or will continue to miss the second battle of the Warriors and Trail Blazers. The second battle between the two teams will also be held at the Warriors home, on the 16th.

Two years ago, the Warriors swept the Blazers in the first round of the playoffs, but the Trail Blazers have made great strides in the past two seasons. The regular season Trail Blazers and the Warriors have played four games and won two wins. In the contest of the Western Conference Finals, if the Warriors can survive the blockade of the Blazers, they will be the fifth consecutive time to enter the US Open Finals.

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Hainan's multi-sectoral joint investigation into the destruction of mangroves has been closed up – Beijing News

According to the Nanhai network news, the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attached great importance to the destruction of the mangroves in the Hongli Bay in Chengmai County, Hainan Province. The main leaders of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have made important instructions, requesting the Chengmai County Committee, The county government and the relevant departments of the province directly deal with it according to the law.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, villagers in Chengmai County, Hainan Province, recently reported that some developers have destroyed mangroves within the protected area during the construction process. The relevant person in charge of the Chengmai County Forestry Bureau said that as of April 16, it was confirmed that there were more than 9 acres of dead mangroves around the project, and the project had been ordered to double the replanting, and relevant plans have been released. It is reported that the developer involved has repeatedly been punished for destroying the local mangroves. The relevant person in charge of the Chengmai County Forestry Bureau said that experts will be invited to investigate and assess the number of damaged mangroves and impose heavy punishment.

In the past few days, the Chengmai County Party Committee and the county government of Hainan Province and the relevant departments of the province have carried out investigation and rectification work on issues related to the destruction of mangroves. Chengmai County verified the contents of the media reports, formulated a rectification plan, and proposed specific rectification requirements and rectification goals. The Hainan Provincial Forestry Bureau and the Provincial Forest Public Security Bureau launched an investigation into the incident. At present, the construction site of the project under construction has been sealed up, and relevant assessments on the illegal construction of the project are underway. The relevant departments will seriously deal with the investigation and evaluation results according to the law.

It is understood that in order to further promote the investigation and rectification of the destruction of the mangroves, the provincial environmental protection inspector rectification work leading group office led the provincial natural resources and planning department, the provincial forestry bureau to participate in the establishment of a joint supervision team to conduct on-site supervision Promote accelerated rectification. At that time, the investigation of the relevant issues and the results of the rectification will be announced to the public in a timely manner.

Ma Haoge

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Supreme Law: Chinese courts have become the world's largest courts to hear intellectual property cases – May 15th, the head of the Intellectual Property Trial Division of the Supreme Court, Lin Guanghai said on the 15th that Chinese courts have become the world’s largest courts for intellectual property cases, especially patents, and have credibility and attractiveness in the field of international intellectual property protection. The influence has been significantly improved. The number of intellectual property cases in which foreign parties voluntarily choose the courts in mainland China as litigation places is increasing. China is increasingly becoming the “preferred place” for the settlement of international intellectual property disputes.

    Supreme Law: Chinese courts have become the world's largest courts to hear intellectual property cases - -中新社记者 李慧思 摄” src=”” title=”On January 1, the IP Court of the Supreme People’s Court of China was unveiled in Beijing. Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme People’s Court, unveiled the IP Court of the Supreme People’s Court. Since January 1, the court has fulfilled its statutory duties and accepted relevant cases in accordance with the law. The picture shows the constitutional oath of all judges of the Supreme Court of Intellectual Property.China News Servicereporter Li Huisi”>

    Data Figure: The IP Court of the Supreme People’s Court was unveiled in Beijing. China News Agency reporter Li Huisi photo

On the afternoon of the 15th, the State Council held a press conference, inviting Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration of Markets, Gan Shaoning, deputy director of the State Intellectual Property Office, and the responsible persons of the Supreme People’s Court and the General Administration of Customs to introduce the new intellectual property protection and business environment in China. Progress Report (2018), and answer questions from reporters.

Some reporters asked what role does the people’s court’s intellectual property trial work play in creating a good business environment?

Lin Guanghai said that as the saying goes, “The depth of the water is fishy, ​​and the city is strong, Jiaxing.” A good business environment is an important boost to the healthy development of the socialist market economy. In a good business environment, the right holders of intellectual property rights can get the benefits, and the infringers of intellectual property rights must pay the due price.

Lin Guanghai said that in recent years, the People’s Court has concluded a series of cases with important influences such as the “Jordan” trademark dispute administrative dispute series, Huawei v. Samsung patent infringement dispute case, the French Dior company and the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board trademark refusal to review the administrative dispute case. It has a wide international impact. Chinese courts have become the world’s largest courts for hearing intellectual property cases, especially patents. The credibility, attractiveness and influence of international intellectual property protection have increased significantly. Foreign parties have voluntarily chosen Chinese courts as the litigation case. With the increase, China is increasingly becoming the “preferred place” for the settlement of international intellectual property disputes.

The People’s Court hears patents and other technical cases in accordance with the law. The Supreme People’s Court establishes an intellectual property court. At the same time, it establishes 19 intellectual property courts across regional jurisdictions to uniformly handle patent and other civil and administrative intellectual property cases with strong technical expertise. The trials of technical cases are timely, effective, and unified in standards, stimulating social enthusiasm and releasing the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship. The people’s courts hear cases of trademarks and anti-unfair competitions in accordance with the law, strengthen the protection of well-known trademarks at home and abroad, standardize the use and protection of old-fashioned and intangible cultural heritage, and sanction trademark infringements such as counterfeit trademarks, malicious cybersquatting, and counterfeiting, and actively create a unified opening. , orderly norms, fair market environment. We will examine copyright cases in accordance with the law, strengthen copyright protection, and give full play to the role of intellectual property trials in guiding and guaranteeing cultural innovation.

Lin Guanghai introduced that in 2018, the people’s court newly received 4,419 first-instance cases of IPR infringement, up 19.28% year-on-year; and concluded 4,064 cases, up 11.59% year-on-year, indicating that the effect of penalties on punishing infringement and counterfeiting is more obvious.

Lin Guanghai emphasized that the Supreme Law always attaches great importance to cracking down on infringement and counterfeiting to protect intellectual property rights, earnestly perform its duties, give full play to the leading role of judicial protection of intellectual property rights, integrate civil justice, administrative law enforcement, and penalties, and jointly manage and administer responsibility. To provide a strong judicial guarantee for creating a first-class business environment.

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Wanda Department Store changed its name to Suning Tesco Plaza, the renovation store will debut at the end of May – Economic Observer Onlin

(Source: Panoramic Vision)

Economic Observer Online reporter Chen QiuOn May 15, the Economic Observer Network learned that the 37 stores of Wanda Department Store will be officially renamed Suning Tesco Plaza.It is reported that, together with the original 19 Suning Tesco Plaza and 16 Suning Plaza, Suning’s square has reached 72 stores.The first renovation store will be unveiled at the end of May.

At the 618-year-old media promotion conference in Suning, Hou Enlong, president of Suning Tesco, said that 37 Suning Tesco Plaza will integrate its superior resources in the two-line channel based on its own business basis.

Suning Tesco Plaza will also be connected to Suning Financial Payments, Suning Logistics members free three-kilometer delivery service, etc., and will also invest in domestic and overseas supply chain capabilities for many years, with emerging network red brand, and fashion buyers Collective store cooperation. The advantages of Suning’s online and offline dual channels will also be further developed in Suning Tesco Plaza.

Previously, on February 12, Suning Chairman Zhang Jindong announced at the New Year group meeting that Suning Tesco officially acquired 37 stores of Wanda Department Store, and accelerated the construction of department store fashion and smart retail formats for online and offline full scenes. Suning Tesco’s 2019 work plan and deployment meeting was clear: The fashion department store subsidiary was upgraded to a sub-group of the retail group, and Suning Fashion Department Store Group was established. Suning Fashion Department Store Group will become an important business unit and will further promote the refined operation of fashion department stores.

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Japan's Fukuoka changed its school uniform trousers design after 70 years – News – China News

BEIJING, May 15 (Xinhua) According to Japanese media reports, on May 14th, local time, the review committee of Fukuoka City High School in Japan held a meeting on the uniforms worn by students, and decided the basic style of student uniforms from the spring of 2020. It is reported that in the new school uniforms, skirts, trousers and culottes are widely used for students to choose.

According to reports, this is a 70-year-old Fukuoka re-examine the middle school uniform. Previously, the basic styles of school uniforms in Fukuoka City High School were boys’ collars and girls sailors.

It is reported that the review committee composed of the Principal and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) has repeatedly discussed whether the uniforms are “corresponding to the heat and cold”, “easy to move” and “careful minority”.

According to the report, the basic style of school uniforms announced on the 14th is a light suit jacket. In addition to skirts and trousers, the bottoms also use the design of the culottes. The review committee said: “We hope that no matter who you are, you can live a safe and comfortable school life with personal characteristics.”

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Japan approves new leukemia drug to be included in medical insurance pricing of 34.49 million yen – News News News

BEIJING, May 15 (Xinhua) According to the Kyodo News Agency, on May 15, local time, the Japan Central Social Insurance Medical Association approved the new drug “Kymriah” for the treatment of leukemia from the 22nd. It is reported that the drug only needs to be used once, and the price is 34.49 million yen (about RMB 2.1 million).

The report said that the drug has a good effect on patients who have no treatment available. After being included in the medical insurance, most of the costs of using “Kymriah” will be borne by Japanese public insurance.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, at the peak, the number of patients using the drug will reach 216 a year, and the total cost will be 7.2 billion yen. Because the amount of the drug is very high, there are concerns that Japan’s medical finance will be affected.

It has been reported that the drug enhances its attack on cancer by altering the genes of immune cells collected from patients, mainly for the treatment of patients under the age of 25 with “B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia” in blood cancer and “diffusely large” Patients with B-cell lymphoma are limited to patients who are not responding to anticancer drugs. Because of the serious side effects such as high fever and low blood pressure, treatment can only be carried out in hospitals that can collect cells and can cope with side effects. It is expected that the initial stage will only be carried out in several hospitals.

It is reported that the drug will be manufactured and sold by pharmaceutical giant Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Tokyo). Because the drug needs to cryopreservate the patient’s own cells and transport them to the United States for processing, and cannot be mass produced, the price is so high.

It is reported that “Kymriah” is priced at US$475,000 (approximately RMB 3.26 million) in the United States.

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National Women's Football Championships Ends – Eastern Fortune Network

Eight athletes in the national women’s soccer championship will be awarded a different number of athletes.

Introducing the competitive leverage of the women’s football girl to see the “out of the box” hope

With Jiangsu Suning women enough to win the Dalian women’s football championship 3 to 0, the 2019 China Football Association National Women’s Football Championships ended in Suzhou on the afternoon of May 13. Although there are only a few hundred fans on the stage, the dazzling passing of the Jiangsu women’s football and the perseverance of the Dalian women’s football team are still impressive.

In the past two years, the Chinese Football Association has played a role in helping women’s football clubs around the world, and has racked their brains in enriching the system and rationally planning the game cycle. Counting the national championships, the FA Cup and the women’s and women’s two professional competitions, the average annual official competitions of the club women’s football teams will reach 24 or so, and the clubs with better scores can even break through 30 games. In the view of the club and the majority of women’s football players, Chinese women’s football wants to reshape the glory, and it is king to seek the qualitative change of the technical level. An important prerequisite for qualitative change is the guarantee of competition quantification.

Field observation

The final score is quite technical

People inside the circle see hope

On the afternoon of May 13, Jiangsu Suning Women’s Team and Dalian Women’s Football Team met in the final of the National Women’s Football Championship. The echo of the staff conversation can be heard almost in the empty Suzhou Sports Center stadium. Affected by factors such as the market and women’s football appreciation, the national women’s football event has not been able to achieve “popularity”, but for hundreds of visitors, this afternoon, they are worthwhile.

In the 90-minute match, Jiangsu Suning team scored 3 goals and won the championship. The content of the game is remarkable, especially as the Jiangsu women’s football team, which is the main player of the national team, is led by French national coach Jesslin Precher. This team will play the game with relish. The scores of the finals were quite technical, which made some people in the circle sigh. “The Chinese women’s football club is playing like this, the national team is very hopeful.”

Football Association reform

Designing special competitions for women’s football

Guarantee the majority of players’ matches

According to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the top 8 teams in the qualifiers were among the women’s football finals in Suzhou. From the qualifier to the final or the third-place battle, the top four teams only participated in 9 games in total. The top four teams, as female super-customers, will also play 14 main and away games in the second half of the Super League (eight super-teams). In addition, they will also participate in no less than 5 games in the FA Cup, so they will be expected to break through 30 games in all seasons.

Since there are currently 10 teams participating in the Women’s League, even if the women’s team is in the championship and the cup, their league games are two more than the women’s team. The total season games and the super team are not. Up and down.

When it comes to the women’s football club event, I have to mention the series of improvement measures of the Chinese Football Association in the past two years. To be precise, in order to allow most female football players to play as many matches as possible, the association has carefully designed the competition category, competition system and competition period. For example, for the two-level women’s football league, the same home and away double-circle system as the men’s football league is adopted. The Chinese Football Association has designed a “concentration match system” for the women’s football tournament and a “first group after elimination system” for the women’s football team.

Introducing a scientific competition lever

Let the women’s team members see hope

There is no discount on the popularity of the women’s football tournament without international players. In the women’s football championship finals on the 13th, Jiangsu team Ma Jun, Jin Kun, Tang Jiali and Dalian women’s football team captains Li Dongna and Li Danyang are also former international players, plus foreign aid, so it is not difficult to understand the exciting scenes of the game. For the women’s football clubs, the lack of international support for the team may be reduced, but more practical opportunities are left to the young players and substitute players in the league. These players are relatively more cherished in the cup and the championship camera, and once they have amazing performances in the game, they still have the opportunity to compete with the internationalteam , even by the national team coaching team.

Like the women’s super league, the teams in the top eight in the FA Cup and the top eight championships will receive a different number of athletes in the rankings, which is undoubtedly good for future players to study and apply for jobs. The Chinese women’s football revival road is long. However, with the help of rich and scientific competition leverage, more and more women’s football girls have seen the hope of “out of the box”, and they have no reason not to play all kinds of domestic events. The level of club competition is high, and the national team’s competitiveness is bound to increase accordingly. This is a football law.

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China Consumers Association: survey report shows that 8.6% of teenagers have two or more Baidu parallax – News News News

According to the survey, “3.6% of primary school students, 3.4% of junior high school students, and 1.6% of high school students have a parallax of more than 200 degrees.” On May 15, the China Consumers Association released the “Presidents’ Myopia Status and Online Game Consumption Experience Report”. In this, pointed out this phenomenon. Some ophthalmologists pointed out that excessive parallax in both eyes may lead to problems such as monocular amblyopia or exotropia.

The report used a combination of on-site interception visits and experiential surveys to survey 1,760 valid samples of primary school students, junior high school students, and high school students.

According to the report, more than 40% of respondents believe that reading and writing postures are incorrect and playing online games for a long time are the main factors. From the perspective of visual protection measures, although more than 80% of families can periodically check their children’s eyesight, in the daily study life, it is not enough for parents to implement measures that are conducive to vision protection. There are hidden concerns about the visual status of young people.

In addition, the survey results show that young people’s first contact with electronic devices and online games are showing signs of aging. More than 90% of the surveyed teenagers use electronic devices for learning and games every week. The proportion of primary school students who are “forced” to contact electronic devices due to “learning” and “doing homework” is significantly higher than that of junior high school students.

It is worth noting that 19.0% of the respondents had experience of online games overnight, and this part of the youth online games is more risky.

In the 50 mobile online games app that simulates the actual experience of downloading youth identity, China Consumers Association found that some online games are suspected of excessively requesting user rights, and a few online games did not express the approval number and publication number as required, and forced real names. Less than 40% of online games, 13 online game official website did not mention the relevant information about the parental supervision service, the function of the online game was not seen the permanent cancellation and deletion of the account settings.

China Consumers Association believes that online games require more personal information and more marketing advertisements. Some online games implement real-name system and parental supervision mechanisms are not in place. In the absence of sufficient self-control for teenagers, it is difficult for parents to effectively monitor. “If online games do not use preventive protection through technical means, not only will young people fall into higher risk of game addiction, but also damage their health and safety rights.”

In this regard, China Consumers Association suggested that the above-mentioned existing problems should be solved by strictly implementing the legal requirements such as online game real-name authentication, parents and schools to strengthen close interaction and exchanges, and encouraging children to participate in outdoor activities.

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Nearly 100 ring tower international rally players warm up on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert (Photos) – China News

China New Network Xinjiang Alar May 15 (Li Tao Zhao Dandan) With the 2019 China Ring Tower (International) Rally, nearly six drivers from six teams from Zhejiang, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and other places, gathered on the 14th To the “Taklimakan Desert Gate” in the Alar City, the first division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, warmed up before the game.

Nearly 100 ring tower international rally players warm up on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert (Photos) - China News -99328280

Clean the racing parts. Li Tao photo

It is reported that the opening of the 2019 China Ring Tower (International) Rally will start in Aksu, Xinjiang on the 19th, passing through the Aksu area, the Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture, and the Kashgar area. It is scheduled to be closed in Hotan, Hetian, on June 2; It is estimated to be 5,000 kilometers, divided into 9 stages, and set up 4 large battalions, including 2500 kilometers for special stage and more than half mileage for desert.

Nearly 100 ring tower international rally players warm up on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert (Photos) - China News -99328290

The contestants are ready to go. Li Tao photo

Many senior contestants said that the event was difficult and challenging. It was the most uncertain event in the competition. So come here to warm up, debug the vehicle, familiarize with the characteristics of the desert race, and develop the environment for people and vehicles. Train and warm up the spirit of teamwork.

Nearly 100 ring tower international rally players warm up on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert (Photos) - China News -99328300

The car is galloping in the Taklimakan Desert. Li Tao photo

The first division of Alar City is on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert, 70 kilometers southeast of the city. It has built an international-level professional professional stadium and successfully held many competitions. It is highly popular and popular among the cross-country racers and off-road enthusiasts. It has produced great influence.

Nearly 100 ring tower international rally players warm up on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert (Photos) - China News -99328310

Participants are undergoing pre-match adaptive training. Li Tao photo

It is understood that the participating teams have brought the team’s top racers and racing cars to the first division of the “Desert Gate” of Alar City to warm up before the competition, including more than 100 vehicles, with off-road vehicles, off-road Motorcycles, trucks, RVs, work cars, logistics support vehicles, referee cars, etc. As soon as the racers reached the “gate of the desert”, they couldn’t wait to enter the “boss” of the Taklimakan Desert. The speed and passion added to the charm of the Taklimakan Desert. (Finish)

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