Canada's summer “outdoor season” is coming to the Consulate General in Toronto to release travel tips – China News

BEIJING, May 11 (Xinhua) — On the occasion of the summer “outdoor season” in Canada, the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto issued a travel reminder to Chinese citizens in the territory on May 10 to help everyone spend a trip. In the summer of happiness and peace of mind, make four reminders.

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Image source: Chinese Consulate General in Toronto.

First, traffic safety must be noted. The summer tourist season is also a high incidence of tourist traffic accidents. Canada’s highway network is developed, with good road conditions and few vehicles, drivers are prone to numbness. When driving out, be sure to strictly abide by traffic regulations, avoid speeding, fatigue driving, distracted driving, especially to stop drinking and smoking after marijuana driving (drinking and driving) is a criminal offence!). Both the driver and the passenger must wear seat belts while driving, and pay attention to maintaining a safe distance, especially when keeping away from large trailers. Rent a car by car, please find a regular car rental company, and check the vehicle safety performance and tires in time. If you participate in a tour group, you should find a regular travel agency and purchase travel medical insurance, and ask the travel agency to remind the driver to drive safely.

Second, do a good job of protection and then “water.” With dense rivers and numerous lakes, Canada is an ideal venue for a variety of water sports such as swimming, paddle boards, windsurfing and motorboats. Since most natural waters are not equipped with lifeguards and the hydrology is complex and varied, it is important to select waters that are open to the public when performing water sports. Warm up before the event and wear safety equipment such as life jackets and swimming rings. After drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, it is not advisable to take a boat or launch a water. To avoid heart disease and high blood pressure, you should avoid participating in water activities.

Third, fire hazards should be eliminated. Do not use high-powered appliances for a long time. Do not connect the mobile phone charger to the power outlet for a long time. Do not place excessive impurities in the room. In addition, Canada’s summer sunshine is strong, after half an hour of exposure, the car’s interior temperature can reach 60 degrees Celsius. Do not leave flammable or explosive materials such as lighters, spray perfumes, charging treasures, batteries, etc. in the car when parking in the open air. After the fire is discovered, it should be quickly evacuated to a safe area and alarmed.

Fourth, the travel strategy is prepared in advance. Tickets, parking and accommodation in Niagara Falls, Algonquin National Park and other scenic spots are difficult to book during the tourist season. Please book through regular channels in advance to avoid personal or financial safety hazards due to accommodation issues. In the summer, it is hot and rainy. You should pay attention to the weather and weather information of the scenic spot. You should not be lucky if you encounter natural disasters such as mountain fires, mudslides, floods or other unsuitable travel conditions. There is no communication signal in most areas of the mountainous area. Please follow the instructions of the tour guide or guide, and do not play alone from the large units. Familiarize yourself with the scenic map and follow the safety signs on the scenic spot. Don’t try to enter the “No Entry” area and abandon the trail to avoid getting lost.

The Consulate General in Toronto also reminded that in case of emergency, please be calm and contact the relevant parties for help: (1) Canadian Police, Fire or Emergency Department Tel: 911. (2) The Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. Call: 010-12308 or 010-59913991 in China; 01186-10-12308 or 01186-10-59913991 in Canada. (3) The Consulate-General in Toronto (the consular district is Ontario, Manitoba): 001-416-5290068.

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