Cao Xueqin’s former residence was rebuilt: the Qing Dynasty three-in-one courtyard was restored. March next year


The reopening of the former residence of Cao Xueqin at Ciqikou Restoration of the original Qingtian three-in-four courtyard is expected to be completed in March next year.

Cao Xueqin’s former residence was rebuilt: the Qing Dynasty three-in-one courtyard was restored. March next year -Cao-Xueqin’s-former-residence-was-rebuilt-the-Qing-Dynasty-three-in-one-courtyard-was-restored.-March-next-year

This morning, in a normal small courtyard at the northeast corner of the intersection of the two roads of the Guangguang Road, with the shovel of the foundation stone, a 20-year effort finally came to a successful conclusion – when repairing Liangguang Road in 1999 The demolition of the "17-and-a-half-half of the garlic market" Cao Xueqin's former residence reconstruction project was officially launched. In March next year, an original Qing-style three-in-four courtyard will be completed.

Song Weizou, a member of the CPPCC National Committee who called for the rebuilding of Cao Xueqin’s former residence for many years, told reporters that the "17-and-a-half-half" original site was at the intersection of Ciqikou. It was demolished when the Liangguang Road was repaired in 1999. The "17-and-a-half" position of the redevelopment was at the northeast of the original site.

According to the project construction party, the “17-and-a-half-and-half-half” houses were copied from the original photos and the suggestions of the experts of the Hongxue. The shape of the late Qing Dynasty. The courtyard covers an area of ​​790 square meters, with three-entry houses and a construction area of ​​about 440 square meters. The reconstruction will adopt the mode of rebuilding the cultural relics, and the roof will still adopt the wooden structure frame. The process and raw materials are all used in the shape of the Qing Dynasty. During the construction process, the old objects removed at that time will also be used.

According to the plan, the "17 and a half" of Cao Xueqin's former residence will be completed by the end of March next year. The front of the courtyard will also support the construction of a green space of about 200 square meters, becoming a new cultural landmark in the central city.

For the use of the "17-and-a-half-and-a-half" Cao Xueqin's former residence after the restoration, Song Weizu suggested to organize, collect, and protect related cultural relics as soon as possible, and organize personnel of CPPCC members, red experts, exhibition planning and planning and design.

Song Weizu said that the reconstruction of Cao Xueqin’s former residence was not to build an attraction, but to protect and promote the fine traditional Chinese culture, to continue the historical context of the city, and to protect the cultural heritage left by the predecessors. Famous cities all over the world will build statues of world-class cultural celebrities. The famous writers and artists such as Shakespeare, Monet, Van Gogh, Mozart and Andersen are symbols and symbols of urban culture. "Dream of Red Mansions" has been translated into more than 100 languages. Cao Xueqin is recognized as a writer in the world and a symbol of Chinese culture facing the world.

Song Weizu suggested constructing the "Hongxue Tourism Line" centered on the former residence of Cao Xueqin. Taking the former residence of Ciqikou as the starting point, you can see the old jujube tree and Longan Temple of the Reclining Buddha Temple in the east, and go to Xinglong Street to see the culture of the South Hall in the west. The factory, the jade factory, the Baigong workshop, the Tiantan Gongmei visit the old Beijing traditional handicrafts, and can also connect the Cao Xueqin’s former residence memorial hall of Cao Xueqin’s residence and the city’s deputy center Zhangjiawan’s tomb. In addition, the Grand View Garden in Xicheng and the scenic spot of Gongwangfu constitute the classic lines and tourism products of Beijing Cao Xueqin and Hongxue Culture Tour. “This is far more valuable than creating a water town and garden in a vacuum, and the tourism consumption is much higher. ""


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