Central and eastern rain and snow are rare and good for the Spring Festival


China Weather News yesterday (23rd), the central and eastern regions spent the most rare days of rain and snow since the New Year. It is expected that in the next three days, the snowfall in Heilongjiang and Jilin will increase slightly, and there will be light rain in Guizhou and Guangxi, but the precipitation is less. Does not affect the Spring Festival. Due to the weak cold air activity, the temperature in the north and south is high, and the northeast, north China, and yellow rivers are significantly warmer than normal. In addition, some areas such as Jiangsu and Hubei have thick fog. From tomorrow, due to the influence of cold air, visibility will gradually improve.

Beginning on the 22nd, with the rainy weather in most parts of the south, the central and eastern regions officially entered a period of relatively rare rain and snow. Especially yesterday, it was the rarest day of rain and snow since entering the New Year. In addition to the scattered weak snowfall in some parts of eastern Heilongjiang, the central and eastern regions are all good weather with a sunny day. This kind of good weather will last for about a week. The precipitation in the north and the south is not large, which is generally conducive to the development of the Spring Festival travel work.

Central and eastern rain and snow are rare and good for the Spring Festival -Central-and-eastern-rain-and-snow-are-rare-and-good-for-the-Spring-Festival

The weather in Harbin is fine and the Spring Festival is in progress. (Photo / Wu Huzhen)

The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that the snowfall in Heilongjiang and Jilin will increase slightly today. There will be a snowfall in southern Tibet, and there will be heavy snow or heavy snow. At the same time, the rainy weather in the eastern part of the southwestern region has also increased in the next three days. The rainy weather gradually spread from the eastern part of Yunnan to Guizhou, western Guangxi, eastern Sichuan, Chongqing, and southwestern Shaanxi. It is mainly rainy, the sky is gloomy and the sun is scarce.

Due to the scarcity of precipitation, cold air activity is weak, and the temperature in the north and south will remain high in the coming week, warming up in previous years. The highest temperatures in many big cities are much higher than the same period in late January. For example, Shenyang has a maximum temperature of 1 °C yesterday. Although it is much lower than the previous day's 5.8 °C, it is still 5 °C higher than normal. At the same time, North China is also warmer at 4-6 °C, and Huanghuai is warmer at 4-8 °C.

Central and eastern rain and snow are rare and good for the Spring Festival -1548301189_36_Central-and-eastern-rain-and-snow-are-rare-and-good-for-the-Spring-Festival

In addition, due to the static atmosphere and low wind speed, fog and sputum frequently disturb. It is expected that today, the calm weather in the south of North China, the central and western parts of Huanghuai, the Jianghuai and the Plains of the Yangtze River will gradually develop, with mild to moderate sputum and severe sputum in some areas. At the same time, this morning, there are foggy weather in parts of eastern and southern Jiangsu, Shanghai, northern Zhejiang, northern Fujian, western Guizhou, southern Yunnan, and northern Xinjiang along the Tianshan area, including eastern Jiangsu, northern Fujian, and southwest Guizhou. In some parts of southern Yunnan and other places, there are dense fogs with visibility less than 500 meters, and local strong fog with visibility less than 50 meters. Tomorrow, due to the influence of cold air, the haze weather in the above areas gradually weakened or dissipated.

Meteorologists reminded that during the Spring Festival, the fog in Jiangsu and Anhui has a great impact on traffic, especially for friends who want to pass the high speed today. Pay attention to driving safety and plan the trip ahead of time.


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