Central Radio and TV Headquarters Spring Festival Gala The first time to achieve high definition and super high



CCTV news : Tonight, the Central Radio and Television General Station Spring Festival Gala will meet with the audience. Different from previous years, this year's Spring Festival Evening will be the first time to achieve high-definition and 4K ultra-high-definition live broadcast. The audience with 4K TV at home will experience the ultra-high-definition CCTV Spring Festival Evening with more beautiful pictures and more realistic sound effects.

The Spring Festival Evening main venue built an ultra-HD production system including 12 4K cameras. Located in the eighth studio near the Spring Festival Evening Studio, it will be intelligently linked with the Spring Festival Evening Studio's control room to realize the simultaneous broadcast of Spring Festival Gala HD and Ultra HD. In addition, the Shenzhen branch of the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Evening has not only realized the full 4K production of the broadcast and virtual production, but also innovatively used the 5G transmission system to participate in the production of the program. This marks an important first step in the technical evolution of the “4K+5G” technology system of the Central Broadcasting and Television Station.

Experts said: 4K Super HD CCTV Spring Festival Evening has not only improved the quality of the picture, sound effects, etc., but also put forward higher requirements for the Spring Festival Evening program itself.

Central Radio and TV Headquarters Spring Festival Gala The first time to achieve high definition and super high -Central-Radio-and-TV-Headquarters-Spring-Festival-Gala-The-first-time-to-achieve-high-definition-and-super-high

Liu Xin, the comprehensive department of CCTV Technology Production Center: It is our high-quality image quality that is 4 times higher than the HD standard. Then the 4K picture is improved by this definition, and it is the whole makeup, dance, costume, and lighting of the actors. All of them are updated (out of the request), and now our voice is also immersive is 360 degrees, that surround is better.

At present, 4K TVs in home appliance stores are already popular products, but when viewers buy TV and watch 4K Ultra HD programs, in addition to paying attention to the resolution of TV screens, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the TV hardware indicators match 4K signals. And prepare the 4K set-top box in advance, otherwise the home 4K TV can still only watch HD 2K programs.


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