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    The 6 years old boy with congenital cryptorchidism looking forward to new life

    The 76 year old granny weep for her grandchildren,the pain that can't be expressed in her heart.
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    7 years old sick boy from Henan province has undergone 6 operations

    They all got porcelain doll disease , their father took these two children away from his hometown
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    The girl is seriously ill and has no money to cure cancer,crying for mother to give her up

    The girl who is living in a village in the city,had a hepatoblastoma at the age of 14
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    Save the dogs for the dog meat festival in Yulin, Guangxi Province

    The custom of eating dog meat during the summer solstice every year in Yulin, Guangxi Province.It's a terrible festival for the lovely animals.
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    Little angel girl scalded by hot oil urgent need help

    My name is Lu guoying living in Qian Dun Village Dancheng County Zhoukou City Henan Province.When my son got married, my wife and I had some lovely grandchildren.
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