China Consumers Association: survey report shows that 8.6% of teenagers have two or more Baidu parallax – News News News

According to the survey, “3.6% of primary school students, 3.4% of junior high school students, and 1.6% of high school students have a parallax of more than 200 degrees.” On May 15, the China Consumers Association released the “Presidents’ Myopia Status and Online Game Consumption Experience Report”. In this, pointed out this phenomenon. Some ophthalmologists pointed out that excessive parallax in both eyes may lead to problems such as monocular amblyopia or exotropia.

The report used a combination of on-site interception visits and experiential surveys to survey 1,760 valid samples of primary school students, junior high school students, and high school students.

According to the report, more than 40% of respondents believe that reading and writing postures are incorrect and playing online games for a long time are the main factors. From the perspective of visual protection measures, although more than 80% of families can periodically check their children’s eyesight, in the daily study life, it is not enough for parents to implement measures that are conducive to vision protection. There are hidden concerns about the visual status of young people.

In addition, the survey results show that young people’s first contact with electronic devices and online games are showing signs of aging. More than 90% of the surveyed teenagers use electronic devices for learning and games every week. The proportion of primary school students who are “forced” to contact electronic devices due to “learning” and “doing homework” is significantly higher than that of junior high school students.

It is worth noting that 19.0% of the respondents had experience of online games overnight, and this part of the youth online games is more risky.

In the 50 mobile online games app that simulates the actual experience of downloading youth identity, China Consumers Association found that some online games are suspected of excessively requesting user rights, and a few online games did not express the approval number and publication number as required, and forced real names. Less than 40% of online games, 13 online game official website did not mention the relevant information about the parental supervision service, the function of the online game was not seen the permanent cancellation and deletion of the account settings.

China Consumers Association believes that online games require more personal information and more marketing advertisements. Some online games implement real-name system and parental supervision mechanisms are not in place. In the absence of sufficient self-control for teenagers, it is difficult for parents to effectively monitor. “If online games do not use preventive protection through technical means, not only will young people fall into higher risk of game addiction, but also damage their health and safety rights.”

In this regard, China Consumers Association suggested that the above-mentioned existing problems should be solved by strictly implementing the legal requirements such as online game real-name authentication, parents and schools to strengthen close interaction and exchanges, and encouraging children to participate in outdoor activities.

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