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China’s three teams in the Curling World Cup Finals have a win and a loss

Published:May 10, 2019 23:58:00 Source:China Sports News

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Original title: Curling World Cup Finals China’s three teams have won and lost

The 2018-2019 season curling World Cup finals, which will be held in the Beijing Shougang Ice Hockey Hall, will enter the second match day on May 9. In the two-day competition, the Chinese team’s men and women and mixed doubles team won the first win. After the women’s team won the first battle, the Chinese men’s team defeated the World Championship champion Sweden 7-6, and beat the Canadian team 7-5. The Chinese mixed double team lost one win and one loss, defeated the Swiss team of the 2018 World Championships by 9-7, and lost to the US team 4:13.

The Chinese men’s team has not adjusted for a long time. They have participated in the Men’s World Championships in 2019, and this time they have been adjusted based on the lineup of the World Championships. “We only started to work after the end of the World Championships. After the acquisition of Bad Xin, we have re-adjusted from the aspects of tactics, cooperation, and habits,” said team leader Zou Qiang. Being able to beat the Swedish team and the Canadian team, Zou Qiang frankly said that it was both thrilling and pleasant.

After the first round of defeat, the Chinese mixed doubles team quickly adjusted. “In fact, the first three games have the potential advantage of the big points, but the first two games did not catch. Although the third game scored 4 points, the turning point was In the sixth game, the Swiss team wanted to make a fuss in this game. Although we had a little mistake, the Swiss team made a bigger mistake and gave us a chance to win 3 points and finally win the game.” Yuan Mingjie said.

In other games, the Chinese women’s team lost to Canada 1 to 4, and the Chinese men’s team lost 3 to 7 to the US team. The Chinese team will still have five games on the 10th.

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