Chinese and foreign residents have lived in the New Year.


Chinese and foreign residents have lived in the New Year.

Chinese and foreign residents have lived in the New Year. -Chinese-and-foreign-residents-have-lived-in-the-New-Year

Foreign children experience blowing sugar people


This newspaper (reporter Zhang Xiaomei) made dumplings, visited temple fairs, and enjoyed lanterns and other non-legacy cultural projects… Yesterday afternoon, the fifteenth Chinese and foreign residents jointly organized by Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau and Chaoyang District Maidian Street The event was held at the Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building. International friends gathered to experience the strong Chinese flavor.

"This is a noodle, you like a little animal, you can pinch one!" In the "non-legacy" exhibition area, the vivid face of the face attracted the attention of foreign children. After the booth, the craftsmen of the “face-to-face” are focusing on a bunch of colored materials in their hands to shape different shapes. There is also a resident who communicates with foreign children in English. Originally, each booth was equipped with a volunteer who played the role of “translation”.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters saw on the scene that non-legacy cultural projects such as lanterns, monkeys, and buckles appeared on the scene, and folk artists showed kites, paper-cuts, windmills, pinch-faced people, sugar-blown people, and candied haws. , folk music display experience, calligraphy teachers write Spring Festival couplets, make dumplings, visit temple fairs, visit cultural exhibitions of various countries, conduct national cultural questions and answers…

Yu Jiuxiang, director of the wheat shop street office in Chaoyang District, said that one of the highlights of this event is the richer temple fair content and lineup. The temple area has both “non-legacy” project display and traditional cultural experience, as well as regional cultural education achievements – hand-painted “McMr. In the literary and artistic performance area, there are various outstanding cultural and artistic teams in the region, such as Maidian Street, Wenlian Xiazhiguang Music Team, Maidian Street, Wenlian Dance Team, Maidian Street, Wenlian Model Team, Wheat Shop Street, Wenlian, “Maijia People’s Quyi Group” ", wheat shop street Chinese school students and Maijia children's art group. The Maidian Street Street Federation and the "Maijia People's Quyi Group" instructor, the national first-class actor, the famous Beijing rhyme drumming performance artist Luo Yuxi, a close-knit disciple also came to the scene to sing the Beijing rhythm drum "Bloody End of the Beginning" selection. The collision of Chinese and Western cultures brings a different kind of “micro temple meeting” experience to Chinese and foreign residents.

Photography / Newspaper reporter Wei Wei


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