Chinese blogger blames ‘lazy and unpatriotic’ Australians for bush fires

Chinese blogger blames 'lazy and unpatriotic' Australians for bush fires -82388663_613701969423735_3602667278990043497_n

A viral blog that attacked Australia’s failure to stop the months-long bush fires and implied Chinese firefighters were braver has stirred a vigorous online debate.⁠

Friday’s article suggested that Australian firefighters were lazy and unpatriotic for taking rest days, and claimed that “human rights and democracy” were responsible for the continuing fires.⁠

The post, titled “If it weren’t for the Australian bush fires, I would’ve never known that China was so powerful 33 years ago”, compared the disaster in Australia to China’s largest-ever wildfire, which lasted just under a month in 1987.⁠

“Putting out fires depends not only on technology, but also on how much you love the people who live on this land,” wrote Yong Bo. ⁠

The post received a mixed response. Some applauded Chinese firefighters whilst others saw it as an attempt to stir up patriotism for cheap viral hits.⁠

Head to the link in our bio to read the full story.⁠
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