Chinese curling men's team frustrated in Canada – News – Global IC Trade Starts Here.

Chinese curling men's team frustrated in Canada - News - Global IC Trade Starts Here. -20190511031810153

Photo: From left: Bad Xin, Wang Zhiyu and Xu Jingwei, go all out to play Xinhua News Agency

[Ta Kung Pao News] According to Xinhua News Agency Beijing Report: 2018 to 2019 season curling World Cup finals, the day before yesterday, the second match day in Beijing, the Chinese men’s team and the mixed double team each played two games, both won 1 wins Negative results.

In the third round of men’s groupings that night, China and Canada played a wonderful matchup. China has sent a team consisting of Bad Xin, Zou Qiang, Wang Zhiyu and Xu Jingwei. In the first game, China won the first two points, and the Canadian team returned two points. In the third game, China took advantage of the back-handed pot to take 3 points, and then forced the opponent to get 0 points in the fourth game. In the fifth and sixth rounds, each side scored one point. China led the Canadian team 6:3, but in the seventh inning, China’s status declined slightly and was relegated by the opponent. Entering the key eighth game, China’s back hand throws the pot. Before the last pot is thrown, there are only two pots in the base camp. The fourth base, Bader Xin, sighed and calmed down, and determined that he would hit the other two pots out of the camp and seal the victory. China beat the Canadian team 7:5.

Before the game with Canada, China also had a contest with the United States, but lost 3:7.

For the first time in the group

After the men’s match three rounds of competition, China and the world championship champion Sweden are 2 wins and 1 loss with 6 points, tied for the first group A.

In the mixed doubles match, China’s Cao Chang/Yuan Mingjie first defeated the Swiss team Yage/Michel 9:7, ushered in the first victory of the game, but in the afternoon against the United States, China 4: 13 lost to the opponent.

After the end of the three rounds of competition, the Chinese mixed doubles combination is temporarily ranked third.

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