Chinese English proficiency level docking IELTS: Level 4 corresponds to 4.5 points, level 8 pairs


Chinese English proficiency level docking IELTS: Level 4 corresponds to 4.5 points, level 8 pairs -Chinese-English-proficiency-level-docking-IELTS-Level-4-corresponds-to-4.5-points-level-8-pairs

Weibo@中国日报图 Xinhua News Agency reported on January 15 that the Chinese Ministry of Education Examination Center and the British Cultural Education Association jointly released the results of the IELTS, Puss Examination and Chinese English Proficiency Rating Scale on the 15th in Beijing, marking the Chinese English language. The competency standards are in line with the international exams, and Sino-British cooperation in the field of education has entered a new phase.

The docking results show the critical scores of the IELTS and Puth test skills and the total scores corresponding to the Chinese English Proficiency Rating Scale. Such as: IELTS listening scored 5 points, that is, reached the Chinese English Proficiency Rating Scale level 4; reading 5.5 points, reaching the level 5; speaking 6 points, reaching the level 6; total score of 8 points, that is, reaching level 8 Level and so on.

Yu Han, deputy director of the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education of China, said that the research work on the docking of the IELTS and Puss exams and the Chinese English Proficiency Rating Scale was successfully completed, reflecting the application value of the scales and establishing the language test and scale docking research specifications. It helps to explore the language learning patterns and learning patterns of English learners in different regions, and helps the “Chinese Standards” to go out.

Barry O'Sullivan, the British academic director of the docking study and director of the British Cultural Education Association's evaluation and research center, said that the docking results will be positive in many respects: Chinese educational institutions can School and professional characteristics, refer to the requirements of English test scores in international exchanges, refer to the specific ability description of the docking results and scales, formulate clear objectives for students' English proficiency training, and improve the design of teaching materials, teaching methods and classroom activities; candidates pass According to the IELTS and Puss test scores corresponding to the scales of listening, speaking, reading and writing, you can accurately understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and determine the English learning objectives; enrollment or employers can refer to the organization's own needs when recruiting or recruiting employees. The ability to match the results of the docking and the scale determines the test score requirements that the student or employee is expected to meet, and selects or evaluates the talents reasonably.

The Chinese English Proficiency Rating Scale is the first English proficiency standard for Chinese learners. It was officially released by the Ministry of Education and the National Language Working Committee in February 2018. The scale divides Chinese learners' English proficiency from low to high into three stages: “basic, improvement and proficiency”, which are divided into nine levels.

(The original title is "Chinese English Proficiency Rating Scale and IELTS Test Docking Results Released")


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