Chinese team swept the World Paralympic Athletics Grand Prix (Beijing Station) 114 gold medals – China News Net

China news agency, Beijing, May 12 (Reporter Wang Zumin) 2019 World Paralympic Athletics Grand Prix (Beijing Station) 12 sunset, the Chinese team won 114 gold medals, and broke the T37 women’s long jump and 4×100 meters mixed relay two worlds Record.

The Japanese team (29 gold), Vietnam team (6 gold), and Chinese Taipei team (5 gold) ranked second to fourth in the gold medal list.

The competition started on the 10th in the China Disabled Sports Management Center. There were more than 200 small items, and 253 disabled athletes from 15 countries and regions gathered for more than 600 people.

As the results of this competition will be used as the basis for allocating tickets for the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the participating players will also receive international grading through this competition. The Chinese team sent a delegation of 124 people to participate in the disabled track and field project internationally. The biggest event ever. Among the 94 athletes, there are many veterans who have participated in the Paralympic Games and won medals. There are also new forces emerging in recent years, among which the newly selected athletes account for nearly 30% of all personnel.

Track and field is one of the advantages of China’s disabled sports and became the gold medal of the Chinese delegation at the Paralympic Games. Gao Qi, a deputy director of the China Disabled Sports Management Center, said in an interview that in this competition, Chinese players have played a normal level and reached the goal of inspecting and training teams, in preparation for next year’s Tokyo Paralympics. Will lay the foundation.

The World Paralympic Athletics Grand Prix first settled in China in 2013 and this year is the seventh time in China. The continuous holding of the event provided a good platform for the Chinese team to train the team and accumulate experience in the competition. The Grand Prix was approved by the World Paralympic Athletics Committee and hosted by the China Paralympic Committee and hosted by the China Disabled Sports Management Center. (Finish)

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