Chongqing Liangping police reported that “three mothers and sons died at home”: committing suicide by burning charcoal due to depression

On the morning of September 3, the official WeChat account of the Liangping District Public Security Bureau in Chongqing notified the “three deaths at home of a mother and a child”.

According to the report, at about 15:00 on August 31, Mei Mouqin (female, 35 years old, from Bishan Town, Liangping District) and her son and daughter were found by relatives in her home in a community in Shuanggui Street, Liangping District. die. After investigation, Mei Mouqin, his wife, their children and her husband’s parents have been working and living in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province for a long time. They have a stable residence and financial resources, and their lives are stable. On August 6, Mei Mouqin returned to Liangping with her children. She consulted and contacted her children about schooling, and planned to transfer her children to Liangping for school on September 1; in the early morning of August 31, Mei Mouqin burned steel charcoal in her bedroom at home. , leading to the death of Mei Mouqin and her children from carbon monoxide poisoning. According to the suicide note left by Mei Mouqin at the scene, her suicide was disturbed by years of depression, and she clearly stated that “I committed suicide”, “my husband is fine, I’m sorry for my family”, and hoped that “no autopsy, no investigation, and no news”. According to the on-site investigation and related physical evidence, homicide was ruled out. Mei Mouqin’s parents, her husband and her husband’s parents had no objection to the cause of the three deaths. Relevant aftermath work is being dealt with in an orderly manner. In order to respect the last wish of the deceased to “let the deceased go”, please do not spread relevant videos, pictures, texts and other information to avoid secondary harm to the relatives of the deceased.

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