City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality




On the occasion of the official announcement of the Beijing Municipal Sub-center Controlled Detailed Planning (Street Level) (2016-2035), we interviewed the Chief Planner of the Beijing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Committee and the Dean of the Beijing Urban Planning and Design Institute. Shi Weiliang. During the interview, Mr. Shi answered questions from the six aspects of the sub-center control regulations.

World vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, high point positioning



How to reflect the world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, and high-point positioning in the control regulations?

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality


Shi Weiliang:


The general secretary’s plan for the sub-center is to insistfrom

World vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, high point positioning from

 . In the process of preparation, we have been carrying out high quality development and high standard planning, which are embodied in these aspects:

First, the planning of the work organization, condensing the wisdom and strength of the world's top. At the beginning of the preparation of the sub-center control regulations, we organized 12 internationally renowned teams to participate in the overall urban design of the sub-center. At the same time, we also organized experts in related fields, including academicians of the Academy of Engineering, including design masters, to lead some special studies. The preparation of special planning and design guidelines provides all-round support for the sub-center control regulations.

Second, adhere to high-quality development in planning concepts, and apply the concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing to planning, especially in the construction of green cities, forest cities, sponge cities, smart cities, and livable cities. The company actively applies new technology exploration to planning and preparation, innovates in the governance system and operation of the city, and embeds new technologies in the design guidelines. At the same time, planning and innovation are carried out around the rigid control and dynamic adaptation of the plan.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698819_130_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

North Canal along the coast renderings

The third is to closely focus on the “corn nose” of non-capital function in planning ideas, and focus on the future of the city's sub-center from a broader space. In particular, the relationship between the central city, the well-handled and eastern districts, and the Langfang North three counties, sub-centers, and Tongzhou districts will be handled to achieve the cooperation of the deputy auxiliary, the main and the auxiliary; and the regional development and regional coordinated development.

Also in the process of handling “from

One core and two wings from

 In particular, in the relationship between the sub-center and the Xiong'an New District, it is also necessary to realize the differentiation between the sub-center and the Xiong'an new area, avoiding the development of isomorphism and achieving the synergy of “one core and two wings”.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698820_601_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

City sub-center location and location analysis

Fourth, the key content of the plan highlights the historical culture and regional characteristics, and shapes the urban characteristics of the water city integration, blue-green intertwined, and cultural heritage. The city's sub-center has the World Cultural Heritage Grand Canal, including the Old Town of Lu County, the ancient city of Tongzhou, the ancient town of Zhangjiawan, and the “Three Temples and One Tower” complex.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698820_221_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

Burning Buddha Stupa

These rich historical and cultural heritages create Tongzhou's cultural heritage and create a foundation for urban characteristics. In terms of urban style, we also inherit and protect the historical and cultural heritage, while shaping the style of Beijing, the charm of the canal, the humanity and the times. The urban style of the fashion, at the same time in the architectural design, the landscape of the block, and the overall urban style, reflecting the regional characteristics of Chinese culture.

Focus on the people, open the door to plan



What was the result of the public comment before? How many public comments did the final version of the control plan absorb?


Shi Weiliang:

The draft of the control regulations is announced to the public. It is a legal procedure that must be fulfilled in the planning and approval process. It is also a manifestation of the people-centered, satisfying the growing social and cultural life and high-quality development needs of the general public.

In the process of preparing the sub-center control regulations, in June 2018, the Municipal Planning State Land Commission and the Tongzhou District Government jointly organized two on-site announcements in the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall and Tongzhou District, and also adopted the form of network announcements. The attention of the masses was very high. The total number of on-site visits was 15,000. A total of more than 1,900 opinions and suggestions were received. We have carefully combed and analyzed them.

From the point of view of attention, everyone’s concern is more reflected infrom

Urban transportation, livable construction, urban quality, urban repair from

 In other aspects, especially the traffic problem, we pay more attention to the regional public transportation network and the public transportation links in the three counties, as well as the construction of a green and pleasant walking environment and bicycle travel system. We have responded very well in these aspects. The planning plan has been further improved to further reflect the people-centered development thinking.

The key to the preparation of control regulations is to deal with the “three groups of relations”



What are the difficulties in the preparation of the city sub-center control regulations? How was it finally overcome?


Shi Weiliang:

Some difficulties in the control regulations, we mainly think and solve from several aspects:


One is from the top-level design to the specific implementation relationship:

We first implement a series of important instructions from the central government, follow the instructions of the General Secretary to inspect Beijing, especially the deputy center plan, to determine the overall principles, principles and specific requirements of our plan. At the same time, we control the sub-center. The regulations and the methods for the preparation of rules and regulations at the district level are implemented in 12 groups and 36 homes in a vertical direction, and the specific control requirements and guidelines for the implementation of the plan are implemented to achieve the full coverage of the plan from top to bottom. Horizontally, the contents of various special plans and special studies are co-ordinated, which reflects the integration and co-ordination of various professions in the horizontal direction of this plan, and realizes the multi-regulation of the control level.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698820_888_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

Schematic diagram of group block division

In the process of planning the final formation, we actively absorbed opinions from various experts, including the National People's Congress, the CPPCC, and the public, to make this plan more complete and more detailed.


The second is the work relationship that is not waiting for me when I am well handled:

On the one hand, the problem of urban diseases is very urgent. Problems such as traffic congestion, high housing prices, and air pollution are all expected to be resolved through coordination with the central city through the construction of the sub-center. At the same time, we are facing the first batch of relocation of administrative offices in 2018. We are faced with the construction of green heart and the construction of a number of major engineering projects and infrastructures. It is urgent to plan and give corresponding conditions.

At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, construction work cannot be accomplished overnight. This requires us to maintain historical patience, careful polishing, careful planning, high-level planning, high-standard construction, and high-quality management to reflect our entire sub-center city. Construction requirements.

In this regard, we have determined the different construction requirements in different regions through stratification, classification and grading of planning and control. We have strengthened the intensity of meticulous polishing and extensive program collection for high-level management areas, and we follow the planning period. Take a strategic blank for some unseen land, and we will think clearly in the future, and then build it. Later, this method has also been well received in the overall planning of other districts.


The third is to deal with the relationship between the future blueprint and the reality:

Tongzhou is a city with a long history. It is not exactly like Xiong'an. It is a white city to build a new city. Especially in the west of the Sixth Ring Road, a large number of existing built-up areas. Basically, half of the land is built-up area, so for the sub-center,from

New district construction from


Old town upgrade and renovation from

 Equally such a situation, so we especially emphasize the old city in the planningfrom

Urban repair and ecological restoration from

 Through the upgrading of the old city, the existing urban residents have a stronger sense of gain, and also make up for the shortcomings in urban development, further emphasize the interaction and drive of urban and rural areas, build beautiful villages, and build characteristic towns. Achieve synergy and expansion of the sub-center and Tongzhou.

For a long time, building a new urban model without urban diseases



As a function of the central urban area, the sub-center is how to avoid urban diseases?


Shi Weiliang:

The original intention of building a sub-center of the city is to promote the demonstration function of non-capital functions through the excessive population and function of the central city. Its purpose is to alleviate the “urban disease” of the central city. Also avoid the sub-center from suffering from new urban diseases. Based on the requirements of building a new urban area without urban disease in the future, the sub-center should focus on a healthier and more sustainable development in the future. This is a long-term and longer-term goal.

Building a city without urban disease in the future, the significance is that we must fully recognize the long-term and complexity of “urban disease”, and also to further strengthen the determination and courage to overcome the “urban disease” and overcome difficulties in urban governance. I want to do my work for a long time.

Around the planning of the urban area where the sub-center does not have urban diseases in the future, we have systematically planned and considered the transportation, housing, public facilities, and environmental pollution control of the city. Combine the contents of each special plan and implement all aspects of the control regulations. For example, in transportation, we insist on bus priority, green travel, promote the road system of Xiaojie District and, further strengthen the transportation links between the sub-center and the central city and the region, improve the quality of travel, and build a car that does not depend on cars. A transportation environment system that is easy to travel.


On public service facilities from

 We further emphasize the development concept of people's livelihood sharing, improve the balance and quality of public facilities allocation, and integrate the home center in education, medical care, pension, sports, culture, etc., and build a home-centered community service. ring.


In pollution prevention from

 We adhere to the way of source governance and regional synergy and progress, further improve the regional atmospheric environment quality, ensure green water and blue sky, and provide a more refreshing environment for the sub-center.

At the same time, it is necessary to further build a world-class municipal infrastructure system, build a city's disaster prevention and mitigation system with high standards, strengthen the urban safety risk prevention system, and further build the city's intelligent operation and governance system, in accordance with the people's urban people's construction, people's urban people. This concept shared by the people of the people and the people of the city has built a multi-community and benign interactive social governance system, which is also an important part of building urban governance and without urban diseases.


Planning, leadership, and management from

 In this series of measures, we believe that the city's sub-center will eventually overcome the existing urban disease problems, achieve a reasonable match of population functions, achieve continuous improvement of the urban environment, achieve a rational order of urban operations, and become a new city with no urban diseases. A model of the district.

Rational allocation of land to promote occupational balance



How to solve the sub-center job balance? How many residential land, how to allocate land resources, and establish a housing supply system?


Shi Weiliang:

The balance of occupation and residence is an important issue in the construction of the sub-center. The sub-center should absorb the central cityfrom

40-50 million people from

 New resident population, while also protecting existingfrom

800,000 people from

 Living and living, dealing with good employment is a key issue in the planning of the deputy center.


In terms of industry from

 Focusing on the decentralization of the population and function of the central city, the sub-center further enhances the level of sub-center industrial development, and gathers some high-end service industries in the canal business district and sub-central hubs to enhance the attractiveness of the city.


In terms of residence from

 Guided by the balance of occupation and residence, the district will further increase the supply of residential buildings. The plan proposes multi-agent supply, multi-channel guarantee, and rent purchase to meet the new housing demand.

City Sub-center | Shi Weiliang: Concentrate on top international strength and adhere to high quality -1546698821_731_City-Sub-center-Shi-Weiliang-Concentrate-on-top-international-strength-and-adhere-to-high-quality

Home Center renderings

At the same time, the plan proposes to further increase the supply and guarantee of the housing rental market. In combination with the surrounding areas of key functional areas, moderately allocate some mixed-function apartments, and consider the proper allocation of necessary residential land and leased housing in combination with the construction of townships. Dynamic adjustment to ensure a balanced relationship between the entire housing market and the job market. At the same time, the plan also proposes that it will not engage in large-scale real estate development and keep the price of the entire sub-center stable, reasonable and controllable.

In the entire land structure, we further emphasizefrom

Production, life, ecology from

 A reasonable proportion of land use, from the ratio of various types of land for the development of the overall urban occupation and housing balance.

Unified management and control



How does the sub-center coordinate the relationship with the three counties and make a unified plan?


Shi Weiliang:

This sub-center plan particularly emphasizes the coordinated development of the sub-center and the Langsan North three counties, because the sub-center plan itself is also an important part of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The development of the Beisan County through the planning of the sub-center is also the sub-center plan. An important content.

The quality of the sub-center is also an important driving force for endogenous development in the entire region. The sub-center and the Beisan County are geographically connected and interactive. At present, there are actually many interactions between the central population. We should further consider this synergy in planning, in accordance with unified management, unified policies, unified planning, and unified standards. The requirements to form a comprehensive collaborative planning, strict control of disorderly welt development, and strict control of large-scale real estate development to ensure the orderly and benign development of the entire region. At the same time, the plan further strengthens the three northern counties.from

Functional division of labor, resource allocation, ecological management, industrial collaboration, public services, infrastructure, transportation systems, design from

 Specific requirements for coordinated development in other areas.


Ecologically from

 We must focus on expanding the ecological environment capacity of the region. We must build a large-scale ecological green axis with the Chaobai River as the core, and build the ecological corridor of the city to create a good ecological center for the sub-center and the North Three Counties.


In terms of industrial development from

 The plan proposes to actively focus on the leading functions of the city's sub-centers, foster regional service functions, and further promote the industrial upgrading of the three counties in Langfang.


In terms of transportation from

 It is necessary to construct a transportation system based on public transportation in the sub-center and the three counties of Langfang, and gradually improve the regional road network system to promote the interconnection of transportation.


In terms of public servicesfrom

 The plan proposes to further adhere to the way of government guidance and market operation, and guide Beijing's public service resources to extend to the three counties of Langfang, further enhance the facilities configuration of public services in medical, education, culture, sports, and pension, and improve the entire North Third. The quality and level of the proportion of public service facilities in the county.


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