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The Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference will be held in Beijing. Politicians from Asia and many countries around the world have said that hundreds of activities will promote the upgrading of civilizations, and Asia’s cooperation in a wider range of fields is expected to deepen, adding momentum to the global economy and multilateralism.

Highlights can be expected

The Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference will be held on the 15th. The theme is “Asian Civilization Exchange and Mutuality and Destiny Community”. During the conference, a series of rich activities will be held to showcase the charm of Asian civilization and promote the civilization of the world. Exchange and mutual learning.

The conference is rich in content, with many highlights and results. It is understood that the conference mainly includes the opening ceremony, sub-forums, Asian Cultural Carnival and Asian Civilization Week activities. The leaders of the Chinese and foreign leaders and international organizations attending the conference will exchange ideas and discuss and discuss the plans.

Zhou Qingan, deputy dean of the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University, said that Asia is the birthplace of many ancient civilizations, and the diversity of civilizations provides a good foundation for dialogue among nations. At the same time, many countries in Asia are at different stages of development, holding the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, and deepening the “communication” across economic development differences and institutional differences. Such dialogue has strong practical significance.

“At present, the arguments of populism and conflicts about civilizations are very rampant and quite uplifting. This is not in line with the trend of the times. To organize this dialogue, it is necessary to further emphasize that civilization should be a peaceful symbiosis, exchange and dialogue. Instead of conflict and confrontation,” said Zong Zongze, executive vice president of the China Institute of International Studies.

Ruan Zongze said that China has a long history of 5,000 years and civilization. “Harmony and difference” and “combination and symbiosis” are the unique understanding of the Chinese nation in how to get along with different civilizations. The Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference is the concrete practice of China’s adherence to the “harmony” concept and the world, and reflects China’s responsibility and responsibility for promoting the development of civilization.

Global development

The Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference has attracted worldwide attention. Many countries look forward to achieving closer exchanges through this meeting and opening up a broader space for cooperation to achieve common development.

“I believe that it is the right time to promote mutual understanding and understanding and achieve higher levels of development through humanistic dialogue among civilizations.” Philippine News Minister Martin Andarnal, who is about to travel to Beijing to attend the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, said that Asia Civilization can make progress through equal dialogue, exchanges and mutual learning.

“I think the key words of this Asian Civilization Dialogue are mutual respect. Although there are differences among different civilizations in Asia, we should respect each other and live in harmony. The Chinese conference is showing the inclusiveness of Chinese civilization. Tolerate, respect and appreciate the culture and traditions of different countries,” he said.

He said that the Philippines and China have established a humanistic ties and used this as an opportunity to enable the two peoples to achieve friendly ties and exchanges, thereby promoting greater cooperation and common development in various fields.

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who will attend the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency that Greece and China are both ancient civilizations and can play an important role in promoting dialogue among civilizations. Together, we will show the world the importance of dialogue among civilizations.

Pavlopoulos pointed out that Greece and China are both ancient civilizations. World peace depends on dialogue, communication, communication and mutual understanding among different civilizations. At present, there is still turmoil and chaos in the world. We must first safeguard the subject and society. Justice, in order to achieve this goal, has no other way than through dialogue among civilizations.

Charles Armstrong, a professor of history at Columbia University, said that China’s technological innovation has played a key role in the history of the world. China’s advocacy of multiculturalism and peaceful coexistence between different systems has become a driving force for the exchange of civilizations between Europe and Asia and the wider region. .

“Now, China is making tremendous contributions to the development of the world economy and new technologies. It has become a gateway for inter-communication and exchange throughout Europe, Asia and the wider region by advocating multiculturalism and peaceful coexistence among different political, economic and social systems. Catalysts to and from,” Armstrong said.

Speaking of the expectations of the conference, he suggested that all parties concerned pay more attention to the history and origins shared by Asian countries, the diversity of Asian culture, the great dynamism behind contemporary Asia leading the world economy, and how to explore the road for building common prosperity and cooperation. issue.

Open and inclusive cooperation and win-win

At present, Asia has contributed more than half of global economic growth. In response to the recent unilateralism, the guests who are about to attend the meeting are expecting the “Belt and Road” to play a greater role through the Civilization Dialogue Conference and promote mutual win-win in the future.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Kong Yuyou said that holding the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference can be said to be a positive attempt to promote the construction of the “Belt and Road” and “Civilization Road”.

Kong Yuyou said that the “Belt and Road” is not only a road to development and prosperity, but also a road to the integration of civilizations. The Silk Road in history is not only a way of trade and barter, but also a major artery of civilization exchange. It spans the Egyptian civilization, the Babylonian civilization, the birthplace of Indian civilization, and spans the gathering place of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. The settlements of the people of nationality and color, different civilizations, religions, and races seek common ground while reserving differences, and shoulder to shoulder the magnificent poems of mutual respect, hand in hand to draw a beautiful picture of common development.

Kong Yuyou said that we must uphold the spirit of peace and cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning and mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win as the core of the spirit of the Silk Road, to transcend civilizations by civilized exchanges, to overcome civilized conflicts through civilization and mutual understanding, to surpass civilized superiority by civilized coexistence, and to promote Mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual trust. “We expect that this grand meeting of civilization dialogue will further enrich the concept of “One Belt, One Road” cooperation and write a new chapter of the “One Belt, One Road” cooperation.”

Former Egyptian Minister of Culture Hermi Namur said that the current world economy is in cold weather and regional conflicts continue. The Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference aims to build a civilized and mutual learning from the perspective of stimulating cultural resonance and maintaining the diversity of civilization. A platform for common development will also provide a new way for countries to work to eliminate regional conflicts.

Namuna said that with the advancement of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the civilized exchanges and humanistic cooperation between the two countries have deepened and the ancient civilization has renewed its vitality.

The National Museum of Cambodia, Gonville, also said that the “One Belt, One Road” initiative has brought many new opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between Cambodia and China and other Asian civilizations.

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