Come! Go and see the ice curtain hole under the train!


1929 does not shoot

Three nine forty nine walking on ice

Five nine six nine along the river

Seven nine rivers open, eight nine geese come

Jiujiu plus one nine, the cattle are everywhere

In the north of China, there is a saying that "the number of nine cold days"

And "Sanjiu" is also the coldest time of the year.


Under a train body covered with icicles

A photo of a railway employee checking vehicle parts

Sweeping a small circle of friends

Everyone has commented on it.

Some netizens call it a railway man working under the ice curtain cave.

Come! Go and see the ice curtain hole under the train! -Come-Go-and-see-the-ice-curtain-hole-under-the-train

Come! Go and see the ice curtain hole under the train! -1547549215_133_Come-Go-and-see-the-ice-curtain-hole-under-the-train

@暖: The years are quiet, because some people are carrying weights for us!

@granted: Under the ice curtain cave maintenance, too moved, positive energy is full, 32 praise!

@秋树: Refreshed my understanding of the railway, I thought it was like the conductor and the ticket seller can not wind the rain.

@考拉兔: The role model around, tears, for the safety of trains and passengers, they are really not easy

The hero in the photo is Li Defu.

54 years old this year

China Railway Hohhot Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

A freight car inspector in Baotou West Depot

After coal mining, coal washing operations should be carried out. Through the impact of water flow, raw coals with different specific gravity and different proportions are divided into different grades, and dust and waste rock are removed to reduce ash and sulfur content. Coal washing is an indispensable part of coal processing. The coal after washing coal is called water washing coal, also called clean coal. In addition to achieving environmental protection, coal washing can also improve coal utilization and reduce transportation waste.

Counting nine cold days

Come! Go and see the ice curtain hole under the train! -1547549215_512_Come-Go-and-see-the-ice-curtain-hole-under-the-train

After the coal washing operation of the clean coal is loaded into the compartment

The water that drained immediately became an icicle

and so

Yandongzhong coal transportation vehicle

Such ice curtain holes are very common

Why did Master Li wear only a single cap?

Wearing a slightly thin one

This is because it is easy to drill into the bottom of the car for work.

Come! Go and see the ice curtain hole under the train! -1547549216_758_Come-Go-and-see-the-ice-curtain-hole-under-the-train

Hand holding a small hammer

Waistband kit


Can't run with a fault

This is a true portrayal of their work.

Outdoor is their "office"

Responsible for every train arriving and departing every day

Check the brake device, the condition of the wagon equipment, etc.

They repeat the same action every day

Tap the same part with a checkpoint hammer

Take a 10,000-ton truck

A truck inspector needs to check

35 models of the C80 near 450 meters

At least 6 rows of such tons of trucks should be inspected every day.

In addition to checking tons of trucks

Also check nearly 300 ordinary trains

One day homework

They have to bend over and get up a thousand times

Drilled under the car body for over 500 times

Walk about 30,000 steps

So often occupy the top of the WeChat campaign

Come! Go and see the ice curtain hole under the train! -1547549216_154_Come-Go-and-see-the-ice-curtain-hole-under-the-train

Compared to high temperature and heat

The ninth cold is their biggest challenge

To facilitate handling of vehicle failures

They lie on the ice and drill to the bottom of the vehicle.

Wait until the fault is fixed

Hands and feet have long been frozen without consciousness

Cotton caps, eyes, and eyebrows

a thick layer of hoarfrost

Styling like Santa Claus

Come! Go and see the ice curtain hole under the train! -1547549216_59_Come-Go-and-see-the-ice-curtain-hole-under-the-train

Come! Go and see the ice curtain hole under the train! -1547549216_850_Come-Go-and-see-the-ice-curtain-hole-under-the-train

They are "invisible" outside the sight of the passengers.

Truck "vehicle doctor"

Every day, they are waiting on both sides of the railway line.

Waiting for the truck vehicle passing through here

“The Spring Festival Railway is busy, passengers and goods go all the way”

Less than a week

The Spring Festival of the Railway in 2019 will be kicked off

For truck inspectors

Also entering the busiest time of the year

Every train, they have to be fine-tuned

Watching, repeating, not simple

They will "figh" where the passengers can't see them.

Safeguard railway freight transportation


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