Concerned about the Spring Festival consumption: the Chinese New Year of eating, drinking and drinking has quietly changed


Have a fitness year together (big data observation, pay attention to the Spring Festival consumption)

Concerned about the Spring Festival consumption: the Chinese New Year of eating, drinking and drinking has quietly changed -Concerned-about-the-Spring-Festival-consumption-the-Chinese-New-Year-of-eating-drinking-and-drinking-has-quietly-changed

Source: State Sports General Administration, China Tourism Research Institute, QQ Big Data

Concerned about the Spring Festival consumption: the Chinese New Year of eating, drinking and drinking has quietly changed -1549501537_73_Concerned-about-the-Spring-Festival-consumption-the-Chinese-New-Year-of-eating-drinking-and-drinking-has-quietly-changed

Visitors ski in the Jinlongshan Ski Resort in Zhalantun City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Zhang Wei Han cold photography report

Concerned about the Spring Festival consumption: the Chinese New Year of eating, drinking and drinking has quietly changed -1549501537_864_Concerned-about-the-Spring-Festival-consumption-the-Chinese-New-Year-of-eating-drinking-and-drinking-has-quietly-changed

At the 2nd Guangzhou International Virtual Reality Industry Application Summit, visitors experienced feedback VR games.

Ma Qiangshe (image China)

Core reading

The Spring Festival is a day of reunion, perhaps a day of "revolution." The netizens' ridicule of "three pounds per holiday" is a joke, but the health problems reflected can not be ignored. With the improvement of life and the popularization of the concept of fitness for all, more and more people recognize the importance of healthy living, make full use of the Spring Festival holiday, move their legs, move, embrace the Spring Festival in a fitness way, eat and drink the New Year. Has quietly changed.

Not afraid of freezing, it is necessary to move

Go skiing this spring festival

In the view of senior Xueyou Liu Yu, it is becoming a fashion to celebrate traditional festivals with skiing. “There are many people in the snow field during the festival, and many of them are traveling for the whole family.”

Liu Yu is a southerner. After working in Beijing in 2000, he began to contact skiing. From the purchase of the first set of ski equipment in 2007 to the passing of the exam in 2017 to obtain the alpine skiing first-class referee qualification, Liu Yu’s love for skiing is “out of control”. Especially after the birth of her daughter, he hopes that the family atmosphere will help children develop good exercise habits. "My daughter was three and a half years old, I took her on the snowy road." For Liu Yu, skiing with her daughter is also a kind of happiness. "Like when I was a child, my father took me to swim and play, now I am skiing with my daughter. Healthy lifestyles and ideas have been passed down."

Liu Yu felt profound about the "ice and snow fever" caused by the Beijing Winter Olympics. "There are more and more people skiing now, more people are willing to appreciate the joy of sports, and integrate it into the joy of the Spring Festival." Liu Yu said, "In the snow field of Beijing or Chongli, Hebei, you can even see it on the spot." There are also many competitions for enthusiasts in high-level events such as the World Cup. There are more opportunities for public contact and participation in skiing."

Last year, Liu Yu became a member of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Ski Team and began to receive training in specialized skiing and event services. "Whether it is volunteer service or medical security work, I hope to contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympics." Liu Yu said.

Comments: Put on the ski suit and move the Spring Festival. Through the winter Olympics, more and more people walked into the ski resort, ignited the winter with passion, and passed a dynamic Chinese New Year in the sport.

Not home, enjoy long vacation

Sports and fitness for the New Year

Looking at the number of steps on the screen of the mobile phone, Sun Chengzhi is full of comfort. When the Spring Festival is coming, Sun Chengzhi’s entire family will come to Hainan to avoid the cold. Every morning, he and his wife went to Haikou Wanlvyuan Park for a walk and fitness, and enjoyed the green. "It is warmer than the home of Heilongjiang, and the activity is really comfortable." Sun Chengzhi said. Last year, the family went to Hainan for the first time, and also caught up with the first Chinese sports temple fair. "My home is cold, my new year is at home, I always drink and eat meat. But I have a drink and my stomach is uncomfortable." Sun Chengzhi said that exercise and fitness have not only given his stomach a vacation, but also filled his body with electricity. .

After retiring, Grandpa Sun was fascinated by walking. Every day, 10,000 steps was his small fitness goal. He said: "You can't slack off during the Chinese New Year. You must continue to walk and keep your body."

My companion, Zhao Liai, danced in the square dance. Now she joins the migratory bird dance group in the nearby park. She dances with dance music every night, as if she is back to youth. A few videos of the dance of the coconut palms were uploaded to the circle of friends. After a while, they won praises from dozens of relatives and friends. Zhao Li replied at the bottom of the video: "The beach is over the years, healthy and healthy every day."

My son Sun Zhengdong just got married and took his wife to Wanning Beach to learn to surf. He is catching up with the Shanghai Nanchun Festival Hydrophilic Season Carnival. "The first time I learned surfing, I was not caught in the water." Sun Zhengdong said with a smile. "These days are learned, although tired, but I slept very well at night." Sun Zhengdong usually has more desk work, less exercise, more stress, and often at night. insomnia. "This Spring Festival holiday, you need more exercise, less meat, and restore your mental state."

Reunion is not a home, fitness is over the years, Sun Chengzhi's Spring Festival is not in the home, but it is also fascinating.

Comments: Charm, more beautiful. Have health and be healthy. Happy New Year's Day, music and fitness.

Energetic, more powerful

Somatosensory game

Such a Chinese New Year scene is not very familiar: after 50, 60, the grandparents call the year after year, the young parents after 80, 90 social chat can not stop, after 00, 10 children are immersed in their animation world in. Is there a way of empathy that can span the ages and let the whole family have fun together?

This Spring Festival, the full-fledged VR somatosensory game, brought a new experience to Liu Qicheng, who lives in Nanchang, Jiangxi. It is different from the past: "Adults and children can play. Dancing and sweating on the screen, not only activities and muscles It also enhances the interaction between family members."

An occasional opportunity for Liu Qicheng to experience this different kind of fun. In October 2018, the World VR Industry Conference was held at the Convention Center near his home. A family of three applied online and was fortunate to be the first-time experiencer of the Nanchang VR Experience Center.

"I have learned that the somatosensory game is different from the general mobile game. Many of them are related to sports. Some people need to cooperate with the family. Adults and children have a good time, and the queues are all outside the experience hall." Liu Qicheng The wife said, "And the somatosensory game doesn't need to keep an eye on the screen. People are far from the screen and don't hurt their vision like playing a mobile phone. Somatosensory games need to be agile, which is very helpful for the coordination of the child's body."

Liu Qicheng’s 5-year-old daughter likes the dance game. “Now I leave the game console and go to the community garden. She often dances and dances all the time.” Liu Qicheng said. Grandparents are not "cold" to the game, they dance to the screen and even have some left-rights, but they are still happy to play with their granddaughters. After all, it is the New Year that the family is happy together.

Comments: Hey! Cool high tech. Look! The new experience of the Spring Festival. VR technology is moving from virtual to reality; somatosensory games, for the Spring Festival to open the family mobilization.

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