Congratulations on the one-child certificate! Starting from January 1st, each person can receive 2,400 yuan



Original title: Congratulations on the only child certificate! Starting from January 1st, each person can receive 2,400 yuan

Many people in modern times feel that their life is under great pressure. The problem of "only child care for the elderly" is also a problem that cannot be ignored. However, it is good for the state to consider this issue when formulating policies and giving benefits, so that we can support the elderly and honor their parents. Will become a heavy topic!


1. Congratulations for having an only child certificate:


The subsidy standard is raised, and the voucher is paid!

A few days ago, the People’s Daily Overseas Edition (December 26, 2018, issue 02) issued a document indicating that the standard for single-child allowances has increased:

Congratulations on the one-child certificate! Starting from January 1st, each person can receive 2,400 yuan -Congratulations-on-the-one-child-certificate-Starting-from-January-1st-each-person-can-receive-2400-yuan

In August 2018, the State Council issued the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Reform Plan for the Division of Central and Local Financial Accounts and Expenditure Responsibilities in the Field of Health Care.

Congratulations on the one-child certificate! Starting from January 1st, each person can receive 2,400 yuan -1547710522_341_Congratulations-on-the-one-child-certificate-Starting-from-January-1st-each-person-can-receive-2400-yuan

Family planning: mainly includes rural family planning family rewards and assistance, family planning family special assistance, family planning “less birth and fast rich” subsidies, three family planning support guarantee projects, clearly defined as the central and local common financial affairs, by the central government and Local finances share responsibility for expenditures. The original family planning projects in addition to the above three projects are included in the overall public health service pooling arrangements.

The central government formulates national basic standards for family planning assistance and subsidies, and gradually increases according to economic and social development. The central government shall allocate subsidy funds in accordance with the above-mentioned basic public health service expenditure responsibility central division sharing method.

Moreover, it is important to note that since January 1, 2019, new family planning subsidies have been officially implemented.


2. Some regional policies have landed


Each person with a one-child certificate will be subsidized 2,400 yuan per year!

Although the specific subsidy standards have not been published in the documents promulgated by the State Council, some regions have already announced the amount of subsidies.

Jiangxi: The only child reward is to apply in this way

Congratulations on the one-child certificate! Starting from January 1st, each person can receive 2,400 yuan -1547710523_214_Congratulations-on-the-one-child-certificate-Starting-from-January-1st-each-person-can-receive-2400-yuan

The reporter learned that in 2019, Jiangxi’s only child parents’ application time was from January to March 31, and the annual review time was from September to early October.


Reward conditions must meet three conditions simultaneously

The reporter learned that the rewards for the parents of the only child of urban residents are individual, and must meet the following three conditions:

1. Persons of urban residents in this province who have not enjoyed similar awards in other provinces (cities, districts). The urban residents of this province refer to any of the following: 1. The employees of the state organs, institutions, state-owned enterprises and state-owned holding enterprises; 2. Other urban residents with household registration in the province; 3. The households moved out of the province but still receive retirement in the province. Gold (pension) employees.

Second, there is no violation of the family planning laws and regulations, and it is the only child's parents.

3. Born after January 1, 1933, males are 60 years old and women are 55 years old.

Couples who have one child after January 1, 2016 are not included in the award. State-owned shareholding enterprises, state-owned shares withdrawing from enterprises, closing bankrupt enterprises, and being separated from enterprises due to restructuring of state-owned enterprises


The reward standard is 1200 yuan per person per year.

From January 1st, 2016, the parents of the only-children of urban residents who meet the reward conditions will be awarded a reward of 100 yuan per person per month on an individual basis until they die. The rewards establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism.

Those who meet the conditions to receive the bonus will be paid up to 5,000 yuan from the beginning to the death.

Men who are over 60 years old and women over 55 years old will enjoy the reward starting from January 1, 2016. If you have died before December 31, 2015, you will not be issued a bonus.

The parental bonus for the only child in the town is not included in the income statistics category, and does not affect the urban minimum living guarantees and other rewards and benefits that should be enjoyed according to law.

Foshan raises the reward standard: 200 yuan per person per month!

Congratulations on the one-child certificate! Starting from January 1st, each person can receive 2,400 yuan -1547710523_380_Congratulations-on-the-one-child-certificate-Starting-from-January-1st-each-person-can-receive-2400-yuan

Foshan City officially promulgated the "Foshan City Only Child Children Parental Family Planning Incentive Measures" (hereinafter referred to as "Incentive Measures"), the award standard has increased! The only child in the town who reaches the retirement age can receive each month! A total of 180,000 people have benefited from the project, and the financial input is about 420 million yuan.


Clear reward object

1. Article 2 of the “Incentive Measures” clearly stipulates that the households of the municipality who have met the policy of childbearing (including legal adoption) before December 31, 2015 (including 31 days) and meet one of the following conditions, from the male year You can apply for a bonus when you are 60 years old and a woman is 55 years old:

1 a couple who have only one child for life;

2 a husband and wife who have not adopted a child for life and have only adopted one child according to law;

3 After the death of the only child (whether or not he has been born), he or she will have one child or a couple who only adopt one child according to law.

2. Article 3 of the “Incentive Measures” also stipulates four situations in which the award can be applied for in accordance with Article 2:

1 A party who meets the second condition and has no further birth after the change in marital status;

2 There is no child before remarriage, and only one child after remarriage (whether or not adopting a child does not affect the implementation of this item);

3 A child who has no childbearing (or adoption) for life and who forms a foster relationship with only one stepchild after remarriage;

4 In accordance with the policy, two or more children (including those with insufficient interval) have survived, and only the couple who survived the only child and the other children died before giving birth.


Bonus calculation time

1. For those who have reached the age after the implementation of the “Incentive Measures”, the rewards will be calculated from the month of the age.

2. Retirement (or legal statutory retirement age) from February 2, 1980 to December 31, 2008. 5% of the pension (including 100% of salary) has been or should be enjoyed according to the original incentive policy. Or a one-time reward, the bonus will be calculated from July 1, 2018.

3. For those who move from outside the city after the age, the bonus will be calculated and paid in the month after the move. If the applicant is rewarded on a monthly basis, the next month after the termination of treatment.

The parents of the only child who are already receiving the monthly reward of 150 yuan do not need to apply for the application again after the implementation of the new "Incentive Measures". The new reward standard will be implemented from July 1, 2018.

The application for awards for new objects will be reviewed and confirmed by the village (street) health and family planning department after the initial review by the village (residential) committee. For related application procedures and other matters, please follow the guidelines of the Health and Family Planning Department of Foshan City.


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