Creating a Safe and Stable Environment for Realizing Great Dreams–Learning and Implementing the Spirit of the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping's National Public Security Work Conference – Jingchu

“To create a safe and stable political and social environment for the decisive victory of building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the goal of ‘two hundred years’ and the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation.” At the National Public Security Work Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping proceeded from the overall development of the party and the state, and made a comprehensive plan for the public security work and made clear requirements. Party committees and governments at all levels, public security organs at all levels, and the masses of public security police must unify their thoughts and actions in the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, and implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee on public security work.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. In the past 70 years, the Chinese nation has ushered in a great leap from standing up, getting rich and strengthening. Although we have gone through thousands of mountains and rivers, we still need to wading through mountains and waters. The mission ahead of the entire party and the people of all nationalities is even more glorious, the tasks are more arduous, the challenges are more severe, and the work is even greater. When the ship is more turbulent in the middle of the ship, when the people are more steep in the middle of the mountain road, it is especially necessary for the people of the whole country to unite as one, to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties. Faced with the complicated and severe international situation and the arduous and arduous domestic reform, development and stability tasks, the public security organs have the courage to act as their utmost to reform and innovate, to temper their hard work, to resolutely defend political security, maintain social stability, and safeguard the peace of the people, so as to be a new journey for the new era. Create a safe and stable environment.

To create a safe and stable environment for the realization of a great dream, we must strictly regulate fair and civilized law enforcement. Fairness and justice are the lifeblood of law enforcement and judicial work. Public security organs are at the forefront of law enforcement and judicial work. Can we strictly enforce fair and civilized law enforcement, affect the vital interests of the people, and the image of the rule of law of the party and the government. It is necessary to grasp the key links, improve the operational mechanism of law enforcement power and the system of management supervision and control, and strive to let the people feel fair and just in every case handling and handling of every matter. The best effect of law enforcement is to make people convinced. It is necessary to accurately grasp and comprehensively implement the requirements of strict and standardized fair and civilized law enforcement, and organically unite the fight against crime with the protection of human rights, the pursuit of efficiency, the realization of justice, the purpose of law enforcement, and the law enforcement, and strive to achieve the best legal effects, political effects, and social effects. The authority of the law stems from the inner support and sincere belief of the people. It is necessary to uphold the equality of all people before the law, strengthen the publicity and education of the general public, and promote the formation of a good rule of law environment in which the whole society can handle the law, find the law, solve the problem, and resolve the contradiction.

In order to create a safe and stable environment for the realization of a great dream, we must firmly adhere to the road of reform and strengthening the police. To promote the reform of the new era of public security, we must improve the organs, make the police better, strengthen the grassroots, and make the foundations solid. Accelerate the construction of the functional system of the public security organs with clear functions, clear authority, smooth command, and efficient operation. We must better grasp the use of scientific and technological means, implement the big data strategy, and comprehensively promote the quality change, efficiency change, and power change of public security work; we must launch more high-quality service measures, and focus on solving the difficulties of the masses, slow work, and back and forth. Outstanding problems such as running and inconvenience give the people more and more direct and more real gains.

In order to create a safe and stable environment for the realization of a great dream, it is necessary to forge a high-quality and excellent public security team. “French first governs people, first cures near and far.” The public security team must practice hard shoulders for the party and the people, and must have iron-based ideals and convictions, iron-based responsibility, iron-clad skills, and iron-based discipline. Adhere to the political construction of the police, reform of the police, science and technology, police, strict police, and the forging of a public security army, the public security organs can fulfill the mission of the new era given by the party and the people.

“Looking up is already a thousand mountains and green, and it is better to sail from the east.” A generation has a long march of one generation, and a generation has a generation. Strive to a new era, start a new journey, with rock-solid confidence, striving for the glory of the day, perseverance and perseverance, and constantly create a new situation in public security work, we will certainly be able to promote the China’s giant ship to wave the waves, stabilize the distance, and bring the nation The great cause of revival is pushing forward.

Creating a Safe and Stable Environment for Realizing Great Dreams--Learning and Implementing the Spirit of the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping's National Public Security Work Conference - Jingchu -7783bf39cabb9394df18d66726d091f1

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