Cultural people bring a good way out (New Year's walk in the grassroots and resident cadres)


Cultural people bring a good way out (New Year's walk in the grassroots and resident cadres) -Cultural-people-bring-a-good-way-out-New-Year39s-walk-in-the-grassroots-and-resident-cadres

Zhao Yunwang (left) is busy in the flower greenhouse.

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I heard that Zhao Yunwang, the first secretary of the newcomer, is a cadre of the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles. Guo Qiye, a villager in Datianyu Village, Yangyuan County, Hebei Province, said, "The village is poor for so long. This person has a little ink in his stomach and can lead everyone to get rich?"

Datianyu Village has arid and little rain, gully and vertical, and less cultivated land. The people can only rely on planting corn and fighting for odd jobs. After being stationed in the village in March 2018, Zhao Yunwang spent two months walking to the village and found more than 1,200 people in the village, leaving mostly middle-aged and elderly.

“There is a lack of water and land, a large temperature difference between day and night, and it is not suitable for farming and processing, but it is suitable for planting facilities and flowers.” By relying on “a little ink in the belly”, Zhao Yunwang went to the surrounding villages to inspect and decided to plant cyclamen and other long-term viewing. Variety.

I can talk to the folks, but I have been poured a cold water. "If you don't grow food to grow flowers, culture people are exaggerated!"

Relying on the provincial Literary Federation's poverty alleviation funds, Zhao Yunwang took some of the convinced villagers, pulling bricks, covering greenhouses, loading equipment, and buying seeds. In the second half of last year, more than 400 square meters of flower greenhouses were built and more than 7,000 plants were planted. Cooperatives were also established to attract 18 poor households to join the greenhouse management and participate in dividends.

Into the flower greenhouse in Daejeon Village, the flowers are clustered and colorful. The villagers Guo Qiye and Xu Cunmei looked at them skillfully. “The daily management of the flower garden is handed over to the poor households in the village, and each person has a income of 50 to 60 yuan per day.” Zhao Yunwang said.

Planting flowers to get rich, you have to grow well and sell well. In the case of Zhao Yunwang running away, Datian Village established a poverty alleviation alliance including dozens of hospitals and enterprises. “In addition to donations and condolences, members also train villagers on how to grow and maintain, as well as broaden the market and promote brands.”

Years ago, Zhao Yunwang received the information, and the flower market agents rushed to order a batch of cyclamen. “The demand for flowers during the Spring Festival is large, and the orders of the flower gardens are coming.” Zhao Yunwang said that at present, the flowers in the flower garden can sell 90,000 yuan, and the greenhouse can grow three flowers every year. The annual output value is expected to be nearly 300,000 yuan. In 2019, Yangyuan County will expand eight flower greenhouses in Datianyu Village to benefit all the poor households in the village.

"Cultural people really have ideas, or the poverty alleviation secretary's ideas live, planting flowers is really a good way out." The villagers smiled and heard the news of the expansion.

People's Daily (February 08, 2019, 04 edition)


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