Curling World Cup: Chinese men's team was defeated by zero-blind double-double – China News

China news agency, Beijing, May 10 (Xing Wei) 2018-2019 season curling World Cup finals ended in Beijing on the 10th, the Chinese men’s team lost to Sweden 0:5, China mixed doubles After losing two games and losing to Canada and Switzerland in a big score, the Chinese women’s team defeated the US team 7:3 after losing the Japanese team 5:6.

The Chinese men’s team was in a bad state on the day, losing one point in the first game. The two teams failed to score in the second game. Then the Swedish team led by Nicholas Edin gradually showed the offensive of the World Championships. The game was successfully stolen. By the end of the sixth game, the Chinese team had fallen behind 0:5, and the Chinese team ended up losing the game ahead of schedule.

Zou Qiang, the captain of the Chinese men’s team, admitted that the competition was not good today, and the venue was relatively unfamiliar, which caused the deviation of the potting effect, while the Swedish team controlled the situation with excellent status.

At present, the Chinese men’s team won 2 wins and 2 losses, temporarily ranked second in the group, while the Swedish team ranked first with 3 wins and 1 loss.

The Chinese curling mixed double team composed by Cao Chang and Yuan Mingjie suffered a two-game losing streak on the same day. In the match against Canada’s Walker/Muls, the Chinese team took a 2-0 lead and suffered a steal in four consecutive games, eventually losing to the opponent 2:9. In the 2018 mixed double world champion Switzerland strong Gaga / Michelle, the two also failed to reverse the state, the whole game was passive, with a 1:10 score.

At present, the Chinese mixed double team has achieved a record of 1 win and 4 losses, ranking fourth in the group and has missed the final in advance.

The Chinese women’s team also ushered in a double match on the 10th. In the first match, the Chinese women’s team played against the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics bronze medalist Fujisawa May. The Chinese team performed well in the first half. After the halftime, they led by 3:2. However, the Chinese team had a mistake such as hitting in the second half, which led to the opponent’s overtaking score. The Chinese team finally lost to the opponent with 5:6.

However, in the subsequent match with the US team, the Chinese women’s team performed well. In the seventh game, they scored 3 points and beat the US team 7:3. The Chinese women’s team also scored 2 wins and 2 losses, retaining the hope of promotion.

Chinese women’s team captain Jiang Yulun said that a day of double play is a challenge to physical fitness and spirit. “We played very tightly, and although the opponents played very well, we finally seized the opportunity.”

Unlike the Winter Olympics and the World Championships rules, each of the 8 teams in the Curling World Cup is divided into two groups for the double round robin in the group. On the 12th, three champions of men, women and mixed doubles will be decided. (Finish)

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