Daxing Airport's first real machine test flight completed, what it means –

The first real machine test flight of Daxing Airport is completed, which means what

The North China Air Traffic Control Administration will adjust the flight procedures based on the results of the verification flight and form a final flight procedure report. After the official approval of the flight procedures, Daxing Airport will be able to navigate smoothly.

Daxing Airport's first real machine test flight completed, what it means - -87da-hwsffzc8256953

On May 13, Daxing Airport launched its first real flight test. The airlines participating in the test flight are China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China and Xiamen Airlines, and will select A380, A350-900, B747-8 and B787-9 aircraft to carry out test flights.

Why did China Southern Airlines A380 fly first?

On May 13, China Southern Airlines A380 took the lead in the test flight at Daxing Airport and launched flight verification. The verification subjects include entry and exit, go-around procedures and minimum operating standards. At the same time, it will also inspect the support facilities such as runway communication, navigation, surveillance, meteorological and navigational lights, and test the comprehensive support capabilities of air traffic control, intelligence and ground service.

According to, China Southern Airlines A380 captain Lu Haibing said that the A380 model is the most representative of the length, width and surface strength of all aircraft. It is the most representative model in the world, so the success of the A380 model. The test flight can comprehensively test whether Daxing International Airport has met the protection requirements of the 4F-class airport. It can be said that the A380’s take-off and landing is safely guaranteed. Daxing International Airport can also successfully guarantee the safe take-off and landing of various aircraft types in the civil aviation industry.

Daxing International Airport is the highest-ranking 4F-class airport in the airport security classification. Its runway length and the wingspan and track of the aircraft that can guarantee the landing and landing are among the highest in all current airports. Therefore, the test flight selected four representative large-scale two-aisle aircraft of four different airlines, and covered four runways to carry out “stress test”, in order to fully verify the operational support capability of Daxing Airport.

In addition to the China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines, which are the base airlines of Daxing International Airport, why did Air China and Xiamen Airlines participate in the test flight?

China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines together accounted for 80% of the operation of Daxing Airport, but in April this year, this balance was broken. The Civil Aviation Administration issued a notice recently agreeing that CEA’s “Beijing-Shanghai Express Line” will remain in the Capital Airport; the time ratio of China Eastern Airlines at Daxing International Airport will be reduced from 40% to 30%; it is agreed that some flights of China Airlines Group will be transferred to Daxing International. The airport operates and uses the time resources adjusted by China Eastern Airlines for configuration. That is to say, Air China Airlines will occupy 10% of Daxing Airport.

At present, Xiamen Airlines’ share in the Beijing market continues to expand. There are 15 related routes in Beijing, and the annual passenger traffic is nearly 3 million. According to the plan, Hebei Airlines, which is owned by Xiamen Airlines, will become the first airline to enter the first day of Daxing Airport in 2019. Xiamen Airlines will be transferred to Daxing Airport in March 2020. In terms of capacity, Xiamen Airlines will invest 17 in Daxing Airport in 2020; 30 will be invested in 2025, including Hebei Airlines and Jiangxi Airlines, with a total investment of 50 or so.

The real machine test flight is only the first step

The test flight is an important pre-condition for the approval of the flight procedures and the acceptance of the relevant industry, and is of great significance for the airport to sail. Daxing Airport has added a total of 94 flight procedures. During the test flight, 12 flight procedures will be verified, including 4 approach procedures, 4 entry procedures, and 4 departure procedures. The North China Air Traffic Control Administration will adjust the flight procedures based on the results of the verification flight and form a final flight procedure report. After the official approval of the flight procedures, Daxing Airport will be able to navigate smoothly.

The test flight of the real machine is only the first step. According to the plan, the test flight of Daxing International Airport will be divided into three phases. The basic test flight began on May 13 and mainly tested the general security of the airport. In August, the airport will conduct a special test flight for low visibility, and a full test flight will be launched from August to September.

Although the test flight time is not long, it needs to complete a number of test contents.

The test flight is one of the prerequisites for issuing an airport use permit. The “China Civil Airport Flight Test Management Regulations” put forward specific requirements for the test flight content: verification of airport flight procedures, operational minimum standards, airport use rules; inspection of airport communications, navigation, surveillance and meteorological facilities, navigation lights, etc. Facilities and operation of the facility; inspection of airport runways, taxiways (including contact roads) and apron road surfaces, inspection of taxi routes and parking spaces; inspection of airport flight zone signs, signs and signs; inspection Understand the airport clearance situation; check the airport’s air traffic control, navigation information, ground services, emergency response and other comprehensive support capabilities. The testing of these contents is a comprehensive test of the airport air flight procedures and ground operations procedures.

The next low-visibility special test flight in August will be the highlight of the test flight at Daxing International Airport, and it is also the first time in the country to use this technology at airports. The low-visibility test flight will test the HUD RVR 75-meter technology, which represents the state-of-the-art level of low visibility visibility for aircraft in the world. The HUD RVR takes off at 75 meters, which can effectively reduce the impact of low-visibility weather such as fog and haze on passenger travel. It can better solve the problem of aircraft departure under the conditions of low visibility of Daxing Airport, and further improve the normality of flights. Technical capacity guarantees that there are only a few airports that take off from the aircraft.

Three stations in Beijing and Tianjin, the terminal control center will be online

The flight program design is not isolated. If there is a slight change, it may cause a “butterfly effect”. On the surface, only Daxing Airport is newly built, but there are 24 airports in North China that involve adjustment of flight procedures. East China, Central South, Northwest China There are 9 in the Northeast.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the test flight, the North China Air Traffic Control Bureau opened the West Tower for the first time. The West Tower Tower is 70.3 meters high and has a total construction area of ​​3795 square meters. It is the commanding height of Daxing Airport. The tower is equipped with functional rooms such as the tower control room, the station control room, the equipment maintenance ring, and the equipment room. The West Tower will assume the air traffic control command after sailing.

Like the Capital Airport, in addition to the West Tower, the East Tower (including the subsidiary business building) is located in the flight area of ​​Langfang Airport in Hebei Province, with a tower height of 73.6 meters.

In the future, in order to meet the “three markets and three markets” operation in Beijing and Tianjin, the scope of the Beijing terminal control area and the location and number of aircraft entry and exit points have undergone major changes. The new terminal area contains three civil airports, namely Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport and Tianjin Binhai International Airport. The airspace area is about 34,500 square kilometers, which is nearly 90% larger than the current terminal area. The eastern boundary is about 90 kilometers eastward and the south border is about 50 kilometers south.

There are 3 original civil aviation runways in the old terminal area, a total of 21 incoming routes and 37 departure routes, and 6 approach procedures. There are 9 civil aviation runways in the new terminal area, with a total of 40 incoming routes and 97 departure routes, and 49 approach procedures. It is determined that the number of civil routes planned is 119 (including temporary routes), and 209 new civil aviation route points are newly defined.

In order to meet the operational needs, the North China Air Traffic Control Bureau has built a terminal control center for Daxing Airport, which will become the country’s largest terminal control center, and coordinate the entire terminal area. Equipment installation and commissioning are currently underway and is expected to be officially put into operation in August.

Editor in charge: Li Ang

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