Deng Tietao, a 104-year-old "hardcore Chinese medicine practitioner", passed away. He once supported the Chinese medicine against SARS.


Deng Tietao, a 104-year-old "hardcore Chinese medicine practitioner", passed away. He once supported the Chinese medicine against SARS. -Deng-Tietao-a-104-year-old-quothardcore-Chinese-medicine-practitionerquot-passed-away.-He-once-supported-the-Chinese-medicine-against-SARS

Deng Tietao, data map

On the "Deng Lao herbal tea" jar, there is an old man wearing a suit, wearing glasses and smiling, and he is the "national doctor" Deng Tietao. He has been crying out for his revitalization of Chinese medicine throughout his life. He is a "hardcore Chinese medicine practitioner." This morning, the old man finished his life journey at the age of 104.

"I am a person born for Chinese medicine"

From childhood, seeing his father hanging the pot to help the world, and later on the road to study Chinese medicine, Deng Tietao has been running for the development of Chinese medicine. He said: "I am a person born for Chinese medicine."

Deng Tietao co-organized the Nanguo New College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with his classmates in Hong Kong in 1938. "Chinese medicine is underestimated, discriminated against, and excluded. From the beginning of the Republic of China policy to today, Chinese medicine has often been treated incorrectly in this hundred years." Deng Tietao said, "I feel that the baby of Chinese medicine cannot be in our generation. Throw it in your hand."

"Lu Xun's "Scream" I have read many times, I want to shout like him, shouting for Chinese culture." Deng Tietao repeatedly wrote to the Central Committee in his life, shouting for the promotion of the motherland medicine.

The first time I wrote, I called for the establishment of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The second time I wrote the book, I was guaranteed to the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is the famous "eight old books" in the Chinese medicine industry. The third time I wrote a book, "Take the brakes" for the Chinese medicine and the West Hospital. The fourth time I wrote, I reiterated that Chinese medicine cannot be lost, and called on the whole society to pay attention to Chinese medicine. The fifth time I wrote, I suggested that Chinese medicine should be involved in the fight against SARS.

Deng Tietao is not worried that Chinese medicine will not go abroad, but is worried that Chinese medicine will go out and not be "middle". He said: "Our Chinese medicine practitioners must compete for strength. The Japanese have suggested that Chinese people will go to Japan to study Chinese medicine sooner or later. What I am most afraid of now is that Chinese people do not use Chinese medicine well and use it well. When they see Western medicine, they are in their hearts. It’s timid. Chinese medicine must be emboldened and provide Chinese prescriptions for global health.”

Inheriting Chinese medicine is not "complete"

Some patients reported to Deng Tietao that he was hospitalized for one week in the Chinese medicine hospital, and the doctor did not touch him once. Deng Tietao said angrily: "Is this the head of Western medicine or the head of Chinese medicine? Where is your doctor's ass sitting?"

Inheriting Chinese medicine, talent is fundamental. The talents of Chinese medicine practitioners are not answered, and Deng Tietao is worried. He laughed at himself, and the Chinese medicine did not pass the fire. We are the ones who have "completed" and "completed".

Deng Tietao said that the elimination of Chinese medicine is not an outsider, and that outsiders can't eliminate Chinese medicine, but Chinese medicine can eliminate Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine inheritance must cultivate "hardcore Chinese medicine." He repeatedly said in the training class: "The dawn of lifting human suffering appears in the East. So for Western medicine, don't be superstitious, and believe in Chinese medicine. You can't do it if your time is not up."

Deng Tietao began recruiting graduate students in 1978. He has trained 27 master students, 15 doctoral students, and 1 postdoctoral student. His own experience has also told him that Chinese medicine practitioners are a traditional way of Chinese medicine education. "Book knowledge is dead after all, many clinical problems, only the biography, difficult to pass the book, the teacher needs to be dictated by the heart, can only comprehend." Chinese medicine school students do not pay attention to the internship with the teacher, its learning and pro The level of certification is difficult to improve.

Under his advocacy, the United Nations Family Affairs Department and the Ministry of Health of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine promoted the system of teaching and learning of famous Chinese medicine practitioners throughout the country. In October 1990, the first "National Inheritance of Old Chinese Medicine Experts Academic Experience Apprentice Conference" was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The first batch of 500 famous Chinese medicine practitioners in the country began to take the lead. In 2000, the national Chinese medicine inheritance faced the dilemma of not accepting the green and yellow. He shouted his head and took the lead in demonstrating, calling on the famous Chinese medicine practitioners to come to Guangdong to take the disciples and inherit the Chinese medicine.

Learning Chinese medicine is not only for life, but also for a higher level. Deng Tietao believes that after the Chinese medicine practitioners have entered the door, if they truly achieve something, he will definitely love this cause and think that the cause is more important than his own life. This is an expression of the infinite love of the motherland, Chinese culture, and Chinese medicine!

Deng Tietao said that he would do everything he could to teach his own students without reservation, and put forward the slogan "Learn that I must surpass me" and express the ardent expectation of the heirs. He said: "I am not conservative. I treat my son and students equally. In Deng Tietao's academic experience seminar, I only talked about one lesson. The rest are taught by my disciples, indicating that I have a The team of sustainable development, this team has already formed."

Fight against SARS Chinese medicine

At the end of 2002, a world-first discovered severe infectious disease suddenly hit Guangdong. The disease was later named "atypical pneumonia", or SARS for short. At the time, 87-year-old Deng Tietao stood up bravely and confidently saying that SARS is a kind of warm disease, and Chinese medicine has a long history of treating warm diseases, and it can cure SARS with Chinese medicine. Later, Deng Tietao immediately wrote an academic article to facilitate the reference of Chinese medicine practitioners in the fight against SARS.

At the end of the crisis, Deng Tietao was appointed as the leader of the TCM expert group during SARS. Under his efforts, the first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he was located, admitted 73 SARS patients and obtained the "three zeros" scores of "zero transfer", "zero death" and "zero infection".

Chinese medicine is not just health care, treatment, disease, Chinese medicine is not slow, and fighting infectious diseases is not inferior. Some people say that "SARS" saved Chinese medicine! Since then, Chinese medicine has had the opportunity to fight against diseases with Western medicine. People will not forget Deng Tietao who has won a reputation for Chinese medicine.

For more than 80 years, Deng Tietao has been carefully studying the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and strongly advocated the unified treatment of "typhoid fever" and "warm disease", and put forward new insights for the connotation construction of Chinese medicine diagnostics.

"After decades of research, I feel that I should have my own viewpoint and theoretical system in Chinese medicine." At the age of 89, Deng Tietao became the chief scientist of the National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program) of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Relevant doctrine is the main research content of the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine. According to his own point of view and theoretical system, Deng Tietao proposed a study on the world problem of myasthenia gravis from the spleen and stomach. Over the past 40 years, Deng Tietao and his research team have achieved an effective rate of 98.8% in treating patients with myasthenia gravis, reaching the world's advanced level. "I said that I have already overcome it (the myasthenia gravis) and have the social benefits that stand the test."

"The 21st century is the century of Chinese culture and the century of Chinese medicine. This is my biggest dream." Deng Tietao has passed away, and his dreams will come true soon.

(Source: People's Daily Central Kitchen – Health 37 ° C Studio)


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