‘Desperate Writer’ season 2: racking my brains for ‘offensive’

Jane Smart on the difference between herself and Deborah Vance: “Deborah used her husband and sister’s elopement as a fuel for her career, a source of inspiration. I don’t have that experience. If a man betrays me, I have no resentment or disappointment with the whole group.”

Jane Smart, a film and television actress, and her role as Deborah Vance, a stand-up comedian in Hacks, have different careers. Actors are a small part of a work, and do not bear the blame alone. Stand-up comedians are all about writing and acting, even with their own personalities and personal histories. Well done, the audience immediately burst into laughter. If the performance is not good, it will be silent and leave the stage, and at worst, there will be boos everywhere, and sundries will be thrown on the stage.'Desperate Writer' season 2: racking my brains for 'offensive' -Desperate-Writer-season-2-racking-my-brains-for-offensive

“Desperate Writer” Season 2 Stills

The profession of Western stand-up comedy has the oldest spirit in the entertainment industry. It requires the performer to show the courage not to offend anyone, and to engage with the audience in a specific space. Without waiting for ratings, viewing time or comments, stand-up comedians know on the spot whether they’re doing well or not. “A show is only as good as it is at the end of the tour,” Deborah tells her co-writer Eva (Hannah Ebinder). On the tour, they kept revising the text based on the audience’s reaction. No one knows the hearts of audiences better than stand-up comedians.

But a really good comedian is definitely not just about pleasing the audience. He/she also has to annoy them, make them unhappy and realize their own funnyness, and discover the absurdity and beauty of this world through prompting. In this regard, the mission of all works of art is common.

Jane Smart is 71 years old. She starred in “Desperate Writer” which was on almost all mainstream media’s annual good drama lists when it aired its first season last year. The momentum of the second season is still high, and the word of mouth is high. Deborah and Eva lose their casino show and embark on a bus tour to make a comeback.'Desperate Writer' season 2: racking my brains for 'offensive' -1655997160_84_Desperate-Writer-season-2-racking-my-brains-for-offensive

“Desperate Writer” Season 2 Poster

The tour is getting better, and with Eva’s help, Deborah finds a new way to rejuvenate – vigorously escalate the level of self-criticism, and focus the firepower that had ridiculed everything on herself. Once megalomaniac Deborah Vance shot herself, audience satisfaction increased significantly. She wanted to make a special about it, but was rejected by the TV station and the agency. When talking to the team about self-funding and channel options, they mentioned Louis CK.

Louie is a comedy superstar, and his later “Horace and Pete” (Horace and Pete), which he wrote, directed and starred in, has left the field of comedy and is still successful. At the beginning, he was banned because of the sexual harassment scandal, and he lost his contract for rat crossing the street, so he chose to raise funds to launch the special edition. Team members remind Deborah that you are not like Louie. There’s enough paying user base before people do this, you don’t. As a Las Vegas show-in-residence and shopping station host, Deborah’s fan base is in the hands of casinos, hotels, and television.

Furthermore, Louis is a middle-aged white male, and his appearance and works are more grounded. Time is on his side, and if he bears it for a few years, he will be forgotten and understood by the public. Deborah is an elderly white woman, and she looks like a high-class lady, far from the public. What’s more unusual is that she is out of breath. Most of the passers-by who think her face is familiar have seen her on the shopping channel of her parents’ house.

At Deborah’s home, the Palmetto Hotel, the audience was tired of her too.

Although Deborah Vance in life is still an existence that makes people unable to take their eyes off her, she shoots poisonous arrows like a cluster of poisonous arrows from her mouth, and she is full of witty words. She’s a natural snob who can turn meanness into art, but she’s lost the ability to bring that dynamism to the stage. Deborah can laugh at the area’s rusticity while shopping at the mall (so the good stuff relegates to the stock area), but lacks the courage to make that joke to a local audience.'Desperate Writer' season 2: racking my brains for 'offensive' -1655997161_713_Desperate-Writer-season-2-racking-my-brains-for-offensive

“Desperate Writer” Season 2 Stills

After the tour at a certain station, even her stalker fans lost interest in her and hurried away with their necks shrunk. Deborah was not reconciled, so she chased after the old man in the parking lot and asked the old man, “How do you like the performance?” to the youngest Deborah.

Whose fault is this? The play avoids talking about the leftist air that dominates Hollywood, does not talk about how the living space of comedians is squeezed, and focuses on Deborah’s salted fish.

The writers were clever enough to craft a very politically correct character map. Deborah is an old but tenacious old woman, the maid Josephina (Ruth Abdul) is a free-spirited minority old woman, and the agent Jimmy (Paul Downs) is keen on environmental protection and short. Gentle (played by the screenwriter and director of the show), his rivals, gold broker Janet (played by Wen Mingna) and casino girl Ji Ji (played by Liu Bo) are all Chinese women. Eva is bisexual, Marcus (Karl Clemons-Hopkins) is black gay…all the major characters come from the rainbow lineage to counter the “toxic empire of straight white men.”

It’s a very formatted framework, and it’s the life force that keeps the characters on their feet.'Desperate Writer' season 2: racking my brains for 'offensive' -1655997165_701_Desperate-Writer-season-2-racking-my-brains-for-offensive

“Desperate Writer” Season 2 Stills

Standing on this cornerstone, the screenwriter dared to let Deborah offend some people. On the cruise ship with lesbians, Deborah first shouted out the slogan “Women understand women better”, and won the applause. She notices that someone is distracted, lets her guard down (Deborah knows the group doesn’t like her), and tries to get her attention with techniques common to the comedy world. Unexpectedly, the scene quickly got out of control, and Deborah and the women in the audience jumped directly from the honeymoon period to the divorce dispute. After being voted by all the passengers, she and Eva were expelled from the cruise ship and hurriedly left the feast in a small boat.

This paragraph is sharply written. There is nothing wrong with chartering a cruise ship to play wife-swapping games on the high seas. The cunning, intolerant and hostile of this group of passengers is the point. They are a microcosm of today’s proud LGBTQ people, proud and beautiful, but too sensitive and xenophobic, like a group of mentally disabled people suffering from persecution paranoia, who can only be praised and can’t stand the slightest ridicule. This group of people has no sense of humour and is rigid. When they decided that the heterosexual Deborah was not my race, they immediately united and brutally dealt with her, turning the comedy scene into a witch trial.

The stroke of magic was that Deborah and Eva were thrown off the boat and floated on the high seas. Eva’s dream of 3P is still there but the medicine has not yet worn off, so she can only continue dancing on the boat in embarrassment. Deborah frowned and turned her head away, swallowing the failure alone.

One of the reasons for Deborah’s failure is her own: lack of self-renewal, a joke about her husband and sister eloping for decades, and she always revolves around the topic of gender, and she and the audience are tired of it. The second is external reasons: this profession should be very free. People are divided into groups, no matter how they are divided, and every group has its funny side. But the times are like this, and taboo topics and sensitive people are only a lot more than before. When everyone is tender and untouchable, the stand-up comedian’s territory is constantly being eroded.

But Deborah will not admit defeat, she will die on this stage. The competition is brutal, and she must continue to grow in order to stay in the light. Deborah’s growth is divided into two dimensions: first, being honest with herself, admitting her mistakes and taking responsibility, thereby releasing a little kindness to those around her; turning these into stage content.'Desperate Writer' season 2: racking my brains for 'offensive' -1655997166_703_Desperate-Writer-season-2-racking-my-brains-for-offensive

“Desperate Writer” Season 2 Stills

She has completed her self-growth this season, but the self-mockery and introspection of the final two episodes of the stage is still not the best Deborah. The stalker fans are right, Deborah who is not afraid to offend anyone is the Deborah who deserves to be followed.

At the time of her transformation, Deborah told a female joke, to the effect that I was wearing high heels and pierced my face until it bleeds. Three-quarters of the recipe was green leafy vegetables. Dare to sign the life and death status of cosmetic surgery, this is really brave. . Now the popular plain face and Huafa show people, called frankness, but in fact they are just lazy. This is the true character that Deborah should show generously. She always focuses on her career, has a strong competitive spirit, is particular about life, and has extremely high requirements for herself and her aesthetics.

This joke actually offends both sides, both depicting the stereotype of a successful white woman (that is, herself), and pointing out that there is also the ridiculousness of another female image that is sought after by the trend.

It is conceivable that because of this joke, feminists will weave many crimes for Deborah Luo – objectification of women, intensification of the male gaze, vanity, superficiality. And one that has nothing to do with gender – contempt for the poor. Poor people don’t eat so many leafy greens, follow Mediterranean recipes for forty years, and don’t have the money to go to the operating table to keep their youth forever. But no matter what, there is something special under the natural appearance. The meaning of the joke should be like this: jumping out of the public eye and thinking, and putting forward a different view.

However, after the transformation, Deborah is still relatively well-behaved and no longer challenges the audience’s tolerance. In art, she has not recovered the fearlessness of the year, but she has become a warrior under the stage. She chopped down the treehouse that blocked the view of her mansion by the hippie family and decided to go it alone, just as competitive as ever.'Desperate Writer' season 2: racking my brains for 'offensive' -1655997167_821_Desperate-Writer-season-2-racking-my-brains-for-offensive

“Desperate Writer” Season 2 Stills

Competitiveness in women is seen as a negative character trait in most cultures, associated with aggression, selfishness, and not being good enough. Deborah has always acted for herself, laughing at herself as “super-occupier” and less considerate of others. It’s too hard to be successful for decades, and she has to put all her energy into herself. There are not many people worthy of her concern, only a few people around her. Deborah’s very presence stings tradition. Being voted the “worst mother” by the mass media, the blow to a female public figure can be fatal. She does have an indescribable apology for her adult daughter who is not stingy.

Without enough love, it doesn’t mean that Deborah can’t love. There are still so many people who love Deborah and get her thorny, hard-earned love.

In this season, Deborah and Eva form a bond of mentor, friend, mother and daughter. The estrangement between the two men and their respective daughters and mothers has long been irreparable. The difference between the two mothers and daughters is too great to communicate in depth on one channel, but it does not prevent the mother-daughter affection from continuing to exist.'Desperate Writer' season 2: racking my brains for 'offensive' -1655997168_372_Desperate-Writer-season-2-racking-my-brains-for-offensive

“Desperate Writer” Season 2 Stills

Deborah and Eva like each other more than their own daughters and mothers. Two people with strong egos like each other and it is easy to make a good show. Deborah and Eva laugh about the same thing, and share the same likes and dislikes for most things (except aesthetics). As Deborah has repeatedly emphasized, they are very similar. It’s not because of her competitive personality. As a younger generation, Eva is much more Buddhist than Deborah. Instead, he goes straight, can’t hide his words, and has a strong interest in discovering the absurd and funny in life. Like a pair of nimble hounds, they can’t wait to catch their prey, share it with each other, and love to share the thrill with the audience. This will make life less lonely and less frustrating in the face of disappointments and setbacks.

Deborah and Palmetto Hotel owner Martin (Christopher MacDonald) still have embers in their relationship. When Martin told her about the marriage, she covered her loss with a string of jokes. His mouth was full of lotus flowers, his eyes were dull and empty, and he felt a little funny in his heart: Martin, who likes his little girlfriend, even found a woman older than himself to be his wife.'Desperate Writer' season 2: racking my brains for 'offensive' -1655997170_252_Desperate-Writer-season-2-racking-my-brains-for-offensive

“Desperate Writer” Season 2 Stills

Speaking of which, Deborah and Frances McDormand’s middle-aged roles are somewhat similar. The stories that revolve around these characters all fall on how these stubborn older women reconnect with others, rekindle a weak fire of love, and know themselves again. More and more roles like this on the screen have brought several older actresses back to the peak of their careers.

When they show up brilliantly, injecting their own pain, joy and wit into the characters, even if they follow certain routines, it’s still a lot of work.

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