Domestic companies introduced Filipino maids in the name of technicians, etc.


(Original title: Filipino maid "curve landing" agency fee up to 50,000 yuan)

Domestic companies introduced Filipino maids in the name of technicians, etc. -Domestic-companies-introduced-Filipino-maids-in-the-name-of-technicians-etc

Filipino maid Sanalin teaches room cleaning service for housekeeping staff in Hefei Photo/Visual China

Recently, a news that "Filipino domestic helpers will officially enter China" was circulated on the Internet, and the Filipino maid service was professional. This made the family who could not find a good nanny see hope. However, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that the current employment of Filipino maids is illegal in mainland China. Employers with business licenses will be employed through “service visas”, but families cannot be legally employed in their own name. Some domestic brokerage companies let the Filipino maids "curve landing" and open an intermediary fee of 50,000 yuan. Despite the high cost, high-end talent Filipino maids are still very popular in China. The legal person reminded that the illegal Filipino maid service was undercurrent and carefully fell into the illegal employment trap.


Tube cleaning will cook

I can understand English in English.

The "Filipino Maid" group has a stereotype in many people's minds: black, small, more capable, very obedient, and mostly work in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Ms. Hangzhou Qian (pseudonym) has two children at home and hopes to have a Filipino maid. According to a friend, the Filipino maid came into Ms. Qian’s house. Just a few days later, Ms. Qian did not say anything, just wanted to see if the Filipino maid would work.

She remembered that Cherry came in the afternoon. When she changed her clothes, she packed the toilet drawers neatly and then took the initiative to find a job. "A few days later, seeing her health is very detailed. When we take a nap in the afternoon, she wipes the corners of the bathroom, such as the kitchen roof, lights, glass… Sometimes she wipes the glass, my mother refuses, says it is going to rain. Don't rub it up, she said nothing, anyway, rub it once a week." The cleaning part made Ms. Qian more satisfied.

Besides, getting along with the children, Ms. Qian’s boss is introverted and difficult to get familiar with strangers. It is very uncomfortable to see an outsider living in the house for the first time. But Cherry is very lively, and often laughs at the boss.

In the English learning session, Ms. Qian’s eldest son began to speak Chinese with the Filipino maid for two weeks, occasionally licking English words, but soon began to output English. In terms of cooking, Ms. Qian said: "Grandma taught her to do a few daddy's favorite dishes, and let her do it twice. The progress is still very fast."

Overall, Ms. Qian’s family is quite satisfied with the Filipino maid Cherry. “My mother feels expensive except for the salary.” Ms. Qian laughed.


Intermediary fee 50,000 a year

Monthly salary, nearly 10,000 holidays

On the official website of a nanny agency, when the consultant asks about the employment of the Filipino maid, the online customer service will hang up a series of related information.

The first is the fee, which is divided into two standards. One is that the employer must have a business license, and five people under the business license pay social security. In other words, those who are eligible to hire a Filipino maid must have their own business and be employed as a labor visa. Such employers hire Filipino maids to pay the agency fee first, 50,000 yuan a year, and then pay the Filipino maids according to the monthly standard of 7,000-9000 yuan. The 50,000 yuan agency fee includes introduction fees, such as airfare, taxes, visa fees, medical fees for China and the Philippines, international commercial insurance fees, service agency fees, and other processing fees.

The intermediary company said that the Filipino maid has no probationary period. If the employer is dissatisfied with the arrival of the Filipino maid, he can be responsible for changing the personnel for free within six months. During the contract period, he was resigned due to personal reasons of the Filipino maid. If the employer wants to continue to use the Filipino maid in the second year, it will need to renew the intermediary for 8,000 yuan a year.

In terms of personnel safety, the intermediary company said that the Filipino maids are regular entry, with clear sources and no criminal record. During the work, the relevant documents and passports of the Filipino maids are kept in the hands of the employer. In terms of wage settlement, the employer settles the salary to the company every month, and the company pays the wages to the overseas card. The Filipino maid has no money in hand.


Have an interview to be assessed

The agent called its sought-after

According to Mr. Yin, a broker of a domestic intermediary agency, the interview method is through video, the employer and the Filipino maid meet each other. “The employer should listen to the English level of the Filipino maid, that is, whether the accent is pure or not; the other is to observe her character. To judge whether life is easy to get along with."

According to reports, if you want to take a work visa, the Filipino maid must be a bachelor degree or above. Filipino maids are 22-45 years old. Filipino ladies with a bachelor's degree must pass the training of a 40-day full-time government-designated institution to be officially employed as a Filipino maid. Mr. Yin said: "Only for pet training, they will take two days of classes."

Once the interview is qualified, the Filipino maid will apply for visas and other matters from abroad and fly directly to the employer's city.

It is understood that the standard given by the intermediary in the Filipino maid's vacation is: Filipino maids take four days off, do seven days of annual leave, three days of Christmas. If the holidays are endless, you can get a subsidy of around 280 yuan a day.

The Filipino maid has a bachelor's degree and received domestic training. However, it requires an intermediary fee of 50,000 yuan, a monthly salary of nearly 10,000 yuan, and a paid holiday. Can such a Filipino maid have a market in China? Mr. Yin said: "Today is our interview day. Four customers are robbing a Filipino maid. The domestic market is still relatively hot."


Hiring a Filipino servant is illegal

Be careful with both people and money

In fact, if it is not the way that the company introduces Filipino maids with labor services, it is illegal for individuals to hire Filipino maids. Because the Philippines and the Chinese government have not signed a bilateral agreement to introduce Filipino maids.

According to the "Regulations on the Entry and Exit of Foreigners" promulgated by the People's Republic of China, foreigners who need to obtain employment permits issued by the public security department and employment certificates issued by the labor department are required to obtain employment in the country. All regions in China have issued special notices, clearly stating that foreigners may not be employed to engage in general labor positions such as doormen, waiters, and welcoming guests, while Filipino maids are general domestic workers.

However, there are still many companies that exploit legal loopholes. The Beiqing Daily reporter found that some domestic companies are targeting this market, bringing foreign laborers to the Mainland through trainers, teachers, and even tourist business visas, but they are holding tourist visas. If the law is illegal and the visa expires, these Filipino maids will become illegal black-skinned migrant workers.

The employer hires a Filipino maid through a work visa, which is to invite foreigners to work in China in the name of the company's invitation, but in fact, let them engage in housekeeping services. These are acts of wiping the ball.

Legal experts have warned that if the employer and the intermediary and the Filipino maid are the employment contract signed under the premise of illegality, then this is also an invalid contract for the employer. Moreover, once the Filipino maid is discovered by the police, he will be repatriated to the country, and the employer will be in a situation where both people and the rich are left.

News background

The first generation of Filipino maids in the 1970s settled in Hong Kong

The Filipino maid is a senior helper from the Philippines, which is a domestic service professional. The Filipino maid is a little cultured, speaks English, and enjoys the reputation of being the most professional babysitter in the world. In the world domestic industry, "Filipino Maid" can be regarded as a world famous brand.

The Filipino maid came to China and settled first in Hong Kong. The "first generation" Filipino maids in Hong Kong appeared in the 1970s. In 1970, there were about 50 Filipino domestic helpers in Hong Kong. They were mainly employed by British and American families living in Hong Kong. Filipino domestic helpers were popular in Hong Kong after the 1980s. With the take-off of Hong Kong's economy, Hong Kong women have stepped out of family employment in the 1980s. Housework requires people to take care of them. Many Hong Kong families have begun to hire Filipino maids as domestic helpers. For the Philippines, labor export is one of the largest sources of foreign exchange earnings in the Philippines. As one of the world's largest exporters, according to official Philippine statistics, the number of Filipinos working as laborers abroad in 2015 was about 2.4 million. Their foreign exchange income for the Philippines is about 63 billion yuan.

Extended reading

Filipino maid's work content and requirements

The Filipino maid work rules provided by the intermediary show that the Filipino maid needs to complete the following tasks:

Housework every other month

1. Clean the ceiling and wall with a dry cloth if necessary. 2. Clean drawers, cabinets and wardrobes when needed. 3. Clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator.

4. Clean the kitchen. 5. Clean the curtains.

Weekly housework

1. Kitchen: Clean wall tiles, clean windows and window frames, clean exhaust fan oil, clean ovens, clean cabinet surfaces, and clean kitchen shelves.

2. Bathroom: cleaning wall tiles, cleaning door and door frames, cleaning windows and exhaust fans, cleaning mirrors, cleaning inside and outside the bathroom cabinets and glass shelves, cleaning the outside of the water heater, cleaning the shower curtains, cleaning the inside and outside of the washing machine, including washing the laundry Powder storage compartment.

3. Living room, dining room and bedroom: clean all doors, windows and frames, wipe TV, audio combination, air conditioner, fan and cabinet, replace and clean sheets, mattresses and pillow bags, clean the bed where children sleep.

4. Others: Cleaning the stroller and toys, cleaning combs and brushes.


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