During the New Year's Day, the railway police arrested 257 fugitives and seized dangerous goods.


During the New Year's Day, the railway police arrested 257 fugitives and seized dangerous goods. -During-the-New-Year39s-Day-the-railway-police-arrested-257-fugitives-and-seized-dangerous-goods

Shijiazhuang is heading for the G423 train in Nanning East. The Beijing Railway Public Security Bureau Shijiazhuang Police Detachment Police Zhang Hong is conducting patrol inspections. . China News Service reporter Yan Yujia photo Beijing, January 2 (Zhang Ziyang Liang Xizheng) The reporter learned from the Railway Public Security Bureau on the 2nd that during the New Year's Day holiday in 2019, the national railway police continued to carry out the fight against the Falcons and the fight against “theft and scam”. Five gangs were dropped, 166 smugglers were arrested, 257 people were found on the Internet, and 107,000 flammable and explosive dangerous goods were seized.

It is known that on January 1 this year, when the police of the Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau Lushan Station police station Ma Qiang inspected the station area, the fugitives suspected of robbery in the Shandong Provincial Shan County Public Security Bureau were arrested. On January 1, the police of Shijiazhuang Railway Public Security Bureau inspected the ticket office of Shijiazhuang Station, and seized the suspected fraud of more than 360,000 yuan from the Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau. On December 30 last year, the Yinchuan Railway Public Security Bureau cracked down on the squad in a store in Luanchuan County, Gansu Province, and arrested suspects who had been suspected of price increases and reselling tickets. They seized 14 tickets for train tickets that had been paid online.

The local railway public security organs organized the civilian police to be on duty and on duty, conscientiously implemented the service system, quickly and properly handled the police incidents, and strictly enforced the case. On December 31 last year, on the K516 train that was heading to Jilin in Shanghai, the passenger Sun Mou drunk after obstructing the flight attendants to clean up, and insulting and shirking the handling of the Jilin Railway Police Station. At 18:00 on the same day, Sun was handed over to the Xuzhou Station Police Station of the Xuzhou Railway Public Security Bureau, and was subsequently punished by administrative detention for 10 days. On December 31 last year, passenger Hwang had a squabble with others on the K786 train, and he was resentful with the police. After getting off the bus from Yiyang Station, Huang jumped into the stock market and picked up two roads. The two doors of the K786 train were smashed and then detained by the Changsha Railway Public Security Bureau for 12 days. On January 1, the Huizhou Railway Public Security Bureau immediately received the police report from the Shantou Municipal Public Security Bureau, and quickly organized the police to arrest the suspect suspected of robbery at the exit of Shantou Station.

In order to ensure the personal safety of passengers, the local railway police actively play the role of supervision and other functions, and urge the passenger transportation department to further strengthen the security inspection by increasing the number of security personnel and equipment. And through the video surveillance, on-site marking and other forms to strengthen the unannounced visits, timely notify the responsible departments and personnel to rectify the problems found. On January 1, a man carrying two control knives at the Beijing South Railway Station was intercepted by the careful police and security inspectors of the Beijing Railway Public Security Bureau. On December 31 last year, Wu Jie, a police officer of the Public Security Department of Guiyang Railway, seized 1800 ml of kerosene from the suitcase of a passenger when he was marking the post at the security checkpoint of Guiyang North Station. (Finish)


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